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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an overall perspective view of a partially cut
away needle vibration mechanism. FIG. 2 is the same longitudinal sectional view. In the figure, 1
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Damper rubber com support block,
6 ...... holder, 7 ...... (pressure) adjusting screw, 8 ...... adjusting screw support block, 9 ...... pivot,
10- .......
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a needle vibration
mechanism of a pickup cartridge, which facilitates adjustment of needle tip compliance and
frequency characteristics). In the past, the needle vibration mechanism of the pickup cartridge
has been proposed in order to improve the faithfulness of the reproduced sound and to prevent
distortion such as compliance variation and intermodulation distortion, but the problem is that
the pivot is directed to the tip of the tip The damper rubber on the back of the magnet is in
contact so as to apply pressure, and the pressure on the damper rubber is adjusted by adjusting
the pressure in this configuration, so that the force on the damper rubber can be varied to obtain
any compliance. Any subtle adjustment was difficult. This (2) was the cause of causing
disadvantages in the production process. The present invention proposes to solve this problem,
and is intended to radically improve the adjustment structure. More specifically, according to the
drawings, according to the present invention, according to the present invention, the magnet 3,
the damper rubber 4, and the damper 4 having the pivot receiver 12 in the center continuously
with the cantilever 2 having the needle tip 1 in the tip direction .degree. A damper rubber
support block 5 configured to move back and forth in the rubber holder integral cylinder holder
6 is disposed, and the base is attached to the needle case 10 at the pivot holder 12 of the magnet
3 and the extension portion) Is drawn into the cantilever 2 in a contactless manner through the
lead-in hole 13 attached to the cantilever 2, and the tipped tip-like pivot 9 is brought into contact
with the direction of the tip of the cantilever 2 and in a direction parallel to the longitudinal
central axis Together with the damper rubber support block 5, the adjustment screw supported
by the adjustment screw support block 8 in the holder 6 is used as a damper rubber support
block. 5 back is the damper ?9 rubber support blocks 5 and summarized in that arranged so
that it can adjust the pressure to the front of the damper rubber 4 move back and forth. The
principle of operation of the pickup cartridge according to the present invention is that, when the
needle tip 1 is driven by a signal by the recording sound groove, the signal is pivoted from the
needle tip 1 through the cantilever 2 and in the center) Transmitted to At this time, by making
the contact point with the pivot 9 a solid bore hole, the pivot receiver 12 becomes a perfect
fulcrum for supporting the pivot 9 having a pointed tip like a single point. The needle vibration
system can perform a complete rotational movement around this vibration fulcrum. As a result,
the vibration fulcrum becomes clear, and a high fidelity reproduced sound can be obtained from
the low band to the high band.
As shown in FIG. 2, the magnet 2 is disposed continuously to the cantilever 2, but a pivot receiver
12 is disposed at the center of the magnet 3 and a cantilever joint adapter 11 is attached to the
periphery thereof. ing. The pivot 9 is attached to the base 5t = -dollar case 10, and the extension
is drawn in the periphery without contact via the lead-in hole 13 attached to the cantilever 2 and
in the direction of the tip end of the cantilever 2 and with the longitudinal central axis Contact
with the pivot holder 12 from the parallel direction. Since the tip of the pivot 9 is in the form of a
spire and the contact point of the pivot receiver 12 is a conical hole, the contact point between
the two serves as a vibrating fulcrum of one point support. At this time, it will be possible to
prevent wear by applying grease etc. to the receptacle 12. Further, it is effective to prevent the
resonance that the pivot 9 should be extended as short as possible from the defeated needle case
1o. The damper rubber 4 and the damper rubber support block 5 are integrally connected, and
are continuously disposed with the adjustment screw 7 supported by the adjustment screw
support block 8, and the damper rubber support block 5, m ? Sr noble metal The # 4 is
configured to be able to move back and forth in the holder 6. Because of this configuration, when
adjusting the needle point compliance and frequency characteristics when assembling the entire
needle swinging mechanism, the damper rubber support block 5 is moved to contact the mug
with the sony net 3 of the damper rubber 4. By adjusting the pressure, it is possible to easily
obtain the optimum damping for the needle vibration system. In the actual process, in order to
move the damper rubber support block 5, the tightening of the adjusting screw 7 is carried out
by any adjustment of addition and subtraction, so that only the fine adjustment according to the
need can be performed appropriately and easily. It became This is because the conventional
needle 9 vibration mechanism of this type makes the pivot contact the magnet so as to press the
damper rubber of the mouth, and by adjusting the pressure force during the construction (the
force to the damper rubber There is a drastic improvement in the ease and the possibility of any
fine adjustment, as compared to the case of varying the As described above, according to the
present invention, it is possible to provide the needle vibration mechanism of the pickup
cartridge which enables not only the adjustment of the needle tip compliance and the frequency
characteristic to be performed easily and properly but also the optional fine adjustment. The "10
░ 0-Zo et al. Fig. 1 is an overall perspective view of a needle vibration mechanism.
4m71 Figure 2 is the same vertical cross section. In the figure 1: needle tip tip 2: cantilever 3 3:
magnet 4: damper rubber 5: damper rubber support block 6: holder 7: (additional adjustment
screw 8: adjustment screw support block 9: pivot)] 0: two -Dollar case ll: Cantilever joint adapter
12 Pivot holder 13: Pull-in large back for new registration applicants Tachi Tachi Otowa f 7 <l +H fist also @ sleepy # I stab! To t '? ? ? ? ?-+ 0
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