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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a conventional minute flat coil,
and FIG. 2 is a plan view of a state in the process of manufacture thereof. FIG. 3 is a plan view
showing a state during production of the micro flat coil of the present invention, FIG. 4 and FIG. 5
are plan views showing an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. It is a top view which
shows the manufacture example of. 1 ...... insulating substrate, 2,2 / - ..... spiral conductor
patterns, 3 ...... Star Hall, 4.4 ", 10 ° 10 ', 10", 14, 14 '· · · · · · Bonding pad, 9 · · · · · · star hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a miniature flat coil, such as that found in moving coil type pickups. FIG. 1 shows an example
of a conventional small flat coil, and 1 is a square-shaped square base plate which has a side view
of about 1 + m, and its both sides (( The body patterns 2 and 2 are printed 11 and t3-47 JA
respectively. 3 is a through hole formed in the center of the insulation = it, and both the spiral
spiral patterns 2, 2 are cemented in series with each other in the central portion of the i = their.
Reference numerals 4 and 4 denote bonding panodes for setting the outer ends of both spiral 1shaped conductor patterns 2 and 2 to a lead $ 5.5 ', which are separated into front and back
rounds of the insulating substrate 1 Provided. By the way, the front-e conventional small flat
suction coil has a lead wire 5 'and a lead 5' (mound), first, after the lead wire 5 is attached, the
small flat coil is turned over and the lead wire 5 There's a heartwarming connection. In this work,
the minute flat coil is extremely small, such as about 1 mm square, so that the workability is very
bad and a disconnection noise is likely to occur. -In the semiconductor technology of noon, the
small semiconductor chip is fixed by the tie-bond, and 比 i is easy to use. そこて1.:、1.
Even if the small flat coil is used, the semiconductor-side technique girder can be diverted as it is
if the bony knob on the lead edge is formed on only one side 12+, so that the workability can be
improved. From the above point of view, this invention aims to define the four ends of the
conductor of the house-type flat coil to one side of a single base plate. By the way, the micro flat
coil of the above-mentioned t is not independently backed up one by one, but in the process of
bonding the lead wires 5 and 5 ', many of them are on one insulating water root Simultaneously
manufactured. FIG. 2 shows the state of the process in the middle of the six operations, and as
shown in the figure, a plurality of holes 6 provided at intervals of a predetermined distance 7 are
set as the through holes 3 respectively. Several spiral conductor patterns 72, 2 are printed on the
front and back sides, and then the insulating green plate 8 is cut off along the cutting lines 7, 7.
In this way, the small thin plate coil small in FIG. It is manufactured in the same storage as that of
the small flat coil 1-go of this consideration, -1 note rice, but as shown in FIG. 3, 嬌 tS + divided
by cutting tr @ 7, 7 4+ (D-Beism, b, O, d are arranged so that cutting lines 7 and 7 'are symmetry
axes, and each spiral conductor pattern 2 and each piece on each piece a, b, c, d are arranged)
The through holes 3 are also formed symmetrically (each piece of sacrum is formed as a repeat
of the above).
そして、4つのピースa、b。 The through holes 9 are provided at the intersections of the
cutting lines 7 and 7 divided by c and dt−Lu. In this through hole 9, the outer end portion of one
spiral conductor pattern 2 of each piece a, b, c, d printed on the back surface of the space
separation 4 version 8 is provided in the face direction of the light flux plate 8. Connect with the
boss / ding pad lO. After the above steps are carried out (when the pieces a, b, c, d are cut along
the cutting line 7 '), the through hole 9 and the bonding pano do lO are also divided
into four parts, as shown in FIG. An inventive micro flat coil is obtained. In this 乎 小 乎 coil,
spiral conductor patterns 2 and 2 provided on both the front and back rivers of the pregnancy
substrate l are connected in series via the through hole 3 in the central part, and the spiral shape
of the surface, stone-, j If the outer part of the conductor pattern 2 · 4) is one to the bonding pad
4: →, there is no return from the conventional one shown in FIG. The outer end of is connected to
the bonding pad 4 which is also formed by one piece of the bonding pad 10 also divided into
four through the through hole 9 divided as described above. Since this bonding pad 4 is present
in the same plane as the bonding pad 4, the lead bundling 5, 50 layers J, one of the
microlithography coils. It can only be done. In the above embodiment, 11 pieces t ′ ′: one coil
is provided. However, as shown in FIG. 115, the present invention can be applied to the case
where two coils are provided in one piece as shown in FIG. It can be implemented. Also in this
case, it is preferable to arrange at the corner on the bonding pad 14.14 for the spiral Goji pattern
on the back surface. In addition, only for one side of 11 啄 啄 ス パ イ ラ ル spiral tummy body
pattern t α 、, the other one in the center of the center? m) ・ 1) It is also possible to make an
actual picture with only 5 pieces of butter for delivery. Furthermore, a ninth bonding pad of a
back-turning spiral conductor pattern may be provided on both corner sides of both inclined
substrates so that it is divided into two. Further, as shown in FIG. 6, it is assumed that the surface
of the spiral conductor pattern 6 is also divided into a bonding pad 10 'divided into two and a
bonding pad 10' divided into four. Te may be provided. In this consideration, as described above,
the central terminal of the spiral dog conductor pattern provided on one surface of the insulating
substrate is routed through the spiral conductor pattern or the lead-out conductor provided on
the surface to be traced through the through hole. Lead wire, which is connected to the bonding
pad provided on the one side via the divided through holes provided on the riverside of the
insulating substrate), and the lead wire is connected to one side of the small flat coil It can be
done only in terms of
In addition, since the lead machine is not dispersed 11 · equipment in the biconcave, the
thickness of the micro flat plate (6) coil including the lead wire can be reduced, and it is used for
inserting it into a fine magnetic gap, Interlocking is less likely to be impeded. Furthermore, the
end of the conductor present on the back surface of the insulating substrate is connected to the
bonding band that is mE + t on the surface through the four (4 or 2 divided through holes
provided around the edge of the plate By providing an extra through hole for a solid or two micro
flat plate coil, it can be manufactured in almost the same process as the conventional one, and
there is no restriction on pattern or 171.
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