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Description 1, title of the invention
Vibrator for acoustic converter
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a vibrator, a diaphragm
for a microphone, a diaphragm for a microphone, a cantilever for an acoustic transducer such as
a record player or a cartridge, and the like. The present invention relates to a high-performance
vibrator for an acoustic converter in which the material having the material is permeated and
diffused to increase the ratio of the Young's modulus x1 or the Young's modulus E of the
vibrating body material to the density ρ. Conventionally, light-weight and easy-rolling aluminum,
titanium, etc. are often used as materials used for the vibrator as described above, but in the case
where the vibrator is a diaphragm, the diaphragm is made of such a material. A specific vibration
mode is generated overall, causing a large peak in the frequency characteristics of the pigeon
region, which significantly impairs the sound quality, and in the case of a cantilever for a record
player cartridge, the cantilever occupies the university of the effective R amount of the peristaltic
system. Therefore, it has been very difficult to reduce the effective mass of the vibration system
required to improve the performance of the cartridge EndPage: 1 stage. That is, when the
thickness and diameter of the pipe are reduced in order to reduce the weight of the cantilever,
the rigidity is reduced and the characteristics are deteriorated. VC which improves the abovementioned characteristics can be performed by using a material having a large ratio E / ρ
(hereinafter referred to as specific elastic modulus) between Young's modulus E and density ρ.
There are I'i boron, beryllium, etc. as materials with large specific elastic modulus E / 硼, but
boron is difficult to obtain (good in%), and Ba IJ is used as pollution control equipment in the
manufacturing process VC. Requires a great deal of money. In addition, materials with large E /
の such as 1 side element and beryllium are generally difficult to process by rolling, pressing,
etc., and it takes a large amount of cost to form an I 81 T-shaped shape, and the shape is also
greatly restricted It is Therefore, materials such as aluminum and titanium, which are easy to
form and process, are formed into a predetermined shape, and the formed product is used as a
substrate, and materials having high E / ρ such as boron and iron IJIJ are physically deposited
or It is conceivable to obtain a moving plate, a cantilever or the like coated by a chemical vapor
deposition method or the like. By the way, when forming a coating layer on a substrate by
physical vapor deposition or chemical means, steaming 7! # It is desirable to heat the substrate
to 150 ° C or higher, but VC improves the film properties. In this case, the thermal expansion
coefficients of the substrate and the coating layer differ greatly, so VC mechanical distortion
occurs after cooling, and coating It is possible that the layer is cracked and becomes unusable.
In addition, a coating layer such as beryllium or boron is basically provided by evaporation etc.,
and this coating! -It has also been proposed to peel off only & K from K to form a vibration body
of only 171J um or 1-excitation, but the coating layer of beryllium or cinnabar formed by means
such as evaporation has mechanical strength It has the disadvantage of being low, melting and
scratching. In addition, VC which forms a coating layer on a substrate by means such as
evaporation requires an evaporation apparatus such as electron beam heating, which requires a
large expense for equipment, requires a long manufacturing time, and has a very high product
cost. It will be. Therefore, a vibrator for an acoustic transducer is proposed in which a diffusion
region made of a diffusion material having different properties from the substrate is formed on a
substrate to be a vibrator for an acoustic transducer. In view of the present invention, in view of a
vibrator for an acoustic transducer in which a diffusion region made of a diffusion material is
formed on a substrate, the object of the present invention is to use vanadium 閏 and boron ( In
each of the vibrators in which the diffusion region is formed, B) is unconstitutional, and there is a
VC that provides a vibrator for an acoustic transducer having a composition of the highest E / ρ.
Hereinafter, the vibrator for an acoustic transducer of the present invention will be described
with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment applied to a dome-shaped
diaphragm of a speaker as a vibrator for an acoustic transducer in which a diffusion region is
formed, which is a cross-sectional view of a dome-shaped diaphragm as a vibrator EndPage: 2
according to the present invention. 1 is made of a single plate of vanadium (V) alone or a
vanadium (V) -based compound having a thickness of 25 μm, and is formed by means such as
pressing into a desired shape to be a dome-shaped diaphragm of a speaker. In the vanadium
substrate 1, a diffusion region of boron (B) is formed on the entire surface of the vanadium
substrate 1 from the surface thereof. The diffusion region is present as a compound of vanadium
(V) and boron (B), and its main component is vanadium diboride (VB). Thus, the vanadium
substrate 1 is Ii! A compound of other boron (B) and vanadium (V), that is, diboride trifluoride, is
formed by forming a diffusion region of element Il (B) and forming its main component with
vanadium diboride (VB2). In the case of vanadium (V, B,), vanadium fluoride (VB), vanadium
tetraboride (VB,), etc., 4.8 × 10 ′ ′ CFy 97 mm ′) and Young's modulus E are extremely
simple and high performance. One sound / converter for vibration / recommendation can be
provided. Next, an embodiment of a method of manufacturing the vibrator for a sound w
converter according to the present invention will be described.
Fig. A2 is a cross-sectional view of a dome-shaped diaphragm showing steps of manufacturing a
dome-shaped diaphragm of a speaker @ moving body according to the present invention
described above, wherein 1 is made of a vanadium (V) thin plate of 25 tones thick; It is a base
formed by means such as a press in a desired shape to be a dome-shaped diaphragm of a
speaker, and its circular surface is coated with boron (B), which is a diffusion material, by
deposition, coating, etc. , 2B are formed. Formation of 2 coating layers of boron (B) on the
substrate 1 by coating means, 3 formation of 2B, boron (B) is pulverized into powder, this
powdery IN element (B) is electrostatically coated, husband Conducting based on the principle, or
preparing a suspension obtained by adding this powdery boron (B) to a highly volatile organic
solvent such as trichlene, mannner, etc. In this case, the coating layers 2 and 2B formed on the
substrate 1 regardless of which method is used is a laminate of powdery boron (B) having a
desired thickness. Here, when the powdery diffusion material has a small diameter particle, the
contact area with the small column base 1 becomes large and it is easily diffused, and has a
diameter particle of 50 μm or less, preferably 1.110 μm or less I hope. In addition, as the
highly volatile organic bath liquid of the suspension, the solution is compared with the one with
relatively low volatility such as water (I (20)), and even if the substrate 1 is soiled to some extent
b, it is washed quickly It has the effect of converting to VcA. Then, the substrate 1 in which 2
coats / gugs of boron (B) as a diffusion material and 2B are formed and attacked is heated under
a heat treatment condition of a temperature of 1550 ° C. for 30 minutes to coat the substrate 1
with a coating layer As a double beam 2B, an axial element (B) of the form Il + (B) is introduced to
form a diffusion zone of VC1′′A stack (B) in the substrate 1. Once the desired heat treatment
is applied, the substrate temperature is lowered to room temperature (room temperature), and
thereafter, a dome-shaped diaphragm EndPage: 3 of a speaker having a diffusion area of
olfactory fluid (B) in the substrate 1 is obtained. In the above-described embodiment of the
present invention, the dome-type speaker diaphragm has been described as this type of vibrator,
but a cone-type speaker diaphragm, a microphone sliding plate, and a pickup cartridge having
the shape of 11 The present invention can also be applied to vibrators for acoustic transducers
such as cantilevers. Also, the diffusion region is formed in the whole in the thickness direction of
the substrate 1 or formed to a certain depth, or in the whole in the surface direction of the
substrate 10 or The partially or partially formed case exists, but these may be adjusted according
to the desired purpose of the provided acoustic transducer vibrator.
In addition to the method described in the above-mentioned embodiment, the means for
narrowing the boron (B) as the diffusion material for forming the diffusion zone may be a method
such as this, vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition or the like.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 shows a peristaltic body for a reverberation converter
according to the present invention, which is a sectional view of a dome-shaped diaphragm of a
speaker, and Fig. 2 shows the dome-shaped member of Fig. 1 according to the present invention.
It is sectional drawing of the dome shape diaphragm which shows the process of manufacturing
a diaphragm. 1 ...... vanadium base-time ...... boron diffusion region patent applicant Pioneer
Corporation representative m NoHideo EndPage: 4
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