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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing a conventional
mixing apparatus, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are block diagrams showing respective embodiments of the
present invention. ????????????????????????? 11R ииииии Microphone
amplifier, 13L. 13R и и и и и и и и и и Output amplifier, 14L, 14R и и и и и и и Recording head, 16 и и и и и и и
radio reception circuit, 17, 17 'и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и high resistance,
18L и и и и иии Left channel signal line, 18R иии и и и Right channel signal line, 19, 19 'и и и и и и и и и и и и и
Buffering amplification transistor.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The purpose of the present invention is to provide
a knee L mixer / mixing device (7), in which a stereo signal and a monaural signal can be mixed
without the influence of both signals. It is about being able to do it. The sound from the
microphone can be mixed into the radio broadcast by connecting a conventional stereo signal
with ? kI5-5, eg, in stereo TH, j ? zC 1: 1: и и t monaural microphone As you tend to be fi457.
That is, as shown in 11th No. 1 left channel Buddha from multiplex 10 I approximately 1 of 11
radio history 11)-51 mass one hundred twenty-two = -121 'U road 2, right channel 1-No. , Lr
microphone r r 4 is connected via a switch not shown in the figure, and an output stereo signal
from one multiplex cycle is mixed with a monaural 4 m signal from the external microphone
terminal 4 to obtain an amplifier 5, 6 is amplified and is intended to be output from the speaker
7.8 as a microphone sound. However, this type of configuration suffers from the following
disadvantages. In other words, when you connect the microphones, stereo sweat is emitted from
the speaker 7.8, or connect the external microphones, and so on. ?The left and right channel
outputs of the multiplex circuit 1 as shown in FIG. The four paths are short-circuited, and both
channel signals are mixed with each other, and the speaker 7.8 has a drawback that only a very
monaural sound is emitted. In other words, it is a drawback that mixing of monaural 1'5 into a
stereo signal makes it a monaural signal as l и 1 kk; which means that the external microphone
can be either left or right channel signal ~ path It is easy to connect to the terminal (can be
solved, but it will be emitted from only one power of the speaker 7.8, and it will be emitted from
the power of the speaker 7.8, and it will become blindness 11) It's a stupid thing. Therefore, the
present invention uses a single blind bottom as a stereo lottery bow, that is, both left and right
channels / channel signals: (two, it is possible to mix / play a monaural signal, and this ?tall?)
combined stereo transmission I size as a stereo signal as it is It is intended to be preserved and
will be described in the following in conjunction with one embodiment thereof: FIG. 2 of a radio
reception taped tape recorder. Figure 2 shows 4 breaks of the recording yarn of this tape
recorder, 10L and 10R are left and right channel microphones, 111 and 111i1 respectively
microphones 1 and 2 amplification, and ?, 12L and 12R respectively left .
Right channel A recording level adjustment volume, 13L. 13R 'is a friend's left, an fJ item for the
right-handed mannel, 14L. 14R are recording heads for the left and right channels, respectively,
and output signals from the microphones 10L and 10H (-? people '-2 stinky heads 14L and 14B
(not shown) It is regularly organized to be Furthermore, l '? 15 (? + ? ? ? ? antenna, 16 is a
radio receiver 1 ?: [] 1 rank, and this wave from the radio receiving circuit 16 has a wave length
of 4 l l. A four channel monaural signal is, for example, a number 100, a left channel signal standpath 18L which is an output rl path of microphones 1 иии, '1iok S1' L + 1 1 R via Q (7) q resistance
17 ░ 17 ?. The right channel signal path 18R is touched. Microphone 10L because it is
something like this. Even if it mixes the monaural signal from the radio receiver circuit 16 into a
stereo signal, the stereo signal line, ie, the left, which mixes the sound captured in 10R with the
stereo edge. If the stereo signal transmitted to the right channel signal lines 18L and 18R is a
high frequency counter 17 or j7 ', if it is a power channel / channel 47, it is a right channel signal
to the right channel 1 and a channel number right. The left channel signal path is recorded on
the tape as a stereo signal-just as a stereo signal, and the above-mentioned stereo signal (in [1],
[11, 11 ', monaural from monaural 16]. The signal is recorded on the left and right channels /
channels equally (with recording / playing 5 It can be played all over the place, and it can do
extremely natural miquinone l) 4). 1 \ 4 5 5 next 3. B 1 ? 7 '+ i example ?-i second [S 1 (in the
" ?" fc] in place of fc17, 17' Elannotaf j lower gain 11 !, ? ? ? ? by ? ? ? / meta 19, 19 '
The so-called input impedance 7 is high, and the output impedance is low. It should be noted that
in the case of Sat 11 LI, a tape recorder with a radio receiver (a mixing of a 7 m broadcast
monaural signal and a stereo signal with a radio receiver was described, but the proposal (d is
not limited to this It is said that the present invention is applied to all five cases where it is easy
to mix a signal with a monaural signal. The following is the result:-The mixing device of the
present invention has both left and right channel signal cost paths as shown in the following.
According to the present invention, when mixing a stereo signal and a monaural signal, the stereo
signal has the advantage of making it possible to mix the monaural signal uniformly in the same
size as the stereo signal. be able to.()(!
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