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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a conventional
carbon-type microphone, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing one embodiment of the
inventive microphone, and FIG. 3 is also an exploded perspective view FIG. 4 is a longitudinal
sectional view of a part showing another embodiment of the present invention. 31 и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и frame, 41 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и first back air chamber, 43 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и first frame back 43 Second back air chamber, 46 .....
acoustic slit.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of a
carbon type microphone in which carbon powder is interposed between it and the jiJ
electrokinetic -1 electrode. The general structure of the "+ medium: 1000", r-carbon type
microphone is configured as shown in FIG. That is, in the drawing, reference numeral 1 denotes a
frame in which the outer frame 2 and the inner frame 3 are divided into circles, and the spacer 4
is interposed between them. The inner frame 3 is provided with a carbon-based insulator 6
through a silk wattle 5. Furthermore, the movable electrode 7 is supported by the abovementioned silk wattle 5 and the fixed electrode terminal 8 is fixed to the carbon-based insulator
6 and the fixed electrode 9 is fixed. The carbon powder IO is filled between the movable
electrode 1 and the fixed electrode 9 facing each other. Furthermore, a contact $ 12 is provided
on the outer periphery of the fixed electrode 9 via the insulating washer 1z, and is fixed to the
inner frame 3. On the other hand, on the front side of the frame 1 there is provided a vibration &
13 with the central part fixed to the Kamikimachi moving electrode 7 and the outer rim
supported to the outer frame 2 and the back air chamber Z4 of @ 1 between the frame l and
Form. In addition, a metal plate is bent in the rear part of the frame 1 and the center part is
joined to the contact ring 12 and the outer periphery 1--o. A ruck cover 15 is provided which is
joined to the frame 2, and a second back air chamber z6 is formed between it and the frame I.
The first and second back air chambers Z4 + 16 communicate with each other by acoustic slits
17... Formed of notches provided at equal intervals in the spacer 4. A movable electrode terminal
18 is provided in a protruding manner at a part of the pack cover 15. -The moisture protection
film 20 and the protective plate 21 are covered at the front part of the above-mentioned
movement root 13 via the pressing ring 19 provided at the peripheral part, and the peripheral
part of the a slope 21 is the above outer frame It is sprayed on the outer peripheral wall of 2 and
the upper cover and the batter cover 15 are fixed at 101 o'clock or 1 m at L7. The V-configured
transmitter is fixed rod terminal 8 and IIJ axis it! A lead collar or the like is connected to the
terminal 18 respectively, but the electrical connection between the 0] 'moving' IlE pole terminal
11 and the 'Q @@ pole 2 is through the puncture cover 15 and the protective plate 2 x, m moving
plate 13 It is a necessity, and it is very difficult to electrically connect these parts at the same
time as assembling them. As a result, there is a risk that the connection portion may have a poor
contact. In addition, the first and second ~; 2; Bit t, i ? ? acoustic slits that communicate the
back air chamber are divided by the frame and formed by the spacer interposed between them.
Even when it has become complicated, it is difficult to position each part at the time of assembly
and it is very troublesome if it is an assembly operation, and the large number of parts causes an
increase in cost.
This device was made based on the above-mentioned circumstances, and the place where 1 white
and J are made is integrally molded of a pack cover by a synthetic resin material, and rJ of this
pack cover and a frame иии! K forming an acoustic slit Q (more, the number of parts' l! In order to
simplify the configuration by reducing the number of R and to simplify the assembly operation, it
is intended to provide a talk it-. The following is an explanation based on an embodiment shown
in the drawings in accordance with an embodiment shown in the drawings. [C] In FIG. 2, 31 is a
frame made of a small material such as metal, and a rising kIF 32 is integrally provided at this
peripheral portion It is shaped like a bowl and has circular arc-shaped through holes 33... A
through hole 34 is formed in the center of the frame ml at the center of the ml-1 knee, and a
fixed electrode 36 having a recess 35 is located in the through hole 34. An insulating ring 37
obtained by heat-pressing an insulating sheet is fitted to the upper edge portion of the fixed
electrode 36, and a weir 38 is polymerized so as to close the opening of the recessed portion 35.
ing. The insulating ring 37 and the paper washer 38 are interposed between the upper Ut frame
31 to insulate the frame 31 from the fixed type & 36. In addition, a hemispherical movable
electrode 39 is brazed at the central portion of the paper paper hammer 38, and the fixed
electrode 36 and 1II 1111 are opposed to each other, and carbon is contained in the recessed
portion 35 between these two electrodes 36 and 39. Powder 40 is filled. Further, a vibrator 41
having a central portion fixed to the movable electrode 39 and an outer peripheral edge
supported by the end face of the rising plate 32 is provided on the front side of the earth ky
flame 31, and 1 back room 42ft: formed. The rear cover of the frame 31 is integrally molded of a
synthetic resin material, and a cover 43 is formed of a synthetic resin material. It is provided. The
back cover 43 has substantially the same diameter as the above-mentioned frame 31, and a
space where the one piece 1111 is opened at the peripheral edge portion, and a fitting hole 44 is
provided at the central portion. When the back cover 43 is joined to the rear side 1 of the frame
31, a second back air chamber 45 is formed by the space d (the space portion (by the space
portion). Furthermore, a notch recess is formed in the opening Q of the rack 43, and the pair of
the hole 21 in the frame 21 of the upper 21 frame 31 in the crucible, and the upper 8 (-"first
back air chamber 42 And the second back air chamber 45, the Naval slit 46, which forms a step.
A projecting wall 47 is provided on a portion of the back cover 430 active frame (the projecting
wall 47 projecting into the second back air chamber 45 is provided, and a recess 48 is engraved
on the upper surface, that is, the surface facing the frame 31 At the same time, an insertion hole
49 penetrating from the one end portion of the recess 480 to the bottom of the hook 43 is
A low moving electrode terminal 50 formed by bending a strip-like plate into an L shape is
located in the recess 11T48, and the tip 9 is inserted into the insertion hole 49 in the recess 48
at the base end.?, (1 inserted into the pack cover 43 lIi !: C protruding outward from the part.
Further, the proximal end of the l1i1 'moving electrode terminal 50 is bent in a wavelike manner
for holding the spring 7 and is in pressure contact with the frame 31. On the other hand, the
fitting hole 44 of the pack cover 43 is fitted to the step 51 of the upper fixed electrode 36, and
the fixed upper electrode terminal 52 is interposed between them. This solid y turtle? The
terminal 52 is formed of a ring-shaped base end and a projection projecting from the part, and
the base end is enclosed in a square to provide a spring action. In addition, the solid W city pole
terminal 52 is in pressure contact with the solid foot market 36. Furthermore, solid? In the
central part of the city 836, a key piece f53 is protrusively provided, and the cap 53 has a disklike shape, and the mounting plate 54 which blocks the fitting hole 44 of the upper portion 1
[43] It is done. The protruding portion of the fixed emergency terminal 52 penetrates the news
gathering machine 54 and protrudes downward. On the other hand, on the front side of the
frame 31, a moisture-proof film 55 opposed to the diaphragm 41 and y'a) and a protection plate
56 are sequentially engaged on the outside and fitted in the peripheral wall 571d frame 31 of
the protection plate 56. It is done. Furthermore, the end edge portion of the peripheral wall
portion 57 of the protective plate 56 is crimped and fixed by spinning so as to be engaged with
the peripheral portion of the pack cover 43. The transmitter thus configured can move through
the frame 31 and the image pickup & 4zk by moving the electric discharge terminal 50 and the
fixed electrode terminal 52 to WH and the like, respectively. Electric IL! A conductive path of 139
'\ is obtained, and the fixed electrode terminal 52 is provided with a conductive path which leads
to the fixed battery 36 directly. As described in the above example #fll, this invention uses a
frame all groove 'phase material and a movable X terminal all press-contacted to this frame, so
the conductive path becomes short and there are few moving parts. Since the short circuit
accident can be prevented in advance from the above, the fE'l: 11 moving electrode terminal is
pushed into the insertion hole passing the pack force and so on to project outside, so the
movable t] and the pole terminal are also Since the first back air chamber and the second back
air chamber 7 are located, sound leakage from the second back air chamber can be completely
prevented. In the above embodiment, a notch is provided on the open end face of the knock r4
and the acoustic slit is formed in the form of rJV, but as shown in FIG. A concave groove 58 may
be formed, and an acoustic slit 59 consisting of a gap may be formed when the open end face of
the cover 43 is joined to the frame 31. As described above, this invention relates to the frame
Since the open end face of Tsukukaku is integrally molded with synthetic grease resistant
material, and a row number slit connecting the 1st and 2nd back and front chambers is provided
in this junction, a spacer is interposed as in the prior art Since it is not necessary to perform the
same, and the cover is also integrally formed, the number of parts can be reduced, the structure
is simple, and the assembly operation can be facilitated. 1 have automated assembly possible and
Do 9, it is possible to achieve significant cost down.
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