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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker device packing device
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a packing device for a
speaker device having similar characteristics to be used for playing nutereo. In general, when
attempting to listen to a stereo performance gold, it is desirable that the frequency
characteristics etc. of the left and right speakers be similar if it is desired to faithfully reproduce
sound, and for this reason, two recent speaker devices are used. It has come to be sold in pairs.
Figure 1 Figure 2 JdP is a cross-sectional view showing a similar set of two pairs of Subi shows
the packing device of the device, in Figure 9 (1) is a speaker device, (2) is a bag 11 bags for
dustproof ) Is a cushion for holding the speaker device from the impact of the drop ring, and (4)
is an outer case. The conventional packing device protects the corners of the speaker device (1)
with cook and yong (3) as described above, and is stored in the outer box (4), without
considering division etc. along the distribution route, It was designed to be delivered directly to
customers in the above-mentioned packing condition. However, since the packing weight of 20
pairs of two similar speaker devices having similar characteristics and the volume are large, the
transportation from the manufacturer to the dealer is less likely to cause problems due to batch
transportation, but the dealer From the customer's stage, there is little take-off of the customer
and the delivery of the dealer is required, causing a problem on distribution. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide a packing apparatus which
facilitates division of packing of a pair of similar speaker apparatuses whose characteristics are
similar to each other and saves time and effort of transporting the speaker apparatuses from a
dealer to a customer. EndPage: FIG. 2 is an external perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention, and FIG. 8 is a sectional perspective view obtained by dividing FIG. In FIG.
2, the speaker device (1), the plastic bag (2) and the cushion (3) are not illustrated but are
packaged in the outer case (4). In (5), a divided portion of the outer box (4) is designated by a
solid line or a chain line printed on the outer peripheral portion of the outer box (4). (6) shows a
tongue plate of a part of the outer box (4) which can be divided. In the packing apparatus
configured as described above, if it is divided by a knife or the like along the solid line or the
chain line printed on the outer box (4), the divided packing state as shown in FIG. 3 is obtained.
Therefore, bend the tongue plate (6) of the outer box (4) at the center as shown by the dashed
dotted line in the figure. If the opening (7) of the outer case (4) is covered and the outer case (4)
is covered with a tongue plate (6), a tape or the like, the speaker device can be packaged
independently. Therefore, in this divided state, it is easy for the customer to take home from the
store with his own car or the like. In the above embodiment, a solid line or a chain line (5) is
specified in the divided portion, but it is more convenient to provide a device for dividing the
outer box (4) without a tool using a thread or the like.
This invention makes it possible to configure the speaker apparatus in an independent packaged
state when the outer box part is closed after the parting of the outer case as described in U
above, so that the distribution can be improved. is there
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a packing device of a
pair of loudspeaker devices having similar characteristics of the conventional characteristics, FIG.
2 is a perspective view of an outer case of the present invention, and FIG. It is a perspective view
which shows the state which parted the outer case of this invention. In the figure, (1) is a speaker
device 47 'and (4) is an outer case. (5) is a solid line or dashed line designating the dividing
portion, and (6) is a tongue plate which is a part of the outer case (4). The same reference
numerals in the drawings indicate the same or opposite parts. Agent 葛 digit communicationFigure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 EndPage: 2
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