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Description 1, title of the invention
Vibrating film for condenser microphone
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
diaphragm for a condenser microphone. FIG. 1 shows the entire structure of a conventional
microphone. In the figure, the vibrating membrane 3 is fixed to the membrane tensioning shiling
1 using an adhesive and pulled. An appropriate gap is held between the vibrating film 3 and the
spacer 5 by the spacer 5. The fixed% pole 9 is fixedly supported on an electrode / support case 7
made of an insulator, and the terminal 6 of the fixed electrode 9 is drawn out to the outside
through the center of the electrode support case 7. In addition, the membrane tensioning sealing
1, the fixed electrode 9, the electrode support case 7 and the like are covered by the outer casing
case 8 and fixed at the lower end portion 8 'by caulking. In the condenser microphone configured
as described above, conventionally, as shown in FIG. 2, the vibrating film 3 has a metal film 3 on
the upper surface of the plastic film 2 or a metal film-covered ring made of metal foil. Tension is
applied to 1 and adhesively fixed on the adhesive surface 4. The metal deposition surface and the
membrane tensioning ring 1 are electrically connected at the bonding surface 4 and the
membrane tension 9 ring 1 is electrically connected to the case 9 and the deposition surface 3 of
the film is the outer case It is connected to 8. In the conventional microphone of such a structure,
the capacitance between the electrodes is the diaphragm 3. In addition to the ones effective for
acoustic and electrical conversion between the fixed electrodes 9, a relatively large capacitance is
formed between the metallic film-covered ring 1 and the fixed electrode 9 with the spacer 5
interposed therebetween. This is a stray capacitance that reduces the apparent amount of
effective capacitance change due to sound waves and reduces the sensitivity as a microphone
EndPage: 1. That is, in the conventional structure in which the floating capacitance other than the
capacitance formed by the flexible portion of the diaphragm 3 and the measuring electrode 9 is
large, the sensitivity as the microphone is significantly reduced. The present invention is free of
such drawbacks. The embodiment will be described below. In FIG. 3, 10 is a tension ring made of
an insulator such as plastic, ceramic or glass, 11 is a vibrating membrane made of a film such as
plastic, and 12 is a metal-deposited foil coated on the vibrating membrane. 13, 14 show the
portions of the metallized foil deposited on the side and top of the protective ring 0 In the
fabrication of such a vibrating membrane definition, no metal is deposited At the stage, the ring
for proofing 9 is fixed on the plastic film 11 by using an adhesive or by heat fusion etc., and
thereafter, as shown in FIG.
And metal deposition is performed on the entire surface including the vibrating film 11. After
that, cutting and cutting is performed for each of the valley film quickening rings. In this case,
the vapor deposition surface 12 on the vibrating membrane is present only on the opposing
surface of the fixed electrode 11, and this portion is obtained by effectively changing the
capacitance, and furthermore, the jacket is placed between the membrane tensioning ring 10 and
the vibrating membrane 11. Since the electrodes are not interposed and are deposited on the
upper surface of the film coating ring 1 o away from the fixed electrode 9, the stray capacitance
can be extremely reduced. The outer casing case 8 is electrically contacted by the metal
deposition surface 14 deposited on the upper surface of the guard ring 9. As shown in FIG. As is
clear from the above embodiments, according to the present invention, the outer surface of the
film coating ring made of an insulator does not face the lower surface of the film coating ring
connected to the lower surface of the film coating ring. It is intended to reduce stray capacitance
and to reduce the loss of sensitivity as a microphone by lifting the associated deposition surface.
Also, the microphone used is an electret type condenser microphone, and the electret film is
attached to the fixed electrode side [i] In order to thermally fuse the electret film to the fixed
electrode at high temperature, the fixed electrode is metal When it is necessary to manufacture,
it is difficult to reduce the floating capacity in the conventional method, and the effect of using
the vibrating membrane according to the present invention is particularly large.
· 4 Brief description of the drawings · Fig. 1 shows the entire structure of a conventional
microphone, Fig. 2 is a sectional side view of the main part of a conventional diaphragm, and Fig.
3 shows one embodiment of the present invention FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of the principal
part of the diaphragm for a condenser microphone, and FIG. 10,,,,, ring for security, 11, ,,,,,,,,
plastic film, 12, 13, 14, ..., deposition surface, name of attorney, Toshio Nakao and other 1st
person 1 Fig. 1 Fig. 4 (a 14Lm-in-11 1 1 1 1 11 EndPage: 2
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