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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a
semicircular plan view when the present invention is applied to a dome-shaped diaphragm, FIG. 2
is a sectional view of the previous 1A-A, FIG. 3 is a partially cutaway plan view when the present
invention is similarly applied to the cantilever, FIG. 4 is an enlarged view of the previous circle P,
and FIG. 5 is a diaphragm of the present invention and aluminum conventionally used. Fig. 6
shows the frequency characteristics and strain rate characteristics of the metal plate. Fig. 6
shows the frequency characteristics, crosstalk characteristics, and mechanical characteristics of
the vibrator of the present invention applied to the cantilever of the big amplifier cartridge and
the conventional cantilever. Each characteristic of impedance is shown. O ...... magnesium thin
plate, the vibrating portion 10 ...... dome type speaker, 10a ...... dome, 10b ...... corrugation ff, toe и
и и и и? Ejiji m, i'i 5 иии: Stalis attached to the tip of the cantilever of the pickup cartridge.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a metal or a
metal-based vibrator for an electroacoustic transducer represented by a speaker, a diaphragm
such as a microphone, or a canna lever of a pickup cartridge. Conventionally, as a material used
for a metal or a metal-based vibrator as described above, aluminum (W) is light (-<', J') nomect r-,
z, and -j from the viewpoint of easy molding and processing. And titanium etc., but when the
vibrating body constitutes a diaphragm such as a speaker or a microphone, 1 to 1, due to the
nature of the material, a specific vibration mode occurs in the entire peristaltic plate, and In the
case of forming a diaphragm or cantilever in which a large peak is generated in the frequency
characteristic to significantly impair the sound quality, and it is difficult to obtain one for large
input in terms of image quality, @ 11111 When considering the point of sex, the rigidity is
necessarily prioritized to a certain extent, and there is a problem in enhancing the performance
of the pickup cartridge in which the cantilever occupies most of the vibration system. Therefore,
the desired properties of this type of oscillator from the point of view are that the density ? is as
small as possible, the Young's modulus 2 is as large as possible-), i, and the internal loss R is
appropriately large. Is required. However, these three properties have mutually opposing faces,
and ice moving bodies used for practical use have been used which satisfy these considerations
or two. The present invention is devised in view of the above-mentioned problems and drawbacks
and is good. The purpose of the present invention is to have an internal S loss R suitable for
obtaining a desired characteristic, and from K, a peak occurring in high frequencies such as
frequency characteristics We aim to provide a vibrator for an aeroacoustic transducer that is
suitable for mass production because its mechanical strength is high, material cost is low and its
processability is good, and its improvement 11 is achieved except for removal. It is in. The details
of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings and tables for the
specific configuration and the hand R. -) 2 j 0 0 is a magnesium thin plate to constitute a vibrator
for an electroacoustic transducer. For example, when an example of its composition is shown,
about 0.8 weight percent of zirconium is added to magnesium of equiaxed island structure and
melted To form a magnesium thin plate with an equiaxed island structure. The Young's modulus
X unit of each of the magnesium thin plate 0 having such a composition, and a vibrator made of
aluminum or titanium conventionally used as a vibrator for an electroacoustic transducer
represented by a speaker, a microphone, and a cantilever of a pickup cartridge. K11 I / 1/2,
density ?, ratio of Young's modulus to density ratio X / ? are shown in Table I, respectively.
Tap: 5 '(N ▒ material ? ? V ? ? ? ? ? ? aluminum 14002.692750 titanium
11044.542420 magnesium 45701.742630 In this case, the vibrator formed by the magnesium
thin plate 0 of the present invention has a Young's modulus ? ? ? smaller than that of the
vibrator formed by one of the other two metals, ie, aluminum and titanium alone, Since the
Young's pile and the internal loss R have opposite properties, the vibrator of the present
invention It can be seen that the internal loss R becomes thicker in the case of the vibrating body
of aluminum or titanium.
In addition, since the value of ? / ? is comparable to that of the vibratory mineral aluminum or
titanium of the present invention, the following can be written as follows. In addition, it is known
that the four-legged R and the MJ body's custom-tailored custom-tailored hunts are proportional
seasonings C, and that aluminum and titanium have 1% reduced tears respectively. The ratio is
about 0.2-while that of the conventional magnesium plate 0q) ftc ? is 60 ?, so it is worth noting
that in the high frequency it is not the case that It can be reduced from tens of minutes to one's
own. The 5th ward is an aluminum used as a German-American ? ? hill, titanium V ? I & ? ?
? ?, strain heavyness and unworked magnonum 4 & 0 axial ? O v O O O ? ?, ? Of these, 1 1
1 1 1-of 1.3 is each a term of the year and 10 years of age and 10 days of age and 10 days of
age. The curves of Ashi, 2 and 4 are an example showing the frequency characteristics and
distortion trueness of an aluminum moving member and a titanium moving object respectively
used conventionally. As can be seen from FIG. 5, although the high frequency common wave
number 111 is lower in the magnesium thin plate 0 of the present invention, its characteristic is
that a smooth curve with peaks removed is obtained, and the usable frequency range is
expanded. It is also possible to improve the deterioration of the distortion rate at high
frequencies. Next, a concrete embodiment will be described in which a vibrating body formed by
the magnesium plate 0 of the present invention is used as a diaphragm of a speaker representing
a vibrating body for a monoacoustic transducer and a cantilever of a pickup cartridge. First, FIGS.
11 and 2 show an embodiment of the Ml in which the present invention is applied to a domeshaped diaphragm '9' diaphragm, which is a half plan view of the dome-shaped diaphragm and a
sectional view in parallel It is. In each of these figures, 10 is a dome group 10 with a vibrating
portion having a dome shape, and a corrugation group 1 ? b1 edge part 1 ? 0 are integrally
formed, and as described above, the vibrating body is magnesium whose internal loss should be
large It is integrally formed of a thin plate O. Next, FIGS. 3 and 4 show a specific embodiment of
the present invention applied to the cantilever of a pickup cartridge, which is a plan view
including a partial cross section and an enlarged view within the circle P of the front color,
respectively. is there. Here, 11 is attached to the tip of the cantilever. The other aspects are
indicated by the same reference numerals in each embodiment. Similar to the above embodiment,
such a cantilever has a large internal loss R, and its frequency characteristics, crosstalk
characteristics and mechanical impedance characteristics are made of aluminum or titanium
which are conventionally used, respectively. If it is expressed as 27 in comparison with FIG.
In FIG. 6, the curves S and 7.9 indicate the frequency characteristics, crosstalk% characteristics
and mechanical impedance characteristics when the magnesium thin plate 0 of the present
invention is applied to a pickup cartridge, respectively. The curves shown by II and 1G show the
front-characteristics of the pickup cartridge made of titanium, which has been conventionally
used. As can be seen from FIG. 6, the oscillator used for the cantilever of the pickup cartridge
according to the present invention, made of magnesium, -1.ltoreq.1 thin plate 0, has a highresonance frequency fII of the prior art such as aluminum. As described above, the swinging
body for the airborne acoustic transducer according to the present invention is desirable, as
described above, which has a gentle characteristic with a peak removed but becomes lower than
the vibrating body, and can improve the high frequency performance. By having an excessive
internal loss to obtain the characteristics, the frequency characteristic No., the peak twm
occurring in the high region can be improved by the same, and the @ @ crystal structure
magnesium thin plate 0 has a HIJ less than magnesium. Because of the addition and melting of
zirconium, the mechanical gI key is large at 44, and it has excellent workability such as rolling,
and the material is also aluminum 4! There is an effect such that it is suitable for 1 production
because it is cheaper than Si if it is used as a single body (if it was V, and further it is finished to
be relatively lightweight.
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