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Item No. 1, title of the invention stereo signal combining method l, the component included in the
right signal e, l of the stereo signal and 5 included in the left signal eLKIWIR is extracted as the
center signal V. And right signal e, l from center No. 18 V. The signal from which the signal is
subtracted is new right (It No. V, and the left signal eL ・ · et al. Is the signal obtained by
subtracting the center signal v 0) to be the new signal vL and the right signal vlI. A stereo signal
combining system in which the left 4M vL and the center signal v0 are provided as inputs for the
right speaker 10 heaker, left speaker and center speaker, respectively. The positive and negative
signs of the waveforms of the λ right signal e11 and the left signal eL from the zero point are
respectively determined, and the right signal e3 and the left signal e,. Only at the time of +1 code,
the right signal e1 and the left 1 have a number of 1 in absolute value among the numbers e1 *
and issue the center 1641! ## ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ 叡 ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ 信号
stereo signal tg scheme.
2, the scope of claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The book 侘 q # relates to a stereo signal combining
scheme fc. In the conventional 2-channel stereo nosing d, in the case of 瞼 瞼 場合 、 馳 馳 ス ピ
ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー 音 音 音 音 音 position of the sound image changes depending on the
position, there is a defect that lack of stereotactic property 0 cases such as the back in the middle
in the orchestra A singer who sings and sings a source, a singer's voice and a left channel both
have the same size, a friend who listens at the center of the 1 Iql speaker, while it is not #Ia When you look at the position, the singer's voice 10Pl & a from the near 10,000 speakers only,
the three-dimensional feeling (1ml is a problem that the problem is met. Father, in the
conventional stereo reproduction method, when the distance between the left and right speakers
is extended by more than a certain distance, it is possible to make a gap between being a hollow
hole and it'o * unnatural one. The purpose of the present invention is to solve the problem 1 of
the conventional @@@, such a conventional stereo dermoid EndPage: 1 type, and to enhance the
localization of the sound image. According to the present invention, a portion simultaneously
included in the right signal e1 and the left signal eL of the stereo signal is taken as a center signal
v0, and the right signal eR to the center signal V. The signal obtained by subtracting the gain is a
new right signal V, and the left signal eL is deducted from the center 1g v0 and the fc number is
a new signal V, a new right signal VRII new pressure signal vL and a center signal V. It is
intended to be used as manual power for the stone speaker, the left speaker and the center
speaker, and relates to the nine stereo signal synthesis method. An embodiment of the present
invention is shown in the block diagram shown in FIG. In the figure, ill and (2) are positive /
negative judgment circuits, (31 and 141r! AND circuit, (5) a low level selection circuit which
selects the low level −Fi # value of the right signal e, l and the left signal eL, (in FIG. (7) is gated
by AND Ig + 鮎 +31, and the gate circuit is selected (8I and L! l! The gate is opened by 11ll
141) 1i 51 path, flllri addition-circuit, subtraction circuit to aO and αυ. The components
simultaneously enriched in the right signals e and I and the left signal eL are 18 as small as 18
pairs of both signals or both signals in the same phase (however, they oscillate in the positive
and negative directions with reference to the zero point of the internal signal a). Shall be
Therefore, the right signal e1 and the left signal eL are judged by the positive / negative
judgment circuit i11 and (2) whether they are positive or negative, and a field plating and circuit
which is positive in phase is The case is detected by an AND circuit.
-Low level selection 1gl path + 51 to select a temporary value of low level (all positive and
negative areas) among right signal eJl and l1i1 # 櫃 of left ia number eL and high level (also in all
positive and negative areas) Select the temporary value of ^ ^ Select each level selection (2) path
161, the output of the S province with the AND output of the Igl complex 131, and the output of
the gauze with the AND output of the AND circuit + 41 7) and (81) are taken out, added by
adding jgJ @ + 91, and taken as the center signal v0. The new right signal vjl is obtained by
subtracting the center signal vlJ from the right signal eR by the subtraction time T16ilG, and the
'# left left signal VL is obtained by subtracting the center signal Va from the left signal eL by the
subtraction circuit αυ. An example of the actual circuit is shown in FIG. When the right signal
eR and the left signal eL are in-phase with positive phase and larger than P8 or eL and the
operation is ki2, the low level selection circuit (5) is the potential rie of the emitter of the
transistor Q5, and Since the electric potential is e, or is short-circuited between the meat emitters,
the electric current flows into the electric potential of the one-niobium-electric wave or the equalone (in this case, the transistor in this case). If the emitter of Q3 flows into the gate of the
transistor, then the voltage drop of the emitter resistance 9 increases, and the potential rlieL of
that 5 will be traced (the transistor Qsri force becomes 7). 0) Low level selection is performed in
this way. In the arrows, positive and negative judgment vessels +11 and (2), both of which are
configured as dominant amplifiers, are connected to the transistor Q4. Since both collector
outputs become innovates to K, the AND circuit (the diode D of the 31 and the common anode
ceramic of the D2 becomes high level and the transistor Q + −5 of the gate circuit (7) of the first
stage becomes on) Also, the transistor Q15 is turned on. The compliment diode D51 D7. D, and
the "diode gate gate circuit by IT is opened, the above-mentioned feces" level selection circuit
(the output of the output of the 51 is processed and output. As a colleague, the members of
Ishihara No. e8 and the left signal eL at the time of the N phase are interpreted as their higher
value (# 櫨 i yes force) or interpreted, and added from the 710 arithmetic circuit + 91 fC. Get a
signal. In addition, / r right signal v8. In order to make the sum of the new left fine vL and the
center signal v equal to the sum of the original right signal e and the left signal eL, it is
appropriate that the center signal be twice the signal obtained. .
For this reason, 1 帰 還 of the feedback resistance R1 of the 7 ID 3 I 1 gl path 191 is made twice
as much as the wax (= R,) to the input resistance, and II XL [α center R at glmau. The desired
output can be obtained by setting the value of the input resistance for both signals to twice the
value of the input resistance ΔEndPage: 2R56 (= R ·) for the right signal c8. The same applies to
the other subtraction IPj paths aυ. Note that O1 賎 and (141) in the figure are either an adder
(9), a subtractor, or an inverter with an output of the a υ or an output that is output in the
opposite phase is an inverter with a positive 5 phase. It is not love. Father, addition IBJW & 19 +
"") Incorporating anti-R3p input blockade R5, 57, riR, 4 can be increased or decreased on the
basis of one straight line of twice. It is also possible to divide layers (C to measure C.
Furthermore, add one extra filter at the output of 1u19i, and take out only the term as the center
signal in the middle, or it is I'lJfl 0, which means that the right of the stereo signal and the
pressure signal VCC dark Constituent t included: center signal 15-center signal for car 15 one
original right signal and left sign No. 16 is taken from the signal from the left speaker and the
one for the left speaker The sound image localization ability of +81 M by a listening apparatus
such as the system of (1), or a missing part of a, can solve one problem, and there is an effect
that stereo reproduction with high localization or good separation quality can be performed. In
addition, when the speaker for the center is omitted, it is natural that the effect of the voice of the
bekura singer heard from the center of the right and left speakers is countered by 5 effects.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing the construction of the
example of the embodiment rii '. FIG. 2 is a schematic view (9) showing the embodiment of the
present invention. eR doubled signal L: left number vo: center signal vl: ik right signal vL:
Xinjiang signal patent issued-person Takehara Matsubara agent Takeshi Yano (one other person)
EndPage: 3
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