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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention. "1 ..... Band pass filter for passing control signals of inaudible frequency, 2
..... Hip filter for passing audio frequency, 3 ..... 4 channel stereo end Numbu, 4..., Changeover
switch, 5.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The present invention is to adjust the number channel nel
nare to the reproduction device b. To automatically switch between tunnel regeneration and
forward 4th tunnel regeneration, so as to obtain an optimum response IIIJ according to 10 五 5 It
is. As for the reproduction KII of the taracta sound pressure, four 0 = -V1-5 two-1. It is more
livelier to play the back channel Vn from the front than to play \ \ 'J J nner two now, and two
rear back 2 チ ン ン nner tosi now. Shikashi, audience 0 #? On the other hand, in-field tenaunce
SO remorbidity, t, 62 Fte Honjo's 4-channel regeneration is superior. In this way, it is often more
premature to switch the regenerator tube in the middle of the program. This proposal is a t-shirt
that achieves the above-mentioned purpose. It is shown. In the case of reference image of the
tape 轡 番 番 番 番 番 ン ン ン @ @ 音 All All 、 All, inaudible ms number, such as # il 伽-less than
one signal? This control signal is, for example, the middle of the audience's beat or whispering to
the performance, and the sound of the pulsating sound to inform the 11 performances, etc. As
such, time 41 bellow on the boundary of the part where the property of the prodaram changes.
As described above, the playback signal tube of the t-th t yan ternste t-signal, 10-4 passes Pan V
bus 1 J 1 and J and 1 t or above, for example 4Q k or more [pass Supply to the bus 1 le 71-2 in
parallel. The output of the first pass filter 1 is amplified by the 4 channel stereo amplifier 3 and
supplied to the changeover switch 1st. The first slot number distributes the signal to the four
channel speakers located at the front and the seven beakers for the two channels. When the
switch 4 is viewed as All, the channel channel snareo signal is supplied to the 1111 channel
speaker and the channel number system is reproduced. When the switch switch 4 is switched to
B @, the front two channels of the channel number stereo signal are disposed at the front 1EfL *
supplied to two channels of the first channel speakers negative, rear! The tail channel is placed
behind the 11 ** channel speaker and supplied with the original 4-channel regenerative tube.
This O @@ switch number is configured as a -turn switch, and is operated by operating the switch
-6 by amplifying the output t1S of the pan V-pass filter and the filter b.
Also, one-hand switch lFK allows one operation manually. If the cim @ signal is included in the
reproduction compensation, it is detected as Pan V pass filter IK, and it is detected by Daley Din
IIS and operates call-6, and this citation-6 The changeover switch 4 is turned to switch from mu
to Blm or from B11 I to mu. For every l11 s signal detected, t + tl is given to the original 4channel playback policy from the front channel playback channel or vice versa. At the start of
playback, if the changeover switch 4 is not switched to gA according to the first program 1 g,
then it will always be cut in reverse in the reverse direction. 1 The record v11. [designated f1
flush to red on rs tape and need to be changed (needs. This uses ps *, eg 10- and 20- signals,
respectively, as a single signal! As for All and B @, there is no need for that. X! As described
above, IlB reproduces a recording medium in which four channels of stereo first-signal and one
control signal of inaudible jIl # l arranged at the boundary of the portion where the program
property is nitrided are recorded. In this case, the control signal is detected by the detection step
and the detection output is operated to operate the bell-cut and the crotch, and the reproduction
iron amount of the rear two channels, the rear two channels, and the reproduction device of the
front channel are automatic. Therefore, for example, when playing back playing, the applause or
noise of the audience before playing, the spring in which the announcement sound of the
warning and playing field is recorded, the front face of the playing chopsticks 2 Channel. Switch
to the original 4 channel playback of the fill channel, and when the noise stops and performance
stops, the 4 channel playback with 4 speakers on the front is automatically switched on by K.
Always wondering about the best realism. A simple 111 簡 単 view of the present drawing is a
system diagram showing the embodiment of the present invention. Nonpassive j11 wave number
O control number [pass pass pant ° pass filter, 2 bypass filter to pass 2 m m2 audibility, 3/4
channel 7 tele-temp, 4 changeover switch, 5 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · The relay amplifier that amplifies the
signal pipe that has passed through the pass filter 1. 実 用 実 用 ビ ビ a 横 a 横 横 野 673 15 15
56 673B 6801 patent for applicants Nippon Victor Co., Ltd. Representative Yoshino Araki
assistant I! R-one pillar =-one-one-one
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