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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system Z ░ lock diagram of a stereo
demodulation circuit using a PLL circuit, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram of a voltage controlled
oscillator, and FIG. 3 is a voltage controlled oscillator having an oscillation stop function. FIG. 4 is
a functional block diagram showing one embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a
circuit connection diagram showing one specific embodiment of the present invention. 4 иии
Voltage control oscillator, 16 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и switching Switch 20 oscillation stop switch circuit 22 first current mirror
circuit 23 second current mirror circuit 24 transistor , 25 ... resistance.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is a phase lock loose <following pu.
(Abbreviated as ?abc?) is limited to the FM nutereo aptgl abbreviation. 15 First of all, I will
clarify the principle of operation of the stereo a # circuit in which the PIJh circuit has been
separated by the first cause. The component (1) <? -? // '2 digit signal 19KI (t is applied to the
pilot signal phase detector 1 and its output is a low pass filter 2.11 edge width 3 throughout)
Saturated oscillator 4, K to obtain a signal of 76104z and divide it by 1/2 "h" 8 circuit 5 in the
first stage to obtain 38KH subcarrier, 5 further 172 min in the second stage In the circuit-4 route
6, the signal of 19 KH, is returned to 0 phase detection @ P1. That is, 1: the working frequency
l1i11) The output frequency of the oscillator 4 is 71 fields 2 and this one and a half minutes;
Return to 1 The pilot information source of 191.000.000 and input every issue from the 1 // 2
branch 6 is divided by the lO4 detector 1. Therefore input Ich 19KH! When the ? pilot signal is
mixed, the ik flow current acid component is generated in the low-pass 4+ ? filter 2 as the
output of the phase detection 61. ?????? It'II: The pressure component is broken with-#
muff 3! After that, it is used as a tiIIh signal of the suppression control both oscillators 4. The ?
? pressure city (? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? t t t t t t 1 1 A 1 b: A, 1 1 1 l / 2 power cycle (b) 38
5 38 Ki Iz The output signal can accurately maintain the correct phase as an extension and
addition 21 of the stereo system. Next, the circuit related to the stereo rear leg divides the
composite signal and the output of the 1/2 frequency divider 5 of the fundamental cycle e by the
1/2 frequency divider 13 and detects the phase of the 19th line and the 9th line. Low-pass filter
8.5 system mitt trigger times ? operate the stereo switches 10 and 11 through 9 each, and
when the stereo signal is received, the pilot lamp 12 is fully lit and at the same time the ? ??
? divider 5 The signal of 38 phantom power of the output of the power of the unit 15 'I'm now
phase lock or the condition that the phase lock is one, that is, the pilot signal of the input signal
10)-also a stereo signal affection also when the manual signal The phase is shifted by And "1/2" 8 reproduced by H.1 / 2. So ?i! %, 1 step n 1/2 minutes 14 + ? 5 to the
172 minute 15 station circuit 13 which can obtain the pilot signal and 1 phase of 191G-1 and
this 19 & output is stereo switch 10.11. In addition to the phase $ output 7 for W ? W, each
phase of the input signal is 9!
The compound ?Shitora iti current turtle pressure component? is taken out to the low pass
through right filter 8 at i degree. This die stop voltage component is the next addition + 3 +! The
next stage Schmitt-Dricker circuit is electrically driven to operate the stereo switch 10 and to
turn on the stereo switch 11 to light up the stereo display lamp 12. Reference numeral 14
denotes an amplifier for amplifying the composite signal. 5 FIG. 2 shows the voltage IvI in FIG. 1
+ 7-5 cycles of the oscillator 4 and the voltage control oscillator 4 has an oscillation 1gl path. 16
and a timing circuit 17 which determines the number of oscillations of the oscillation circuit 16.
In the prior art, a PLL stereo double-low circuit pole circuit (hereinafter abbreviated as IC) 10 is
used as the J41, and the 21st oscillation circuit 16 has the timing path 17 connected to the
outside of the Ic via the tracker 18 , 1j fi DC amplifier 3 for making oscillation lj +, & is coupled
within IC. Also, the oscillation output of 76 kj? generated at the oscillation time J & 16 is sent to
the 115 & bl / 20,000 circuit 5 in the Ic inner book and is turned off. As described above, the
PLL stereo 0 circuit, which is higher than the voltage 1111 as shown in FIG. 2, generates an
output voltage of 76 KHz and 3B1G11 + 19K) lz by generating 1 Hpj by the oscillation path 16
and the timing circuit 17. There is. (4) Therefore, in the stereo receiving axis using the PLL stereo
recovery circuit, the oscillation output voltage from the voltage controlled oscillator 4 at the time
of waking up of a bargain FM monaural, store, etc. except when receiving stereo broadcasting to
the stereo receiving axis However, there was a problem that the other 11 roads were affected,
causing the occurrence of beats and inferiority of emotions. FIG. 3 shows an embodiment which
is conventionally performed in the 11 stereo reception unit as a preventive measure against this
problem, and FIG. In the third place, a break switch 19 is provided in series with the I0 timing
circuit J @ 17 connected to the terminal 18 at the terminal 18 and the manual operation of the
selector switch of the stereo receiver unit is performed (by-) to receive the FM stereo Cut off
timing path 17 except for voltage f! IIj oscillator 40 oscillations 1000-all stop and b. 15) This
method is the outside of the conventional PLL stereo IC as shown in FIG. Just by switching the J
circuit's continuation, it's just like switching ... ...,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Doo J effective hand
P), but I have a reluctance It is necessary to connect the PLL stereo revival IC and the changeover
switch 19 relatively by means of relatively common supply to the panel surface of the stereo
receiver, and it is necessary to There is a problem that induction 4 affects timing-path 17 and
becomes an oscillation frequency drift or unstable factor of voltage controlled oscillator 4 or the
oscillation output voltage leaks to another circuit 5. I did it.
Therefore, in the case of application to actual reception, it was necessary to design with sufficient
consideration for this time. Therefore, in view of the sum point between the upper oil and i, the
present invention provides a switch power for stopping the spring of the vC% pressure ? IJ
oscillator except for N stereo reception and providing the switching power inside the IC, and the
pressure control oscillator timing circuit 17vc PIL kereo 1111? Which can prevent the oscillation
output voltage from leaking to other times without affecting the floating volume and induction
4% due to distribution. + The abbreviation Haiku is also 15. According to the present invention, a
pressure-controlled oscillator is oscillated at the output of the sum-of-tuner ? output to ly to
obtain a stereo subcarrier, and a stereo-subcarrier with a stereo subcarrier in a circuit in which
The pressure (20 (6) is controlled by 1 kL flow). The present invention will be described in more
detail with reference to 11'lt below. The 41st A is a block diagram for explaining the present
invention. -Sign 5 attached. The oscillation circuit 16 performs the oscillation operation with
timing lL'1w & 17 in FIG. 4 when the signal for stopping the oscillation is externally given from
the outside, the valve & stop switch circuit 42o is turned on / off to make an oscillation circuit.
The 16 BP ? s are stopped, and the oscillation of the control city control oscillator 4 is
performed 10 times. In the s% F'hl stereo reception 1a state in which no signal is applied to the
oscillation stop 1 tach circuit 201 ? ? 14 child 21 LC having no effect on the oscillation circuit
16 at all! It has become a circuit clock and electric juice ? ? ? 4 (+ 4 (o + ? ?? ? ?? ? ?
? ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??.
Necessary 15- oscillation stop vessel P is conducted to effect IJ, in particular, since no frame such
as a switch is attached to the timing f P '417 at all, medium & operation will be performed stably.
Is a representative example of ?(4) pressure 1t +, 'd, numbering machine C, an example of a
concrete (b) path configuration of an actual axis of the present invention, which is equivalent to
the one shown in FIG. The same parts are given the same reference numerals. In the fifth A, the
launch circuit 16 is a kind of Schmitt trigger Ill I composed of a differential transistor, a
transistor switch, and the first current mirror b circuit 22 and is connected to the main element
18. It is the one that carries out the oscillation preparation by the charge and discharge return. 1
current mirror [1 ? n is the switching weight of 1 i O OJ path 16 switching] 1 and has the
transmission contribution of 1 and the timing to each same 17 charge, discharge according to
charge, J lead]?
? ? ? ? ░ 1. -The field is F & 1's frost, C mirror 10 times Gau 22 (0 city js :, r 2 of the dark 2
added to complete the r control wholesale, mirror 1 grade, transistor 24 and this pile 25 and
Both -C1d door, 5 oscillation circuit 1 switch switch wound 20 complete formation. If the right +,
y, 'in 1 season is biased at the terminal 21' and the transistor 24 is cut off, 15 pl, 27)%-growth
mirror 1! ? ? ? About 23 are also cut off! ! ! ?, 1st V, ?-mirror! II + ? h h; ? ? ?7 ?, ?
316 1 + l 316 make a positive paper. 7.2, when the child 21 Te bias' to come up M-t feed to the
transistor 24 the% sweat s to, -12, viz, - n mirror 1 Lok 23. ? Works as a source (1 (20)). If the
current that flows when the first current mirror path n is on is supplied by the second current
mirror circuit * 23 vc, the first current mirror circuit 4 is in the cutoff state? Because the
switching transmission function is locked off, the oscillation of the oscillation circuit 16 is
stopped. As described above, the PLL stereo recovery circuit according to the present invention
has a voltage control oscillator and oscillation stop switch times 4 for stopping the oscillation
operation of this voltage control oscillator as described above. It is possible to prevent 10 beats
and 8 /, etc. of beats due to the influence of the launch output on the other side, and also to
ensure stable operation of the compression side% sound emitter of the stereo broadcast
reception dai it can. Since 41% of the changeover switch etc. is not added to the timing circuit,
the unstable factor of the vibration wave number disappears, and the switching means of
oscillation stop also converts Tano conversion of DC voltage etc. Let's do it well, anti-stereo
receiver 1 word bank selector switch and PJ, L stereo ? i'mT ('Qll on the design of the circuit in
the ni circuit ...' problem is greatly reduced Invent 1 to 4 N 1. For example, if the bias voltage
applied to the terminal 21 does not require manual switching as another practical Q (9) r
example, the Schmidt trigger [g circuit 9 of FIG. It can be replaced by the output. In this case, all
can be affected inside the IC. 4, Drawing Of Ц 1 + Year Explanation 5 11th: A is PLL1i! System
block diagram of stereo demodulation circuit using I abbreviation,! 2 has a circuit configuration
diagram of a voltage control oscillator, and FIG. 3 has an oscillation stop bare function '! Circuit
board Ru A showing the conventional participation of the pressure starvation buster, No. 4.
A is a block diagram of the machine 10 showing an example of examination of the present
invention, and FIG. 5A is an excavated diagram showing a final gist of the present invention. 4
voltage f11 complications oscillator, 16-Hatsu? 1 channel, 17 timing brittleness I fault 18.21
and electronic, 19 ... sheet, Xu switch, plane ... oscillation stop switch circuit 15n- first% Ki error
counter Each, ? ... tJ, 2 electric addition mirror circuits, 24 ... transistor, 25-resistance, ? ? ?
"? P ? N ? (It ? ? ? ~ c R 3? ? 0 t 0 ? (? (((((8/8 r-/ A 5 d. ? 8 Z 8 Z Fig. 10) 15 ? 3 ?
3 'ztr tr / 457-X rl L-776% 4 eyes 776 o 9-74) ? ? ? ? 16 (?-?- -One H 'heat one ten e ?
111 one's) (Ias prompts 1), l 2 + 17' II 11 if / 11 '11 11 11 11 11 11 1 11 II 1 1 IL-L-J Figure 5
77 909% correction procedure (self 1m) 52.3.9 Showa Mon ? 19 Patents of the Patent Office 19
display of cows Showa ? 1 ? ? & I & application 18 'FII 1 2, the name of the invention stereo
demodulation-path 3, those who make corrections Relationship with applicants: 33-3, Shiba 5chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 1) Representative of this company, Ltd. 1) Nakada 4: 4, agent /Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 33-3, Tsuru . Within NEC Corporation "?" (6591) Patent
Attorney Atsushi Telephone Tokyo-54-1111 (Large Representative) '5, Corrected Target ll4 JI
Book or Report 0 Details tstw "e column and contents of Ill I turtle correction 1 II) OI 1 mlllffl Or
A4 + myTo signal phase detection "is corrected to" Pilot 1 is phase detection ". Apartment Beijing)
?? four lines ? of the "This to give a signal," "to give a signal fathom, this" k correct. 3) Correct
"?" on the same page and lO reading to "feedback". 4) On the same page, 9 lines mOr ea ea *
divide-by-nine frequency divider circuit correct to ??O signal ? 9 division и path?. 106)Correct the document as o11sXxfflOr to "Please correct". ???? Correct the "floating capacity"
k of line 00 sor floating capacity "of the textbook. 'F) ma book 0111] [xa line more & in both.
Correct Jill to "Nothing". ?) The same page il 1 line ? ?Because it is done,? ? ?Be done. To
correct. *> Q4JIIIF011F] # 111k the set 110X4ff11 IO statement #IIIk. ?? 3-1G) To correct
drawing ops garden as attached. ? Appendices (corrected) 1 pass 1 person patent attorney
insider kidney / ? r---1 to '10 B mouth '2' 2.
) + + / 31111 / "-/ 11, l" 2/17, ..., 52 dl 111-J ,,. , 1.25 + = L-m---J, -p'fJ5 Fig. 7609 J false
negative personal number 5-I-dal ? ░ result procedure correction (-14 'и 53.1. и-5 'Showa Date
Patent Office Secretary 1, display of the case 1982 utility model tatami brass No. 9 ill ma mes No.
2, name of the device stereo demodulation circuit 3, persons who make correction Applicants
related to the case Shiba fLT No. 33-1 F423, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative of NEC
Corporation 1) 4. m ?? 4. Agent ? Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 33JI No. 1 NEC
Corporation-(6591) Patent attorney inside thickness-# 2 united wheels 54-1111 (large hole! I)-?
0-? 0 a a correction O target specification "Note s Ie ? tsi ?" 0 column a correction O content
? adjustment 0111111 F 11 line l of "l ? ? ?? " Control the extraction and its phase and
correct it. Reiko Uchihara-san ~
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