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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a Langevin-type vibrator according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view thereof, FIG.
3 is an amplitude characteristic diagram, and FIG. FIG. '1 и и и и и и Piezoelectric element, 2, 3 и и и и и и
и и metal vibrator, 4 ░ 5 и и и ultrasonic radiation surface, 6 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 7 paste ииииииии
Sound absorbing material, 8, 9 иии Ring band.
[Detailed description of the invention] Kakimoto's agenda relates to Lange-Banke oscillators. -It is
a brief outline of each * mfke tribute to MIN of the heavy-duty Langevin-type Osamu
Tomonmachi, Hiirotsuko, and the hand-to-hand H vs. As the radius increases around 1 as shown
by the broken line in FIG. 3, the directivity is preferably as shown in FIG. It was an overwhelming
value with a small and talented man. Such a niece, R. The main idea is to eliminate the problem. ,
'3.2) o' / is intended to provide a self-supporting pan type oscillator capable of obtaining early
relative vibration and obtaining directivity close to the theoretical value. Hereinafter, the dog and
dragon example of the present invention will be described while showing the drawing. @ 1 Figure
1 shows a cross-sectional view of the tree Daito example, Figure 2 shows a plan view, Figure 1%
2: In the figure, 1 is a piezoelectric element, for example, a ferroelectric ceramic such as zirconate
titanate bit lead "I'z is provided on the surface of this piezoelectric material, and polarization is
applied in an appropriate direction. 2.3 ij metal vibration #D ?, the contact with the
circumference of the piezoelectric element 1 is stuck with an agent etc. f, 1. ?????????
? 5 ffffi 0 1 ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
? ?? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ?
?? ? ?? ? s & V @ kn; I7 is wound. ????? A ring-shaped band 8.9 is mounted on the
row member 7 at a portion close to the ultrasonic wave Y ? emission surface 4.5. These ringshaped bands 8.9 rt are each attached to a screw, a nut, etc. by a force of ?, and the paste-in
body 6 is fastened (21 in the direction of its half beam). By the way, the pasted body 6 is a socalled reconnaissance unit in which the axial motion modes in the radial direction and the
thickness direction are sweet-acidified, and each vibration mode corresponds to each other in the
thickness direction and the radial direction. In the example, since the bonding rod 6 is tightened
in the living direction at a position close to the emitting surface 4.5 by the link-like band 8.9, the
relative amplitude in the ultrasonic emitting surface or the periphery of the emitting surface It
drops to 1 in the vicinity, and it becomes close to a flat value as shown in FIG. V-wise, if it is
driven by applying a load, it will increase the th in the case of resonance if in-line impedance. As
a result, the directivity becomes a value close to the theoretical value as indicated by a thick
single-line 418'l. ????? 31: In the 1st sentence, 0: 'is added to the inside of the body 6 and b
is moved, and d is moved from the middle and C- to' f- n in the same direction and 1 distance.
In the xylophone plan, as described above, a sweat absorbing material is wound around the outer
cylinder (2) of a laminated body equivalent to a conventionally known one-shot-pan type
vibrator, and a ring-shaped band is formed on this absorbent i. The part close to the sum t #
temporary radiation tap of the bonded body is tightened in the radial direction (3), and the ringshaped hand is fixed by interposing a wicking material by a m old woman. It is possible to flatten
the relative vibration part on the sum i 'wave surface with a very long middle bar, and to make
the directivity close to the obscurity origin, so that a great effect can be obtained for the dog. 1 in
the section 1i + In the case of the bacteria in the section 1i + FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the
Langevin type pendulum according to the present invention 1 and 2, the second 1 is the same
plane a, and the third section n = The awe-inspired custom drawing, the fourth, is a drawing of
the inter-hole property. J1-piezoelectric filament, 2.3-metal peristalsis, 4.5-d # liXH4j IMJs 6-y:
'ah <%, 7-'u [t, 5,]-ring shaped band. ? # @ ht plan registered-people's stock bag hit out rally
place (pave 1 '2' 4 ?? ???? ??? $ 2 figure, og '77 676 I /. Utility model registration
applicant MMk net tmsa ? (both figures 3 axis ? "2] 2 ?" nini "amount" width 7 r ? 4 da 03,
e3. sl, ?l1, ~1.1, .71a?1 ? ? и 1 и ? ? t?2?. 7767 ?: Km: Fufu: ?
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