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Description 1, title of the invention
Sound diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a solid diaphragm of an
electroacoustic transducer. In the case of forming the foamed resin portion on the surface of the
vibrating plate facing the sound field, the conventional acoustically-filled vibrating plate is made
of a foamed resin body and the vibrating plate separately molded in advance as a solvent type or
two liquid It was adhered using a general adhesive such as reactive type, but these adhesives are.
Since the fall is also higher in density than the foamed resin, it has been a hindrance to reducing
the weight of the full diaphragm. In the present invention, the space between one or more foam
resin bodies separately molded in advance and the space between the foam resin body and the
diaphragm are filled with the foamable resin. By fixing them to each other, the above-mentioned
conventional drawbacks are solved. An acoustic diaphragm according to the present invention
will be described below with reference to an embodiment shown in the drawings. In the figure, 1
is a conical / diaphragm made of paper 9 synthetic resin, metal, etc., and a voice coil 10 wound
on the top. The taken bobbin 9 is attached with an adhesive or the like. . 7 is a bow made in the
same shape as the conical shape of the diaphragm 1. It is inserted into a conical space
surrounded by the diaphragm 1 by a foamed resin body such as a polystyrene resin. The size is
therefore made slightly smaller than the cone made with the diaphragm 1. The foamed resin
body 7 vibrates. Made separately from the plate 1, for example a conical plate). Use a jig of the
same shape as the female mold of the mold to be pressed. It is made. Then, the back surface 5 of
the foamed resin body 7 and the front surface 5 of the diaphragm 1 are adhered by the adhesive
foamed resin 8 having adhesiveness. This adhesive foam resin. For example, a polyurethane resin
is used as 8. In this solid acoustic diaphragm, the diaphragm 1 and the foam resin body 7 are
integrally vibrated, and when the bottom surface 4 of the foam resin body EndPage: 17 is a
speaker, it is an acoustic radiation surface. In the case of a microphone, it faces the sound field 2
as a sound incident surface. And since the foamed resin body 7 and the diaphragm 1 are bonded
by the foamed resin 8 for bonding, the mass of the whole solid diaphragm can be reduced. The
foamed resin body 7 is divided into a plurality. It may have been, in this case also split. May be
bonded with the adhesive foam resin 8. Since it is configured as described above, the
conventional general. When an adhesive was used, its density was about 1 da / cd, and although
the adhesive mass sometimes occupied 30% of the mass of the solid diaphragm, the foamed resin
was used for adhesion. If so, its density is justified. For example, it can be about .alpha.01 da / cm
". Therefore, in the case of the present invention, it is possible to obtain a solid, lightweight
diaphragm as compared with the case where a conventional adhesive is used.
In addition, since the volume of the resin used for adhesion by foaming increases, the resin 8 fills
the gap even if the diaphragm 1 and the foamed resin body 7 have some unevenness, and a good
adhesion state can be obtained. The advantage, oh. In the above embodiment, the sound wave
emitting surface or incident surface 4 of the foamed resin body 7 is a flat surface, but it may be a
convex surface, a concave surface or a combination surface thereof depending on the purpose. .
In the above example, although the foam back surface 6 is concave, it may be flat, convex, etc.
For example, the diaphragm is not a frusto-conical shape, but is a simple cone and the foam back
surface 6 is eliminated. May be Alternatively, a lid-like small diaphragm different from the
diaphragm 1 may be applied to the foam so that the foam back surface 6 is not exposed. Even if
the foamed resin body 7 and the foamed resin for bonding 8 are the same kind of resin, they are
different. It may be a resin of As described above, according to the present invention, the space
between one or more foam resin bodies molded in advance and the space between the foam resin
body and the diaphragm are foamed so as to fill them with a resin capable of adhering to each
other. By fixing it to the above, the effect as a solid diaphragm is similar to that of a solid
diaphragm using a conventional adhesive, and it has the advantages of being similar, yet
lightweight, and having high electroacoustic conversion efficiency.
4 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the acoustic solid diaphragm according to
the present invention. 1: Diaphragm 2: Sound field 7: Foam resin 8: Foam resin for bonding agent
patent attorney attorney 1) Toshiyuki EndPage: 2
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