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? 1itlll F1, title of the invention 3, + e ? 1 lvNart description of the present invention is the
sound cover modulation of the record lid signal from the sound cover and 8-pin pick-up
cartridge, hunt resistance change resistance resistance change to hunt HBLr: new I am jealous of
the ass pickup cartridge. At first glance, with a magnetic resistor child, its resistance vE improves
when the magnetic field is combined with the magnetic field. 8 of the L1. Of these, the pick-up
cartridge of the present invention reduces magnetic loss when applied with a magnetic field. The
present invention uses a magnet or a magnet self-attached to the vibration system of the big
cartridge, and the present invention uses the magnet near the r-mature by means of a magnet.
The air resistance effect is added as the change t of the magnetic field to which the force
resistance is added and the electric output 16. If you confide with the drawing about 1 smile case
of 1 swallowing 1 ? ? ? ? by the drawing, ? 1 is the main part of the pickup cartridge for
stereo, a figure 9 and (1) is the sound needle of Guiya ? ((2) The r-matinia (1) is 90 ashes to
each other, with ?-mach ? which is cast from an isomorphic material such as permalloy
attached at right angles to the axial direction of the cantilever (3). The two * t @ parts (1?), (10
are skinned to one body, and are moved to the magnetically conductive yoke (5) via an elastic
part # (4) such as bunal rubber etc.) The yoke (5) supported by the company, the yoke (5) is
delimitably defined in the sincerity (6), and the magnet (6) EndPage: 1 causes the yoke (5) to be
divided into four. 1) is excited to be excited. (7) is an insulating substrate of crow temple. In the
central part of the substrate (7), concaves 915 (8) with slopes <7a), (7b) and 1 surface sprayed
with 45 ash against the surface made of record. Are provided in each of the four parts (8) so as
to be orthogonal to each of the disaster parts (IQ), (I s') n e ia eaves (7 LOL), (7 b) of the armature
(1). Mateu ? (1) is a matchmaker. (JdR,,), CmR12), CMkt2. ), <MR22) 41 Norgvi plate (7), the
slope (kL), and (7) a thin film made of a pellicle thin film formed by vacuum evaporation along
each side; The electrodes (9) иии fists are provided at the l ? ? 7 cast part of the cord, and as
shown in the bias circuit diagram of FIG. 2, cords (? 1. f) f (? 12) and <MR2,) , ?R22) are
connected to each other, and each cord moves differentially to help reduce stoma. In addition,
the disaster court section of the r-mature (1) (1s, (1) is a child (MR1), (1), (2) and (Mft2.
) And (M't 22) have been crying in the middle rumor. Is a shield case for preventing the magnetic
field of the magnet (6) from leaking to the index (MR,...) To (M1't 22) at a #. Fig. 2 is a schematic
diagram of a temporary memory "Yim" (11) ~ (ML22) Bias circuit diagram and Li: LIL tally pillow
connected corder (Mkt, 1), <mR12) and <mx21) , <MR22) from section 11 (t), from (t)) to the 'RE
pressure of ? to be connected in parallel to the dragon 4 ?, JJ, and 2 4 4 (t) C. (Mr ,, R. R 72)
and (MR 2,), (R R22), Valley connection band (Pl), (P 2), and (P2) with abrasive outcrop of a mold
out of an open mold. And 0) is a detector. Therefore, with regard to the operation of the abovementioned pickup cartridge and the channel 4 of the above, 'S', Mlj ? ?-Manayu (1) has not
been assisted, and the damage part (1) of the armache ? (1) (Mft, ..., (31R12) in the vicinity of
the opening)] In the case of ?, as shown in Figure 3 U ? ? ? ? M M ? (M tag,) 12) is the
same ? a ??!: ? and the current can not be frozen in the detector. However, due to the fine
movement of the record sound groove, the sound needle (2), the ? punch lever (3) and the
seven-armed armature (1) vibrate L% For example, the damaged portion (1a) of the armature (1)
(? 2. 3) (C71 ?), the resistance line of the cordierite R11) is decreased due to the ? fA resistive
young fruit, and the other work <MR, 2) cQ ? VE, ffi is increased. The current (t,) is blown to the
detector O) in the two small branches. At the reception, the machine head t on the side of the
loom 1ts (l ? ? ? ? ? R12) in Amatua (1) is cold (noodles R 72 low ?? value decreases L C
C) Figure 3 As in e1, the detector freezes in the reverse direction (z2 in Q). This is also the 151
building for the operation to if one channel. As described above, the tIii'fA resistance juvenile tree
prediction R1, the cordier (the proof R22 is the yoke (5) and the yoke (5) is hitm from the weekly
magnet (6) and the armature (1) adds the LIL bias edge). And the .gamma.-manaurea (1) copies a
record by a groove doubler to give a magnetic flux to the valley groove (MR1,) to (Mkt22), and
this i unchanged 11-seven member (M ,,) to ?R22) is (mh,) and the length direction of the
cantilever (3) is straight with the axial direction of the cantilever (3). As shown in Fig. 4, the axial
direction of the ? punch lever (3) is in the axial direction.
) ~ (Mft 22) placed in parallel with the lengthwise direction. Ohshima 1 ts (IQ) of a mana ray ?
(1) on a black-and-white side image of a tree pair of trees R 1), C spout 12) or ? R 21), (MR 22)
Even the ones I let go are great. -Stone (6n: of course, it may be used with Armanayu ?, which is
a castle from a stone, instead of the magnetically excited Armature (1) from more excited). J l l ?
on the board, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4 4 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(?
R1,) to (MR22, + 2-magnet or excited r ': located near the side of ?-manaure (1) taken from the
storage, the armature of the armature' 1 ' Shin 1i 11)-(M) t 2 ?) V и ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? L L ? Lr: ? ? MR MR MR (MR,,)-(MR,) is an insulating substrate (7) A coil with a thin,
stiff coil in the yoke, as seen in the pickled 7 foot cage of the Muhin magnet type of the spring,
which can be shaped as IJj, -r V, by the Omochi rip book on the top. !: There is no need to build
up 67, and there are few failures, so it is extremely easy to assemble. To head 4i of Yohate and
moxibustion of the like can be inexpensive pickup cartridge and ??. ???????? ?
4. Brief description of the drawings All drawings are 1 poly for the hook ? cartridge of the
present invention, FIG. 1 is its ebony elevation view, and FIG. 2 is magnetic fAW (7 i 1. Bias
circuit diagram of juvenile baby, Fig. 3)-1e1 is a bias circuit diagram shown as one Nayan light
1JIll, and Fig. 4 explains an example of arrangement of the acupuncture and moxibustion strain.
Speak in the illustration. (M, F, J, (MR + 2)-(goods) 21), (? R 22) Magneto-Resistive Juvenile
Insulator (l) Armature (3) Cantilever Kamisu Outpost Alps Dragon Gas Company Figure 1 Figure
2 Figure EndPage: ?
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