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Specification-1, the title of the invention
Speaker edge
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention seeks to provide an edge for a
speaker having excellent flame retardancy without losing the acoustic characteristics. Recently,
there is a strong demand for the safety of home appliances, and the demand for incombustibility
and incombustibility of speakers is also increasing. In this speaker, various developments have
been made on the incombustibility of the diaphragm and voice coil, and considerable results have
been achieved. However, in the free-edge type diaphragm in which the edge and the diaphragm
are separately formed and the both are laminated, many problems remain to make the edge
flame-retardant. For example, in the case of using an organic flame retardant, the effect of flame
retardancy is low, the moldability is poor, and the amount of smoke at the time of combustion is
large, which is not satisfactory. In addition, although inorganic phosphates are extremely
excellent in flame retardancy, water-soluble inorganic phosphates can not be blended uniformly
with Acrylic resin or urethane resin and EndPage: 1 in their usage. It becomes a cause of
deterioration of acrylic resin and urethane resin 1 during mixing, and a considerable amount is
required to make the flame-retardant of the edge, so it was not possible to obtain a good edge. In
addition, when cotton is used as the edge base material, since cotton is flammable, even if only
resin is made flame-retardant, the effect is small. The present invention eliminates the abovementioned conventional drawbacks. First, according to the first factor, a speaker using the
speaker edge of the present invention will be described. Reference numeral 1 denotes a field
portion, and the field portion 1 is configured of a plate 3 provided with a center pole 2, a ringshaped magnet 4, and a ring-shaped upper plate 5. A frame 6 is connected to the field portion 1,
and an edge 9 of a diaphragm 8 is adhesively bonded to the peripheral portion of the frame 6
together with the gasket 7. This edge 9 is a free edge, is formed separately from the diaphragm
8, is adhesively bonded, and is also made flame-retardant and "C", of course, the diaphragm 8 is
also flame-retardant treated. It can also be used. A voice coil 1o is coupled to a central portion of
the diaphragm 8, and an intermediate portion of the voice coil 1o is supported by a damper 11
so that the voice coil 10 is fitted into the magnetic gap 12 of the field portion 1 without
eccentricity. The dust cap 13 is attached to the central upper surface of the diaphragm 8. In such
a configuration, the edge 9 is obtained by uniformly blending insoluble inorganic phosphate
powder with acrylic resin or urethane resin that uses insoluble inorganic phosphate powder as
filler and molding agent in cotton treated with water-soluble inorganic phosphate. And molded.
More specifically, as a water-soluble inorganic phosphate, ammonium polyphosphate is
impregnated in an amount of 10 to 15% with respect to the weight of cotton, and an insoluble
inorganic phosphate powder is polyphosphate having a high degree of polymerization. A mixture
of 15 to 20% homogeneously blended ammonium acid powder with respect to the weight of
acrylic resin or urethane resin is coated with a roll, and this is heated and pressed to form an
edge 9. As the flame retardancy of edge 9 shown in this example, when carbonization length 4.05.0 flame retardancy UL standard 94V-1 equivalent fire was kept away, self-sixtability was shown
immediately. のようであった。 In addition, the sound pressure-frequency characteristics of the
speaker using this edge 9 and the general conventional speaker using an edge become as shown
in FIG. 2, which is shown by a broken line with respect to the conventional speaker shown by a
solid line. The characteristics of the loudspeaker of the present invention were almost unchanged
and were extremely stable. As described above, the speaker edge of the present invention is
extremely excellent in flame retardancy, has no smoke at the time of combustion, and can be
uniformly blended with a filler and a molding agent, resulting in sound pressure-frequency
characteristics. It can be excellent and has great industrial value.
4. Brief description of the drawings The first factor is the sound pressure-frequency
characteristic comparison 1 of the spy force using the speaker edge of the present invention.
9・・・・・・エツジ。 Name of agent Attorney Nakao 1 person EndPage: 2
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