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Title: Broad band vibration sensor vibrator and different frequency characteristics coupled to this
Detailed Description of the Invention The invention relates to a broad band vibration sensor, in
particular to a sensor of vibration with a very wide frequency band, such as a loudspeaker cone.
Such a vibration sensor is preferably a piezo thin film charge element or a piezo thin film resistor
element having a large compliance so that there is little reaction, but a single sensor element can
not cover a wide frequency band. The present invention is characterized by combining elements
of various frequency characteristics so as to cover a wide band, and is characterized by obtaining
a simple table configuration so that the outputs of these thin film membrane elements can be
directly coupled and synthesized as required. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a broadband
vibration sensor according to the present invention in cross-sectional view (a) and plan view (b).
Reference numeral 1 denotes a speaker vibration cone, 2 a frame, 3 drive coils, 4 coils and the
like, and 4 a sensor holder, and 5 is fixed to the speaker frame end 26 by a sensor holder. 12 Fi
peripheral holding unit. ???????????? For example, a piezoelectric thin film element
such as a piezoelectric thin film element such as a piezoelectric charge element or 10 or plastic
having a film of poly (vinylidene fluoride) (P-ma dF) stretched and an electrode film attached on
both sides. Use. Conductor pattern is placed on the cone surface and one end of the thin film is
connected with one end of the electrode or resistor aQ, and the other end is passed through the
lead 13.14 ......... 17 and amplifier 19, 20.21-... --1523 is normalized to obtain a wide band output
from the synthetic seed 24 by normalizing the holding width. Changing the dimensions as shown
so for example FIG. 1 tc) having a thin film 7,8.9 ......... only frequency characteristics, Note were
mutually Tsu different. In general, high frequencies from the center of the cone and low
frequencies from the periphery of 20 EndPage: 1 are mainly emitted. Therefore, according to
this, a sensor having a high resonance frequency such as 7 is placed at the center and a sensor
having a low resonance frequency 11 is placed on the periphery. .. May include equalization
circuits to correct the characteristics. Furthermore, the amplitude is adjusted with an amplifier in
consideration of the contribution of each cone part to 1 pressure. That is, since the contribution
of the peripheral part to the central part is much larger than that of the central part by one
pressure, the gain is reduced in the order of the amplifiers 19.20... Alternatively, the area of the
senna can be reduced to provide substantially the same effect. Since this contribution is generally
proportional to the radius of the corresponding part of the cone, the gain of each amplifier is
adjusted according to how the senna comes out. Of course, an attenuator may be used instead of
the amplifier. From the conductive film 6 attached to the cone to the common lead of the senna,
it is drawn from 25 through the surrounding material 12.
Pull it out in any other way. FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of a broadband vibration sensor
according to the invention. Senna is behind the cone. Different frequencies as shown in Sen
t30.31.32tlj ?)! The output lead 24 is obtained by directly connecting the output with the L%
property and adjusting the area. It is desirable to make the charged capacitance of each sensor
the same in the charge element if the contribution is the same, and considering the 5 pressure
contribution, the areas of the sensors 30, 31. 32 are the same. Make it approximately inversely
proportional to the radius of the cone. It is better to gradually change the gap between the holder
5 and the cone as shown in the figure. In the case of a piezoresistive element: 1) Select the
appropriate resistance of each element. Of course, a7 = -resonance frequency etc. are also made
to differ from each other. In general, all the elements can be directly connected to obtain desired
characteristics by adjusting the area and the horse yard. (B) In the figure, 30 'and 311.32' are
obtained by broadening the shape of the senna as shown in FIG. With such a configuration, a
wide-band peristaltic power can be easily obtained. Since the curvature of the senna has various
sizes as shown in the previous example, the sensitivity of the element itself will also differ, so it is
better to make this 2 ░ correction as well. How to connect the vibrator and senna, ie connection
position and inclination It should be taken into account that the change of 15 degrees. Senna also
needs a great deal of linearity, so that K does not give too much king. In order to flatten the area,
it is effective to damp and damp the senna with a cotton-like body. The vibration sensor
according to the present invention is used for vibration detection and determination of a
vibration body vibrating in a wide frequency range, but is particularly suitable for a vibration
sensor. In the case of a speaker, the detection output can be negatively fed back to the speaker
drive amplifier to improve the characteristics. The sensor output of the present invention can be
as good as a high-toughness microphone and without slow grinding. In order to change the
frequency characteristics of the senna variously, K may be changed in shape, size, thickness,
Young's modulus and the like by a spreading agent and the like. It is Although the number of
sensors may be at least two or more, and the accuracy can generally be improved as many as
possible, the load on the vibrator must be taken into consideration. The sensor group
configuration disposed behind the cone as shown in FIG. 2 is of course also applicable to FIG. 7
np. In some cases, the sensor may be attached to the cone itself and the vibration may be
detected as a glue cone. The Shinobu sleeve of the single sensor described above can be easily
applied. FIG. 3 is an elevation sectional view 0) and a plan view (b) of a modification of the
present invention, which uses a thin one which is directly rolled on a sheet Ps 40 r j go y and a
thickness of about 10 ?m.
Also in this case, considering the contribution of 1 pressure, as shown in the figure, if necessary,
the central part of the core 10 is narrow, the end is wider and the peripheral material is extended
if necessary. It is better to use Wli pattern, a shape that narrows the width again, and Wli pattern.
You can paste a lot of such chickens and put them on the whole surface of corn depending on @.
???????????????? The same consideration is applied to setting the damper 50
with a wedge. FIG. 4 shows still another variant f 42 shown in FIG. 4 with 7 ? force having an
elongated sensor imitation such as 44, where (a) is a standing elevation and (b) is a plan view .
20EndPage: Determine the 2 form. Also in the case of FIGS. 3 and 4, the thin film may have a
plurality of different shapes and sizes as in the case of the film. In addition, a
piezoelectric thin film charge element pvdF may be used as a peripheral material or a damper
material to appropriately form an electrode. In this case, the thin film sensor charge element is
also used as the diaphragm eyepiece of a speaker or earphone. According to the present
invention, part of the electrodes of the vibrating electrode can be separated and used as a senna
element. In this case, the diaphragm generally has a planar shape, but it is sufficient to attach a
wedge-shaped sensor such as a third wedge to this. The present invention is not limited to the
above-mentioned specific bag, and various modifications and combinations of the example parts
can be made. 1 (a) and 1 (b) show an embodiment of a broadband peristaltic sensor according to
the present invention in elevation sectional view (8) and a plane 1121h> 4 '' ..... speaker cone 2
ииииииииииииииииии Speaker frame 3 ииииииииииии Drive coil 4 иииииииии Field type 5 иииииии Sensor holding tool 6
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Peripheral part 13.14% 15, 16 ...... read
19.20,21,22.23 ... - .. amplifier cheeks 24 ........ output lead Figure 1 (c) a sensor thin 7,8,9 An
example of the shape of 10.11, -7 ................. High-frequency Senna 11 ........ Low-frequency Senna
Fig. 2 ja) , (B) is a book Bright other 'sL ?? show various senna film. 3 (a) and 3 (b) are elevation
sectional views of a modified embodiment of the present invention. A top view is shown. 40
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Dampers 4 (a) and (b) are of the modification of the present
invention The elevation sectional view and the top view are shown.
44 ииииииииии Sensor film EndPage: 3 Fig. 1) $ 32 Fig. 4 EndPage: ?
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