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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view, partly in cross section, showing an
embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 2 is a graph showing the reverberation characteristics
of the embodiment of the present invention and the conventional converter. FIG. 3 is a graph
showing sound pressure and sensitivity characteristics of the embodiment of the present
invention and the conventional converter.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
transducer, and more particularly to an ultrasonic transducer useful for an ultrasonic transducer
that transmits and receives ultrasonic waves with one piezoelectric element. An ultrasonic wave
that generates ultrasonic waves by pulsating a piezoelectric element or the like or receives
ultrasonic waves and wears an electrical signal (a matching device is attached to the piezoelectric
element in a c-Ct-7f / D ′ ′ wave converter Coupling with air is known to perform efficient
conversion. Conventionally, light metals such as aluminum foil have been used for these
matching devices. However, these metal matching devices have a long reverberation time at the
time of pulse driving, and the adverse effect on the wave receiving characteristics is large at%
when transmitting and receiving by the element. The present invention is intended to solve all
these drawbacks and to obtain an ultrasonic transducer 1 with high sensitivity and high
durability. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described according to the drawings. FIG. 1
is a partial sectional side view showing an embodiment of the present invention. The support (2)
is provided on the base (1). In the ultrasonic radiation on the piezoelectric element t53, a
pyramidal matcher (circled from plastic snack (polycarbonate) is provided while the piezoelectric
element (5) is provided. 4) is provided. In the case of the II / E, the E coupler is fixed by fitting in
a recess formed at the base of the piezoelectric element. (5)ハケース、(6)はフォノジャッ
クである。 (2) Reverberation characteristics of the present invention implemented fIO ultrasonic
transducer created in the manner of a reed (The reverberation characteristics of the ultrasonic
transducer of the season and the conventional (b) ki! If the time taken for the reverberation to
reach 10% or less with respect to the main pulse t1: K shown in FIG. 2 is determined as shown in
FIG. The conventional one folds around 3 pavilions while the following is. And in the embodiment
of the present invention, it reaches a31% of the main pulse at 5 m 婁 or less, but the conventional
one has an extremely long time kl! する。 That is, when the element is used as both transmission
and reception waves, the embodiment of the present invention is extremely troublesome in
reverberation time, so that sufficient reception is possible even when the time until the return of
the reflected wave is back You can get reliable characteristics even when you are close to the
vessel. Furthermore, as shown in the 5th rll JK, the transmission sound pressure and delivery
sensitivity are excellent as well, and the effect on the characteristics by thickness is mild
compared with the conventional aluminum foil etc. and the stability against thickness variation is
also possible large. As apparent from FIG. 5, the thickness of the matching unit is (5) α 05 to 0.6
W or so, more preferably (L 1 to [14+ ms or so.
In the present embodiment, polycarbonate is used as the plastic, but any of thermoplastic resin,
thermosetting resin, etc. may be used as long as it has good properties of ABS @ fat, good
shedding. Further, the shape of the matching device is not limited to the conical shape, and can
be deformed according to the shape of the piezoelectric element. As described above, the present
invention, by forming the matching device t plastic, makes it possible to significantly improve the
characteristics that could not have been expected so far, the reverberation time is extremely
short, and the delivery sensitivity is high. The present invention can provide an ultrasonic
transducer excellent in conversion efficiency and reliability.
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