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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the general structure of a
speaker, FIG. 2 is a view showing a structure of a honeycomb structure used in the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is an essential part of the speaker of the present invention It is a figure
which shows the structure of a part. 8 is a voice coil bobbin, 6 is a honeycomb metal structure,
and 1 is a voice coil.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker having
a heat resistant voice coil with a large heat dissipation area. The voice coil (1) of the speaker is
adhered to the top of the cone paper (2) as shown in FIG. 1, and the gap between the pole (4) and
the plate (5) forming the magnetic circuit by the damper (3) It is supported so that the piston
vibrates in the axial direction in the magnetic gap), vibrates violently in the narrow magnetic gap,
and because of Joule heat generation, strength and heat resistance, especially in heat resistance,
are enhanced as the speaker becomes more mature. Be required. Conventionally, to meet such
requirements, light metal foils such as aluminum, which have high thermal conductivity and heat
dissipation efficiency and excellent heat resistance, are used as a bobbin base material, and the
heat dissipation area is increased. As a measure, there is one in which a metal foil dust cap is
attached to the top of a voice coil bobbin, or one in which a metal layer is formed on the surface
of a damper. However, both have a small heat dissipation area and sufficient heat resistance can
be obtained. It was not. Moreover, in order to enhance the heat radiation efficiency from the
surface of the voice coil bobbin, there are some in which the surface of the bobbin and the ball
facing the bobbin and the surface of the plate are black, but the heat radiation area is small and
sufficient heat resistance is received could not. The present η proposal is an improvement of
such conventional defects. The present invention is characterized in that it comprises a voice coil
formed by inserting and bonding a non-A two-cam-like metal structure on the outer surface of a
voice coil bobbin. Hereinafter, an embodiment will be described with reference to the drawings.
In the figure, the honeycomb structure (6) used in the present invention is made of a light metal
such as aluminum, and as shown in FIG. 2, a light metal foil (7), (7) A honeycomb structure
having a cylindrical shape of an arbitrary shape, wherein the honeycomb structure (6) is inserted
into the outer surface of the voice coil bobbin (8) as shown in FIG. And have a bonded structure.
In the following structure, since the honeycomb structure (6) is inserted into the outer surface of
the bobbin (8), the heat radiation area is significantly increased as compared with the
conventional structure, and therefore the heat resistance is significantly improved. It is possible
to prevent deformation or burnout due to excessive temperature rise in 8) or short circuit
between wires. In addition, since the upper part of the bobbin (8) is reinforced by the honeycomb
structure (6), abnormal vibration such as deformation and twisting of the bobbin (8) and socalled hanging vibration which occur at the time of radical vibration can be prevented. A speaker
can be realized.
In addition, if the bobbin (8) has the same strength, the thickness of the bobbin base can be
reduced, so that the magnetic gap can be narrowed, and there are various excellent advantages
such as improvement in conversion efficiency. If the '5 bobbin base material is a metal foil, the
heat conduction between the lead wire, the bobbin (8), and the □ honeycomb structure becomes
good, and the i4 superior heat radiation effect can be obtained. As described above, since the
present invention comprises the voice coil (1) formed by inserting and bonding the honeycomb
structure (6) to the outer surface of the voice coil bobbin (8), the heat dissipation area of the
bobbin (8) is The heat resistance is significantly improved, and the strength of the bobbin 8 is
increased, so that a speaker that can sufficiently withstand adult power can be provided.
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