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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view for
explaining a conventional example, and FIGS. 2 to 5 show an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 2 is a first embodiment. Fig. 3 is a plan view of a state in which the sheet-like
member on the upper part of the diaphragm is removed, and Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view
showing the adhesion between the diaphragm and an edge. FIG. 5 is a cross sectional view
showing a second embodiment. Further, in the reference numerals used in the drawings, 11 is a
diaphragm, 11 is a periphery of the side surface of the diaphragm, 12 is a core, 13 is a sheet-like
member, and 14 is a band-like connecting agent.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a single plate of a
combination machine S such as a combination of rkJV'c sheet-like members of a core material
which is a temporary speaker shake and a large size of 11 seconds. It is. It is used for a constant
swing, 惚 σ 逼 萬 惚 10 type speaker, but what is the most important financial point in the soil to
design and manufacture. Tribute rEIJ board tribute? It's about squeezing the divided image of the
悼 (such as 惨 ’、 来 る 来 る 来 る 来 る 来 る 来 る 来 る). For this reason, a honeycomb
honeycomb body, a foam roll and the like have been conventionally added to this 'vibration * f') =
recording phase. By the way, No. 6 is a conventional example in which a six-honeycomb
compensator is used as a core material, and it is a conventional example in which an aluminum
shaft is used to make a double hole Kivl (1 □ bar puff 'B 2-) both pieces All; dio core #FilOJhT "iii
(, a) K7tbi%," Konkaku 1 Jk, "-sheet-like member of the" bon sheet "(21 layers of work, and-these
are slightly built up with an adhesive, and they are M construction . Thus, in such a vibration WJ
machine, both sheet-like members (21 on the upper and lower surfaces (1a) of the core material
11 made of the honeycomb 1a or the core of this honeycomb structure may be used. There is no
one piece of lumber (11, 1141 il fl gm (] b)). A large number of cut last months 131 of the core
material il + is left 1 \ of the hanging suspension in the l1 l l l l surface 11). For this reason, the
above l1IIth1 circumference (lb) is against vibration [2], and it is very unstable. Dwarf Zinjiang
(31 or significantly squeezed, with a large defect that always generates seven. As a method 71 to
suppress the つ き つ き で で 十 十 十 十 十 十 tit]] −]] −]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] (((((. I think a way
to fix it, or in this case, the mass of the transmission gear is not good enough [7 賜 71 D]. Two
core materials and 1. What I used foamy thousand ~ ~ Rumi 委 \ commission @ also on! e In the
same way, since the core of the core material is completely fixed (21 Z + 1 foot, vibration is
opposed), and it is in a non-electrostatic unstable state, the foam polystyrene is processed into
vibration. The core material n [k1 around is broken, so the end is really bad. The present
invention has been devised in view of the above-mentioned 冥 V, and while suppressing the
increase of in Il [181 in 會 as much as possible. It is an attempt to provide everything that has
been able to resolve coughing during the above mentioned attachment. Below this invention?
Application of pi-vibration technique using a honeycomb core material 1.
Example 1 will be described with reference to all drawings. 2 to 4 show a first embodiment Y1.
The pi and s @ un is one-rumi and so on. The top and bottom of the honeycomb I * 4 core
material is a sheet such as aluminum foil or carbon sheet etc. Laminating the cup base material
[2 ° coutco nc) with each other with adhesive agent (7 領 合 栴 栴 栴 栴 栴 栴 Therefore, Tinvention Vc "'C" is a one-sided chest circumference (lla) ic iculate soaking latent agent α 11
attached to one side of tangle plate 11 and attached. For example, those of evo (31-1) xy yarn,
nylon, rubber yarn-are used. [【け, 多, 、 先 41 [41 above i11. Wrap around the surface 1liI (lla)sono g't 'heat 7II] increase, let this bandage adhesive u41 cure. The side circumference (lla) is
fixed by the strip adhesive 114+. In this manner, the large number of cut end pieces U.sub.2 of
the core material .alpha.2 exposed 1 \ remaining around the part surface (ita) are fixed to the
front metal by the strip adhesive 3. And this result is in a very stable state with respect to the
face area (llal is the shooting position, and the frequency vuI +) vibration vt1. Sometimes, the
above-mentioned cut end pieces U-si are squeezed, and there is no such thing as an unusual O
which loses an extraordinary issue all over the magazine. [5 also covers the light leakage 1i of
the above-mentioned 91 broken turtle pieces uj on the above-mentioned Obimatsu miso pickles
1141], and the above-mentioned gutter surface circumference (a number of gaps of 11 and 3
(flowing into Ibl It has not been decided in the one that includes IL. Therefore, using the bandlike fjt layer agent αI gold, the 51-fold stone surface of the vibrating body uD is neglected. In the
figure, it is an edge at t17), and the inner surface (17a) VC of the t face Cl2a) of the rst + ua + un
from the lower face (4) −1 -11. The value of V is 1 according to the adhesion agent. FIG. 5 is a
modification of the second practical example, in which the above-mentioned band adhesive 114
gold is used for this recommendation, fixing of the front memory one surface circumference (lla),
and edge cylinder tt7a of edge 1 + 71). And the adhesion of 7) In this structure l1 jlii 8 (lla) 帯 状
帯 状 u u u u u 一 更 に 十 十 十 素 素 素 素 素 エ 内 内 内 内 内 内 内 内The sword is heated to
burn V-S 欣 L7. In the above-mentioned embodiment e11, 1π is equivalent to 1 11 of the old
yarn 11J of the old yarn 1 of the old yarn 1 lll, and the aluminum foil Apply each of the other
lumber negative dilutions and apply T'LK grade keeping agent l-1- this #!
吠 ’熊 '% f 1i 111-DIi IN range (lla) K wound to make it a disaster is also oj bear. In addition, it
has been mentioned in one vessel with a honeycomb construction 111, but one example is that it
is possible to use it as a core material by using a polystyrene foam container or the like as a core
material, and this polystyrene foam transmission etc. l1I11 (3) A band-shaped additive agent or
rubber (a 511-nl band-shaped member is wound around the same curve to make the mother port
free, and in the next case, the side of the 11111 surface of the foam styro It is possible to prevent
such a thing. Moreover, the vibrator of composite structure said by this invention is not limited to
the thing of the structure mentioned above. In the present invention, since the circumference of
the above-mentioned U [) <of the vibrator of the composite cage structure is 1K, it is better to
wrap it by 1kL and to add 1 by a strip-like subtractive agent or a serrated member. , While
suppressing the skin 1 of the neck of the vibrator as much as possible. It is possible to prevent
the abnormal sound from being generated due to the vibration at the screen chest circumference
and the IJ with it, so that it is possible to outperform the speaker vibrator having a good
characteristics for the temporary characteristics.
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