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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings show an embodiment in which the
present invention is applied to a flat panel type speaker, and FIG. 1 is a front view, FIG. Is an
enlarged cross-sectional view of the main part of the above, and FIG. 4 is an enlarged crosssectional view of the main part showing a modification. -In the reference numerals used in the
drawings, 1 is a diaphragm, 2 is an edge, 13 is a frame, 15 is an edge fixing surface, 16 is a
pressure plate, and 19 is a set screw.
【Detailed description of the invention】 H2N1 book 1, the name of the speaker 1 speaker rigid
W daughter place 2, practical t1 'draft 曾 @ 累 範 嘔 嘔]] 81 mechanical fixed A speaker edge
fixed device configured by pressing and fixing the outer periphery of the hooking edge to the
frame from the presser 8ik by using the same 栴 栴 like に in the frame by the middle crotch. 3,
the draft of the draft l 明 X 案 x ハ draft Hasbika's day work outside of the work place to be fixed
to the frame by a mischievously effective ((77 c speaker 1 'in t! 簾 簾 簾 簾 簾 簾. In the
conventional speaker, the outer periphery of the edge of the vibration transmission is provided
with 101 frames by the auxiliary agent. And this 接 N 作 電 作 悪 い 悪 い 悪 い 悪 い 悪 い. Assembling VC of force speaker's sliding thread, it is miserable at the center winding with the
voice coiled center ball ☆ V at it + V at that time center pole VC) Ill Voiceco '(l (Klv ++, 〆 In
order to determine the position of the one and (', / 2 J 蕩 1' 1-2 I ile, the damper and Ejiteite. By
the way, since it is difficult for the damper to receive a change in shape in material, if it is
positioned by the jig, it is possible to cause centering by causing f'L to be positioned after
removing the jig I. (Because the edge is usually made of foam urethane, fabric, etc., it is easy to
use a deformable phase 5k, so when looking at the outer periphery of this edge in the frame, the
edge is deformed by a fall 1 of 1 \ Body mass easily Then, this deformation causes residual stress
after removal of the jig, and the center joint is broken, which causes a defect in friction per voice
coil (voice coil or center ball such as center ball K). 【In this way, in the method, the
circumference of the edge is once framed in the frame. 【Marito, it is that he removes the above-
mentioned elbow, or does not take ctJ. And especially in the ten-machine-type squisker that the
vibration reliance is cedar-made f in 杉 cedar cedar and long man cedar moth, X11 nature or
very much of the edge of p in the surface direction of 振 WIJ !! Because of jII, Fl 'LI stated 1 \ 蓚
lfi # n Jl i that this edge was deformed at the time of the law ti work. 1) Wait to drive the
vibration 廣 (廣 λ 廣 4 廣) to drive (21: th; to face KL * flat machine type machine speaker,
vibration system assembly vc @ L, so many The center coil with the center ball of the voice coil,
and it is necessary to put out a scratch on the die coil interval fr 1/100 mm, but with a multiple
scratch 1! lI Description 1. Eri is a strange cedar of Etsuji, who has something very difficult to do
with this precision. The present invention was devised in view of the above-mentioned rainbowlike laughing matter, and it is easy to conceal the edge circumference in the frame.
しかも? Providing something that can be fixed at a certain level. The following $ invention fr
was applied, and 4 vibrators were made to abolish the part side. The center Mfft of a so-called
multi-point drive ++ shaped speaker will be described with reference to the drawings. In Fig. 3
and Fig. 3, the vibration system is, for example, a cedar cedar vibrator fi + with force-locking
shape, an edge +21 of 5 fL biting on the outer periphery of the diaphragm 11-and a back surface
of the vibrator li + Each of the four bobbins of voice coil bobbins + 3 + toe, -tn, etc. (31 nl! At @ f
1 f c is performed by an n 罠 voice coil i 41 and its valley bobbins + 31 by an f ぞ f 罠 結合 f 罠
ハ ハ ハ ハ ハ ハ ハ ハ n ’-15 '. In addition, it is possible to remove the divided vibration ふ り to
drive the position of the segment of the foot of the% foot of the 珈 131 G G] plate. The above four
voice coil bobbins [31] have a throat hit at the positions of the four nodes of the division at
movement of the vibration 411 + 111. For example, a plate (7) and a yoke (81). Permanent
magnet (9) and Center Bohr N11 Jt! : Te 11la-Jf'L four magnetic I! l! I 鮎 1ull has
configuration etc. The four magnetic pieces -17sull have IT at l1 with screws or the like at the
back part (laa) of the frame U at pre-N7 + proportion of cn et al. Assembling rCC101 of the tie tie
& yarn, the axis tip one-two-one self ° C ,. Four voice coils + 41 are inserted into each block of
1M dark I between each fiB air [gI Wbull's route (71 and center pole lII #). Next, center the Cf 'L
and the valley voice coil demon 4) on each center ball QIJK. Tamper-(The outer periphery of 51
is framed with frame tlui KIfm etc. Next, with this expansion, four voice coil bobbins (31 on the
swing ThIti 1 '7 are mixed with the voice coil bobbin + 310), and the voice B + I + + is used in the
opposite direction of the balance + 41-遜 1. r 11 Wear it. And finally, this autumn wood frame 8
outside the edge (2) is fixed. At this time, in this speaker, a fixing agent is used to fix one of the
above-mentioned outer rims (2 m) to the above-mentioned frame t1. That is, an edge solid foot
surface ll is formed at a position where the recess is formed at a position along the outer
periphery of the navel tit in the @ surface of the outer peripheral portion (13b) of the frame f
131 to be formed, n.
On the other hand, 4 bars are used for one constant bl, cn et al. 6 holding temporary housings
are equal lengths to each other, and both ends (4sa) of the long plus power times have a sense of
cutting at t'145 °. f. A plurality of screw holes αL are provided at intervals of the FjT foot in the
screw cutting / disassembly rigging solid foot thlu, and a plurality of screw insertions
corresponding to these screw wholesales? L 餞 is provided along the yellow hand sword direction
of the 6 presser work U 憤. As the above-mentioned presser & Q-, for example, extrusion of
aluminum material-71 [11 goods, draw-out processed product, T'i Wq finished product, injection
molded product of plastic material]. -You will use moths. Then, when facing the outer leg im (2a),
the outer edge 8 (2a) (5) 41 is first placed in the free state in the fixed state of the outer edge im
(2). Then, in order to prevent deformation of the edge (22, the outer periphery (2a) of the edge is
clean and flat on the fixed surface u51 with no smoke). Then, in this autumn, four screws are
inserted through each screw for screaming and screaming. [The set screw tttt is inserted into
each bet, and each set screw of crt et al. Screwed on. Do you want to press the 6 clamps
temporarily from the top of the edge (2a) and fix it on the 17 footing surface a? する。 As a
result of O, these four pressers ewK are used to press the outer edge tiil (2a) to one foot surface +
151 of the crown of a tree and to fix it. By adding one edge to the outer periphery (2a) 'i frame U,
the residual stress is totally generated at the edge (2), and the voice coil 141 and the center ball
Qff described above It is absolutely amazing to break the center crush. If there is a defect such as
a solid voice coil on the edge of house 121 in the event of a solid foot VF on the outer edge (2 m)
of the above, please remove the holding rod U from the outer edge of the edge (2a Stretching))
11. After acupuncture. It is only necessary to screw the i + with the setscrew 4 again, and it is
possible to fix the defect of the town after the voice coil. 1) When fixing the above-mentioned
edge periphery (2a), as shown in Fig. 3 (1), a reinforcing ring 3 made of one sheet of paper, cloth
or other material is bonded in advance to the front or back surface of the edge periphery (2a). In
addition to stretching the edge of the edge (2a) to remove the deformation of the edge (2) by $ 9,
the adjustment is very easy to take, and the entire surface of the edge (2a) is etched! There is
1thl of C and C fixed uniformly and fixed on the ik 1 foot surface 1 series. 'One-to-one's ridge @
(22a) (22b) is integrally formed along the width direction m1li (16b) (16c) of the presser foot
t18 Tl hase shown in FIG. -Tension of the sword <228) t-The edge is applied to the solid foot
surface US, the ridge (22b) of the other force is browsed at the rising portion (2b) of the joint 21
and cn and so on. In the middle s of the parts (22a) and (22b), the set screw 11 is screwed and is
And, KL to fix the outside of the edge (7) 1L-: ヱ 2 (2a) with presser housing 8 with such a
structure, In the case of 1 H, the strength in the arrow direction by the lever action
accompanying tightening of set screw 0 By the pressing force "C", the edge J (2 g) of the edge (2)
can be very firmly and strongly pressed and fixed. FIG. 4 shows a modified example of the
pressure plate bending described in [7. Then, in this case, using the flat 1 # -like presser IN + il,
place the presser 5ubl on the outer periphery (2a) of the edge and insert the set screw into the
screw insertion hole-the set screw (Lill gold outer periphery (2a) ) Is inserted into the screw
extension relief hole 4 provided in the section, screwed into the screw hole .alpha.D, and
tightened. It is to be noted that this screw extension through hole with jfiI is of course made into
a hollow hole having an FM diameter larger than the diameter of the set screw σ 罎, as a matter
of course. In the embodiment described above, four blanks * uti are used, and the raw part of the
outer edge (21) is pressed and fixed with this f'L, but the eIl is square! Pre-framed to $.
Alternatively, it is possible to use +8111 1 vcll to hold down the outer rim (2 m) of the edge of
the edge using one frame-shaped pressing piece in a breath form. In the above embodiment, a set
screw is used as a fixing means of the presser plate, but in addition,%, for example, 110% of
removable rivets of bolt rivets, bolt nuts and various spring metal fittings can be removed! It can
be used. The present invention is not limited to the handset type speaker, and is applicable to the
speakers of each other pole structure. 0) The function * efttit m 'M' j 'GKL j, 7 Because it is a mat
to hold and fix the outer circumference of the work in a free state with the frame by means of a
press machine fixed to the frame by means of a press machine. Compared with the conventional
method of cleaning with glue, the processability is further enhanced. [2] Since the outer cylinder
of the edge can be fixed in the 7-reed state, the residual mental force is generated at all by the
edge of the edge, and the center coil between the voice coil and the center ball is not broken at
all . Furthermore, if there is a defect such as a voice coil per 7C, it is possible to easily repair + 9
+ robbery 'V 11 141 if IL and rL. Therefore, it is very easy to add the edge circumference to the
frame very easily, and only 1% to the tree top. Believe in speaker WaX! There is an advantage
that can improve the J-type and greatly reduce the production cost.
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