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Description 1 Title of Invention
Out-of-band localization headphones
Detailed Description of the Invention The invention relates to a headphone pre-rental out-of-head
localization device that provides a listener with a natural sense of reproduction of sound. In the
natural environment, the listener is known as the binaural effect, in the component of the sound
received by both ears, the phase difference C time difference between right and left direct sound)
and the intensity difference, the direction of the sound source Determines the distance of the
sound source に よ っ て, but when ordinary stereo sound sources other than pinaural recordings
are reproduced by ordinary headphones, the necessary indirect sound component is not given, so
the sense of distance is O and the sound image is a head Because of the localization inside and
the lack of an appropriate phase relationship between the left and right direct sounds, there is a
drawback that a sense of oppression or mental fatigue due to an unnatural feeling of
reproduction is produced. For this reason, conventionally, there has been a method of electrically
combining the crosstalk component and the indirect sound component of direct sound for the
purpose of localizing the sound image in headphones out of the head and reproducing it, but all
frequencies from low to high The rounding of the sound waves in the same way equally without
delay and all the same time requires complex electrical equipment. According to the present
invention, the direct sound and the indirect sound similar to those received by both ears in the
natural environment are physically generated in the headphone and the binaural effect can be
obtained regardless of the electrical delay system. It is. EndPage: 1 In order to distinguish the
direct sound and indirect sound that the auditory nerve cross talks from among the sound
components that reach both the sound source and the sound source in the natural environment,
both are the same waveform. In addition, there is a very slight phase difference (time difference)
and an intensity difference due to the difference in distance between the sound source and both
earlobes between the left and right direct sounds, and the indirect sound has a large phase
difference and intensity compared to the direct sound. A difference is considered as a necessary
condition. Therefore, according to the present invention, the left and right headphones are
provided with K speakers connected so as to make crosstalk with the Ko sound power source at a
distance before and after, respectively, and sound waves emitted from these speakers go straight
ahead and It is configured to reach, generate a pair of direct sound that cross talks with phase
difference and intensity difference between right and left same waveform and right and left, and
further fractionate part of this direct sound to the air chamber for indirect FIG. 1 is a soundimage outside-head localization headphone characterized in that natural sound reproduction
feeling can be obtained by generating a sound, and the present invention will be described in
detail by the illustrated embodiment. As shown in Fig. 9, a cylindrical rod consisting of a funnelshaped purchased part-and an annular air chamber 3 is protrusively provided in the headphone
body l, and a small hole having a diameter smaller than the diameter of the funnel on the main
body And a speaker hole 6 below the That.
Then, a front speaker and a rear speaker t are respectively attached to the back of the speaker
one hole and the end of the cylinder body. R / R is a dish-shaped net to create space in the body /
front, 10 is a headphone housing, //, // is an opening for releasing the sound on the back of both
speakers, i, y, ip Is a net, 1S is an ear bat, and 6 is a headband. The above-mentioned
configuration is the same on the left and right, and the speakers are connected to each other as
shown in FIG. In the figure, 71 and tl indicate front and rear speakers of the other side
headphones, respectively. With this configuration, according to this headphone, the sound wave
from the left (right) front speaker, 7 'directly reaches the left (right) ear, but at the same time the
left (right) rear speaker t, t' The same sound wave emitted from the small hole 5 is delayed by the
time to travel straight through the distance of the cylinder, and reaches the opposite ear
respectively, so it has the necessary phase difference and intensity difference between the left
and right, and the same waveform You will get a set of crosstalking direct sounds that keep
Further, a part of the sound wave which has traveled in the cylinder e is diffracted in the air
chamber 3 and mixed with the direct sound as an indirect sound component having a phase
difference further delayed from the above direct sound, and again small holes! Each reaches both
ears. On the other hand, a part of the sound wave emitted from the loudspeaker and 7 'also
enters the air chamber 3 through the small hole 3 and is diffracted to be small hole again! In the
sound wave which comes out, it mixes as a sound wave with a phase lag, and this also acts as an
indirect sound component. In the present embodiment, when the length of the cylinder is formed
to be 60 mm, the same sound wave as the sound wave of the front speaker is always given to the
ear on the opposite side of the cross) -i-c with a delay of about .theta..theta. Seconds. When the
sound source is at a position of approximately 300 meters diagonal to the front of the listener,
the difference in distance between the sound source and both ears is approximately 40, so
according to this headphone Direct and indirect sounds are given to the listener substantially the
same as in a room where one speaker is listened to. A necessary sound pressure level can be
obtained depending on the size of the aperture of the small hole S as the intensity difference
between the left and right direct sound. In this way, the direct sound is about '/! When there is a
time difference (phase difference) of about htoo seconds, if the Ko sound power supply / 7
outputs the same sound signal, the sound wave in the high region from & t00H2 cancels each
other and causes high attenuation phenomenon, but As shown, the same high cut filter circuit 1 /
l 'is provided in the circuits of the rear speakers t and t', and this phenomenon is completely
prevented by cutting only the high range out of the rear speakers t and t '. However, since the
direction discrimination in the high range does not depend on the phase difference, it does not
affect the binaural effect KU.
According to the headphones of the present invention, as described above, the listener is placed
diagonally forward in the room (a sound component almost similar to a state of listening to a
stereo by one speaker is given to both ears, Completely localized outside the head, and based on
the unnatural feeling caused by the localization of the sound image in the head as in the
conventional headphone with a conventional structure <EndPage: 2 without pressure and mental
fatigue As well as being able to obtain a natural sense of reproduction, it is possible to obtain a
very good reproduction sound very close to the original sound, and since it is sealed, it is not
bothered by external sounds. And these effects do not require any complicated electrical delay
synthesizer, as the book is obtained by the structure of the individual speakers and the
headphone body. Brief description of the etiological side shows an embodiment of the sound
image extraoral localization headphone according to the present invention, FIG. 7 is a cross
sectional view thereof, and the first view is a rear oblique view, with right and left same structure.
Show only one side from. FIG. 3 is a wiring diagram, and FIG. 3 is a wiring diagram in which a
high cut filter is provided in the rear speaker circuit. / ... headphone body, the co ... funnel-shaped
through-part, 3 ... annular air chamber, Ri ... cylinder,! · · Small hole, 611 · speaker hole, 7 · O
front speaker, j · · · rear speaker, de · plate-like nets) / / 1 l) · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · , / I, /', 15 @. Iko
sound power source, tt, tt '..-high cut filter circuit. Patent Assignee President 1) Kei U Uchi 2 End
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