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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of the speaker
diaphragm of the present invention and a method of manufacturing the same, and FIG. 2 is an
enlarged view of the main part of the same. The reference numeral 3 is corn paper, 1 is an
irregular yarn paint for forming a film, and 4 is a waterproof film.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a speaker diaphragm having a waterproof film. Conventionally, paper (corn paper) is usually
used as the diaphragm base of the imaging plate for the speaker, and deformation and
characteristic deterioration due to moisture absorption are prevented in the cone paper of the
speaker used outdoors or in a humid place Waterproof treatment is applied for the purpose. This
waterproof structure has a structure in which corn paper is impregnated or coated with a
synthetic resin such as epoxy resin or phenol resin, but such a structure can be used for
individual pieces of corn paper such as rigidity, density, acoustic loss, etc. The sound input-tosound characteristics are greatly degraded and deteriorated, and the mass of the cone J7 sheet /
a22 paper increases to deteriorate the acoustic activity rate. In addition, there is a structure that
strengthens the sizing or is impregnated with a water repellant, and this can provide a temporary
waterproofing effect, but the waterproofing effect against long-term use under high humidity or
rain water is not sufficient. The The present invention is an improvement of such a conventional
defect and is characterized in that it has a structure in which a waterproof coating is formed on
both sides of corn paper by spraying a coating composition random yarn paint in the form of fine
fibers. . Hereinafter, an embodiment will be described with reference to the drawings. A corn
paper paper-formed by a conventionally known method is prepared, and waterproof coatings are
formed on both sides of the corn paper through the following steps. I, a coating for forming a
coating film of a roving yarn (underlayer) (1) For example, 100 parts by weight of "Fuji Ni Shia"
(trade name: manufactured by Inubashi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.) diluted with 40 parts of
dilution liquid (nner) After diluting with 100 parts by weight, using a spray gun (2) with a gun
diameter of 1.5 to 3%, compressed air A is injected into a fine fiber shape from a distance of
about 100 pots, and 3 cones of paper (3) The surface is sprayed and attached to form an
underlayer. The coating process of the roving is for increasing the adhesion of the filmconstituting yarn coating (1) to the surface of the corn paper (3), and may be omitted if
necessary. ■ Paint the fine yarn of the coating composition random yarn paint (1) to the
waterproof layer (4) by forming a large number of fine fibers of the coat-constituting random
yarn paint (1) on the ground layer In addition, it is a process of giving a thickness to the film so
as to be a constant film. After diluting 100 parts by weight of a yarn coating (+) for film
formation with 80 to 200 parts by weight of a diluting solution (gutter), spray in the form of fine
fibers at a short distance of 20 to 30 cs + with a spray gun (2). Spray onto the surface of the
formation to form a waterproof coating (4) of constant thickness. ■ The waterproof film (4) is
formed only by the painting of the top layer of fine yarn (intermediate layer), but it is more
waterproof enough, and its surface is smoothed like leather. It is a process to make the
appearance, and may be omitted if necessary.
After diluting 100 parts by weight of the coating composition random yarn paint (1) with diluted
ti and 150 to 250 parts by weight, spray in the form of fine fibers from a short distance of about
204 and spray on the surface of the intermediate layer Then, the coating process of the more Fl],
[111, [Il [] to form the top layer is U-C, to form a waterproof film (4) on both sides of the corn
paper (3). ■。 After drying, it is completed by drying under the condition of 600C × 20 minutes
(hot air drying). Here, a polyurethane-based paint that has the property of being spray-painted
into fine fibers by spraying with a spray gun is used as a coating for forming yarns, but the same
waterproofness can be achieved with, for example, vinyl chloride-based paint or paint. Film is
formed. In this way, the coating composition forming random yarn paint (1) is coated with roving
yarn (underlayer), fine yarn (intermediate layer), and top layer on both sides of the co-paper (3)
and then it is fine fibrous Since the waterproof coating (4) is formed by adhering to the above,
the waterproofing process is extremely simplified. That is to say, after diluting the coating
composition forming yarn coating (1) with respect to the waterproof structure by impregnation
and coating of the conventional synthetic tree 1, the spray coating (2) is used to spray the
waterproof coating (4 ), The coating process is extremely simple, the workability is good, the
quality is uniform, and the mass productivity is excellent. In addition, since the weight of the
waterproof film (4) is about y3 as compared with the amount of impregnation and coating of the
conventional synthetic resin, the increase in the diaphragm weight is minimized, and hence the
acoustic activity rate decreases. Less is. Furthermore, since the polyurethane-based paint, which
is a yarn coating for forming a film, retains its characteristics at normal temperature even at a
low temperature of minus 30 ': 1 C, there is almost no degradation due to changes in
temperature. Furthermore, since the waterproof film (4) is formed by adhering to the surfacesurface of the fine fibers without being deeply penetrated between the fibers of the corn paper
and (3), six pieces of corn paper (3) Yes The acoustic properties are not altered, the cone film (3)
is soft, the acoustic loss is imparted to the waterproof film (4), and it acts as a so-called
composite diaphragm and has excellent acoustic characteristics Thus, a speaker diaphragm is
obtained. As described above, the present invention is characterized in that the waterproof
coating (4) is formed by spraying the double-layered paint for film construction (1) on both sides
of the cone paper (3), so that the acoustic characteristics are excellent. Not only that, it is easy to
work with, has uniform quality, and has practical advantages of being highly productive.
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