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Description 1, the title of the invention
3 、 Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention electrically detects the vibration
of the diaphragm, and fully automatically controls the drive voltage of the magnetic circuit
according to the acceleration of the vibration, whereby the vibration of the diaphragm with
respect to the drive voltage is An MFB (motional feed back) speaker system that improves
linearity by using multiple magnetic circuits to drive multiple points of a multi-motion board by
1% magnetic circuits. It relates to the system vc. Conventionally, (1) a detection bobbin is
connected to the tip of the voice coil bobbin, and this detection bobbin is extended to the agile
side of the diaphragm (voice coil bobbin and facing up) and detected at the tip of the detection
bobbin The coil is wound, and a detection magnet is urged around the outer circumference of the
detection coil to detect a voltage induced along with the vibration of the detection coil which
vibrates along with the voice coil, and based on this, the driving voltage of the magnetic circuit
Control to be automatically controlled. (The sound of the vibration of the voice coil in the
structure of the whistle while making seven; it is to produce, and the vibration of the diaphragm
itself is direct cedar! Forces that do not come out, tracking of the detection voltage (detection
signal) to the vibration of the vibrating plate 1 becomes inaccurate. Since the detection coil has a
structure facing the voice coil, accurate detection can not be performed under the influence of
the external magnetic flux leakage of the drive magnet of the magnetic circuit and the voice coil.
In order to avoid the fL, the detection bobbin must be long enough (and the detection coil must
be sufficiently separated from the voice coil, but as the detection bobbin is longer, the more
accurate the vibration can not be transmitted V There are contradictory flaws that say that Ii
drops. Furthermore, in the structure in which the detection means is disposed on the front side of
the diaphragm with 191 EndPage: 1, the shape of the speaker is greatly restricted, and there is
also a defect that wiring for the detection coil has a problem. On the other hand, in the
conventional multi-point drive type speaker system, since the distance between the diaphragm
and the damper is very short, the braking force against the rotation of the diaphragm is very
weak. For this reason, the variation in driving force of a plurality of magnetic circuits. Variations
in stiffness (rigidity, rigidity, etc.) and compliances of suspension structure parts such as dampers
and edges, effects of radiation impedance such as reflected waves of acoustic waves from floors
and walls, etc., edges and voice coil bobbins And due to variations in the weight balance of the
diaphragm caused by variations in the thickness of the adhesive layer when bonding a part of the
damper. There was a defect that the diaphragm was prone to rotational vibration during driving.
The present invention is a nineteenth invention in view of the above-mentioned UD problem, and
extremely accurate detection of the vibration of the diaphragm. Provided is one that can
simultaneously perform reliable prevention of rotational vibration of a diaphragm [21]. An
embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a four-point flat plate speaker system of
a four-point '# movement type will be described based on the drawings. 1 and 2 show an
embodiment of the present invention. First, the vibration system is, for example, a square-shaped,
flat plate-shaped diaphragm U having a honeycomb sandwich structure and adhesively attached
to the outer periphery of the diaphragm + IIJ. With out the edge α2. The four voice coil bobbins
attached to the back surface of the diaphragm [11, the four voice coil rods wound around the
respective voice coil hobins cato, and the respective voice coil bobbins (the dampers 54 ) And
consists of Note that, by driving the position of the node of the specific divided vibration of the
diaphragm, 分割, the divided vibration can be removed. Because of the characteristics of the 9
multipoint drive system, the above four voice coil bobbins (13 [are attached to the position of the
four nodes of the divisional fluoroscopic motion of the vibration class by bonding. On the other
hand, the drive system is, for example, a plate (one barrel and a yoke α mark. It is constituted by
four magnetic circuits (22) K of the Alnico inner magnetic type without external bundle leakage
which is constituted by the permanent magnet C20) and the center pole. The four magnetic
circuits @ are screwed to the back side of the back surface (24a) portion of the frame 041
having, for example, a square shape at the portions of these respective plates σ8. In the abovementioned vibration system, first, the four voice coils (14) are inserted in an annular gap (251 in
each of the magnetic circuits .quadrature. There is. And each of the dampers (several rings of the
outer ring 151 are attached to each of the dampers 20, each of the damper rings @ is screwed to
the front face side of the rear portion (24a) of the frame 24I. It is stopped. The outer periphery of
the edge σ2 is pressed by a plurality of clamps (5) each screwed In to the front side of the outer
periphery (24b) of the frame (2b) and the outer periphery (24b) of the frame It is fixed. The
vibrational root is vibrated by the fact that the four magnetic circuits (c) are driven at the same
time k. By the way, for example, at the back surface of the diaphragm (111, the connecting
member L29 is bonded at a right angle to the center position (113 portion). In this case, an inner
wall-shaped bobbin Q is used as a connector, 訃 and its length is K which is sufficiently longer
than the voice coil hovin (131.
The free end (29a) of this connector is supported by the support means 6 '. In this case, damper
C3 is used as a support means (3). Then, the damper (321 is adhered to the circumferential
surface of the bobbin ω at its inner peripheral portion, and its outer peripheral portion is
adhered to a damper ring (d). In addition, the damper ring 03 is f screwed with the magnetic
circuit (ring support C 34 screwed to the yoke α 3 portion of 221 or the frame portion).
However, the distance h (lx) between the free end (29a) of the connector 2 and the diaphragm
(11) supported by the support means C3J) K is supported by the voice coil bobbins (131) The
distance (11) Ir) between each of the supported dampers σ5) and the diaphragm συ is also set
sufficiently long. In the speaker system configured as described above, n is converted into
rotational displacement in the direction of arrow a or b in FIG. 2 of one diaphragm α11,
horizontal displacement vibration in the direction of arrow C of the connector EndPage: 2 motion
It is possible to reliably prevent the rotational vibration of the damper (the vibration damping
force of the damper because it is effectively braked by the center holding force of the 321) which
constitutes the support means O. The longer the distance [12] is, the stronger the center
retention force is 9. It becomes possible to brake the rotational vibration more effectively.
Therefore, in the present invention, detection means for electrically detecting vibration b 'of the
diaphragm in the 0 MFB system is attached to the above-mentioned pregnancy (the connector 39
in the structured speaker system). That is, in this moving coil type detection means t43
consisting of a detection coil (old detection coil), a detection magnet 4z, and VCX] the outer
periphery of the example of the bobbin which constitutes a combination of its detection coil
(moving coil) in K Wound around. The detection magnet i4z has an annular shape, and is
disposed on the outer periphery of the detection coil via a predetermined gap (44), and the frame
(screws are fixed to the back surface (24a) of the frame) Attached to the body + 451 is nine. It is
also surprising that the detection coil 1 is connected to the MFB system circuit. As described
above, in the configuration of the MFB speaker system, the detection coil 141) is used to detect
the freeness of the coupling body 9) which is vibrated by the vibration plate 01). Because of this,
the tracking of the detection voltage (detection signal) with respect to the vibration of the
diaphragm (the vibration of the 11+ can be directly detected and the vibration root) is very
Also, detection coil 141 + #a? Since the air circuit (arranged sufficiently apart from the voice coil
Q41 of 22i), it is hardly affected by the external magnetic flux leakage of the permanent magnet
1 of the magnetic circuit @ and the voice coil. Therefore, the automatic control of the drive
voltage of the magnetic circuit C 221 based on the detection of the band movement of the
vibration temporary housing by the detection coil (41) can be performed following the vibration
of the diaphragm (11) very accurately. Since the first detection means 瞥 can be disposed on the
diaphragm (on the back surface portion 11 of 111), there is little restriction on the shape of the
speaker, and wiring to the detection coil 1 is also very easy. Particularly in this embodiment,
since the detection means +431 is disposed between the support means C3U and the vibration @
αυ, the mounting position and vibration root circumference of the connection Pf 29+ to which
this detection means 3 is attached Thus, the vibration of the diaphragm (l) can be transmitted to
the detection coil 1) positively by making the length g (/ s) between them very large. Since the
diaphragm U in this embodiment has a honeycomb sandwich structure and has a very high
rigidity for preventing the zero division vibration. The vibration plate (ill's vibration is accurately
transmitted to the detection coil. In addition, the swing circuit (in this embodiment, the detection
coil sail is an Alnico internal magnet type without external magnetic flux leakage) of this
embodiment accurately detects the vibration of the diaphragm (11). FIG. 3 shows the second
embodiment 91 J ffi. In this case, the coupling body (g) is extended further rearward (the
opposite side to the diaphragm) of the support means 31z, o, and the detection means (a ring is
attached to the extension end (29b) of the coupling body (29). It is attached as described above.
In this case, the detection coil [411'e can be further sufficiently separated from the voice coil
(14) and the permanent magnet (20) of the magnetic circuit @, thereby further reducing the
adverse effect of the above. Can do. As described above in connection with the embodiments of
the present invention, the structures, shapes, etc. of the connector and its supporting means
referred to in the present invention are not limited to those shown in the embodiments. , Can be
changed in shape. 1's connection point of the connecting body to the diaphragm (l) l. The central
position (Pl) K of the diaphragm συ can be changed to an effective place without limitation, and
the force / girder or the coupling body and the supporting means (three υ are provided at a
plurality of locations, thereby the diaphragm U It is also possible to change to support multiple
points of "T". In addition, in the embodiment, MFB, a moving coil type is shown as a detection
means of the system, but it can be changed to detection means of various effective structures and
shapes such as, for example, a variable capacitance type and a photodiode.
The present invention can simultaneously perform the above-described scissors (very accurate
detection of vibration of the diaphragm and reliable prevention of rotational vibration of the
diaphragm, so that the acoustic characteristics of the speaker can be remarkably improved. . The
combination body is a dual purpose dual member to obtain the above two effects. The reduction
of the number of parts and the simplification of the structure are planned.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 'IU shows an embodiment of the present invention.
EndPage: 3 FIG. 1U is a plan view of the first embodiment, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view Wj of
FIG. 1 and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the second embodiment. Also in the reference
numerals used in the drawings. (111.............. ... Support means (43)... Agent Kaiya Katsu Iisaka
Ikusaka Hiromu Matsuyama-Aq Ku EndPage: 4
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