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■ Three-dimensional recording and reproducing method and its device App. No. Sho 49-2112
[Co., Ltd.] Japanese Patent Application No. 44-34946 [Co., Ltd.] Application $ 4 (1969) May 8 @
Inventor Kamiya [phase] Agent patent attorney Nakano (The applicant is ready for assignment or
licensing. [Phase] Japanese Patent Publication No. 35-12416 (JP, B1) Japanese Patent
Publication No. 9-16821 (JP, Bl) Japanese Utility Model Publication No. 39-8106 (JP, Yl) Radio
Technology Vol. 17, No. 6, No. 38.6, 1 page 131 Radio Technology Co., Ltd. issued
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially enlarged perspective view of a part
of a recording disc used in the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a partially cut perspective view of
a state where a cartridge is taken out of a pickup.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a method and
apparatus for three-dimensional recording and reproduction. The sound effects of the
conventional recording and reproduction methods have no change in the sense of sound in the
case of monaural such as monaural, and the sound effects are far superior to those of the oneway method as those of stereo such as stereo. (However, this stereo binary system has an
acoustic effect that spreads horizontally, and there is no stereoscopic sense as vertical in the
sound. The first and second original recordings, and the multiple recording reproduction of the
reproduction method and more depend on the recording tape or the film. In the relationship
between the conventional stereo system and [111111], that is, the 45-45 system needle and
sound groove for recording and reproduction, the two types of recording and reproduction
vibration elements are each at an angle of 45 ° with respect to the center of the record groove.
It is known to be recorded or reproduced on the two faces having a difference. According to the
present invention, in the conventional 45-45 recording and reproduction, the third sound, which
is a third sound, is incorporated and recorded and reproduced, and in the case of recording, three
microphones or integer multiples thereof are used. Each is disposed at the position of each vertex
of an isosceles triangle or an equilateral triangle on a vertical plane facing the sound source, the
sound emitted from the sound source is collected by each microphone, and the waveforms of the
first and second sounds are Recording the waveform of the third sound in the recording /
reproducing remanence layer provided below the sound groove of the recording disk, recording
the sound waveform of the third sound on the recording surface of the two mutually angular
surfaces of the cross section of the sound groove of the record disk; Three types of sound
recorded on one record board are separately transmitted from three speakers arranged at the
apex of the triangle of the same or similar shape of the microphone, or an integer multiple
thereof, and emitted from each speaker The three-dimensional sound is reproduced by
synthesizing the sound. The present invention will be described in detail with reference to the
drawings. FIG. 1 shows a record board used in the present invention, in which a layer of magnetic
material called remanence layer 2 is provided between ceramic 1 on the surface and
antimagnetic layer 4. The residual magnetic layer 2 and the magnetic shield layer 4 are bonded
with an adhesive 3. Also, the pickup head T and the cartridge 8 shown in FIG. 2 are set and used
as a pickup for reproduction. When the cartridge 8 is described, the tip of the needle holder 10
inside the cartridge 8 is a needle 9 Is attached. . Then, the reproducing coil 12 is wound around
the magnetic rad 11 so as to be positioned above the needle holder 10, and the front end of the
bed 11 is bent downward and suspended in front of the needle 9. The head 11 is slightly floated
above the needle holder 10 and attached to the armature 13 so that the needle holder 10 and the
reproduction coil 12 of the head 11 do not contact each other.
In the case of recording and reproduction, using the relationship between a conventional stereo
system, that is, a 45-45 system needle and a sound groove [111111] EndPage: 1; record board
provided with a residual magnetic layer 2 as shown in FIG. , And the pickup head 1 of FIG. 2 is
set to record and reproduce. When recording on a record board provided with the residual
magnetic layer 2 of the present invention, from the sound source with three microphones or
integer multiples thereof, in which the conventional 45-45 recording method is disposed at each
vertex position of the triangle. The sound that has been emitted is recorded respectively, and
electrical waves are converted into mechanical vibration into a matrix by the signals of the first
sound and the second sound from the microphones at the two apexes of the triangle, and the left
and right recordings of the sound groove 5 are made with a cutter. Record on face 6. The third
sound recorded by the microphone at one other vertex is tape recorded at the same time as
recording ( With a cutter, the same mother mold as the conventional stereo record in which the
first and twentieth sound grooves are made can be die-pressed and a record can be made, but
this is because the first and second original sounds are 45-45 It was mechanically recorded by a
cutter on the sound groove. Tape recording on the remnant layer 2 of FIG. 1 (1) using the pickup
in which the pickup head 1 and cartridge 8 of FIG. 2 are further set in the sound groove
mechanically recorded by the 45-45 system The third sound is magnetically changed to the tip of
the magnetic head 11 of the cartridge 8 of FIG. 2, and the magnetism is recorded on the
remanence layer 2 of the record board of FIG. The playback needle is attached to the sound
groove 5 already recorded as the sound groove 6, the third sound is recorded, the playback
current of the tape is amplified, and the playback coil 12 is spaced from the tip of the flow needle
9 The third sound is magnetically changed from the left and right recording surfaces 6 of the
sound groove 5 of the ceramic 1 to the remanent layer 2 in the lower part of the ceramic by
generating magnetism adapted to the third sound at the tip of the magnetic head 11. Record and
record magnetically in remnant layer 2 Climb can be as a phonograph records. At the time of
three-dimensional three-dimensional recording reproduction with this record board, if the
reproduction needle 9 of the pickup in which the pickup head 7 and the cartridge 8 of FIG. 2 are
set is placed in the record groove 5, the center of the record groove 5 The reproducing needle 9
vibrates to reproduce the first and second sounds from the left and right recording surfaces 6
and 6. Further, the tip of the magnetic head 11 is attached to the tip 9 of the needle holder 10 at
a distance from the tip 9 of the needle holder 10 according to the playback needle 9 with a gap.
Because there is a magnetic oyster that is magnetically recorded on the residual magnetic layer 2
at the tip of the magnetic head 11 in the same manner as at the time of recording, the third
sound is magnetically reproduced from the residual magnetic layer 2 of FIG. .
Therefore, by arranging three speakers or integer multiples of the speakers at the position of the
triangle of the same or similar shape of the microphone and making the first to third sounds
from each speaker, By synthesizing the emitted sound, it is possible to reproduce a threedimensional sound spreading in the vertical and horizontal directions. According to the present
invention, the first and second sounds are recorded and reproduced on the record board by
mechanical vibration of the needle, and the third sound is magnetically recorded and reproduced.
The three-dimensional sound can be accurately recorded and reproduced without interference
between the two sounds and the third sound. Also, by attaching the magnetic head 11 to the
cartridge 8 by restricting the relative position with the needle 9, the needle 9 becomes a spacer
and the magnetic head is above the sound groove with the same conditions as at the time of
recording according to the vibration of the needle. Because the sound recorded in the residual
magnetic layer 2 can be reproduced while moving up and down reversibly at the same time and
the needle and the magnetic head are separate, the reproduction sound from the magnetic head
is the reproduction sound from the mechanical recording surface as described above. And
interference with each other, and moreover, it is hardly affected by abrasion of the needle or
groove. Moreover, since the magnetic head is not in contact with the sound groove, the wear of
the head can be prevented. It should be noted that the recording disc according to the present
invention is different from the conventional stereo (when the pickup for stereo is used usually), it
can be used. As described above, the present invention uses the record in which the recording /
reproducing residual magnetic layer is provided under the stereo sound groove and the pickup in
which the magnetic recording / reproducing head is provided in proximity to the stereo needle. It
has the effect of being able to do this without causing interference, independently of stereo
recording with grooves, reproduction and magnetic recording and reproduction. Furthermore,
according to the present invention, in addition to being used as a three-dimensional threedimensional sound recording and reproducing method, recording and reproduction by
magnetism can be performed as many times as necessary.
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