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Description / Invention Pickup cartridge ム A moving magnet type cartridge in which a
magnetosensitive element is disposed around a magnet that is attached to a cantilever and
vibrates in a cartridge body, and a material type magnetosensitive element 4 is disposed as the
magnetosensitive element And the small battery 5 is incorporated in the cartridge main body as
an operation power source of the material type magnetosensitive device, and the output voltage
of the small battery is applied to the input terminal of each material type magnetosensitive
device. Pickup cartridge for reproduction.
C. Claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention, the vibration of a magnet
(permanent magnet) attached to a cartridge attached to a pickup for reproducing the sound
recorded in the sound groove of the record, in particular a cantilever, is changed by a
magnetosensitive element as a voltage change. An object of the present invention is to provide a
cartridge of a moving magnet type to be taken out with a simplified structure and easy
attachment to a pickup and no variation in characteristics. A moving coil type cartridge is a
magnetosensitive element composed of a coil disposed on the periphery of an armature (magnet)
which is supported by the proximal end of a cantilever introduced into the cartridge body and
vibrates according to the wave of the recording sound groove. Although it was extracted as a
voltage change, the present invention abolishes the use of a conventional coil as the
magnetosensitive element, and it is possible to use nickel, cobalt ferromagnetic thin film, barium,
arsenic phosphorus film, magnetosensitive ceramic, etc. Magnetosensitive elements (hereinafter
referred to as “material type magnetosensitive materials made of materials using
magnetosensitive materials. "Element" is used in place of the conventional coil. These material
type magnetosensitive elements require a power supply for operation, and the present invention
is also characterized in that the operation power supply is built in the cartridge main body. The
present invention will be described below based on the attached drawings. FIG. 1 shows an
external view of an example of a cartridge 1 according to the present invention, wherein 10 is a
cartridge main body EndPage: 1; 11 is a force for supporting a cantilever 12 having a tip 13
attached to its tip; And is detachably mounted to the cartridge body. An output terminal 16
doubles as a mounting leg to the tone arm. The rear end of the cantilever 12 is introduced into
the car and the carriage main body 10 as shown in FIG. 2, and the magnet (armature) 2 is
supported at its front end. Reference numeral 14 denotes a magnet casing made of a
nonmagnetic material, and 15 denotes a braking element. These configurations can be used as
they are in the conventional device. The magnet casing 14 serves as a hook for mounting the
cantilever support 11 and the cartridge body. An element holder 3 has a through hole 31 for
penetrating the magnet 2 as apparent in FIG. 3 and is supported along a plane substantially
perpendicular to the axis of the magnet at a position where the displacement of the magnet can
be easily detected. . In the element holding body, the material type magnetosensitive element 4
described with reference to FIGS. 4 to 6 is held, and in the illustrated cartridge shown as a
cartridge for stereo reproduction, the element holding body 3 is provided. , Four
magnetosensitive elements 4a, 4b as schematically shown in FIG.
Support 4c and 4d. FIGS. 4 to 6 show the above-mentioned nickel as an example of the material
type magnetosensitive element 4 (common to 4a to 4d). This is an example of the configuration
of a magnetosensitive element made of a cobalt ferromagnetic thin film, and two portions 40a,
40b in which nickel and cobalt ferromagnetic thin films, which are the magnetosensitive
material, are parallelly arranged in different directions in a flat main body 41. Three connection
terminals 42a, 42b and 42c are led out. This element is, as shown in FIG. 6, the terminal 42b
derived from the middle between the two parts 40a and 40b in the different directions by
applying full voltage of the operating power supply 45 to the terminals 42a and 42c
corresponding to both ends of the material. A signal output is taken out from an output terminal
43. 44 configured by the terminal 42a. The cartridge of the present invention is characterized in
that a small battery 5 serving as a power supply for supplying the above-mentioned operating
voltage is built in an appropriate space in the cartridge main body 10. In the embodiment of FIG.
2, the pocket 6 is provided in the space on the element holder to support the small battery 5. The
battery 5 used as a power supply uses a commercially available silver battery, a mercury battery,
or the like. The battery and the input terminals 42a and 42c of the plurality of material type
magnetosensitive elements 4a to 4d are connected in parallel or in series, respectively, and
connection means between them is a well-known technology, so detailed description will be
omitted. Further, needless to say, one of the output terminals 43 and 44 of each element is
separately connected to the output terminal 16 of the cartridge, and the other is connected to the
ground, but this means is also based on a known technique, so the description is omitted. . In the
cartridge of the present invention configured as described above, it is possible to easily obtain a
material-type magnetic sensing element to be used that has extremely small variations in
characteristics and has almost no deviation in directional sensitivity ratio in all directions. In
addition to the advantage of providing a product with constant performance, since the magnetsensitive element used has a simple outer surface structure as shown in FIG. When the element
holding body having the through holes 31 is formed of a plastic resin or the like, it can be
extremely easily formed into a holding body of a predetermined shape by forming the element as
an insert member, etc. There is an effect that a uniform product having high performance can be
provided at low cost. Furthermore, since the cartridge of the present invention accommodates
the operation power supply of the element in the cartridge, it can be used for mounting on a tone
arm having only a circuit for normal output signal without any need for extra work. is there.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an enlarged perspective view showing an
example of a cartridge embodying the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing
an example of a main part of the cartridge, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a front view of the body, FIG. 4 is an
enlarged plan view showing an example of a nickel-cobalt film type magnetic sensor, FIG. 5 is an
explanatory view of the principle thereof, and FIG. 1 = cartridge, 10 = force-triple main body, 2 =
magnet, 3 = element holder, 4 = material type magnetosensitive element, 5 = small battery.
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