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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a portion of a vibrator
showing a first embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a cone-shaped speaker,
and FIG. 2 is a diagram showing a second embodiment of the present invention. FIGS. 3 and 4 are
partial perspective views of a vibrating body showing third and fourth embodiments,
respectively, and FIGS. 5 and 6 are fifth and sixth views when applied to a dome-shaped speaker,
respectively. It is a partial perspective view of the vibrating body which shows a 6th Example. In
the reference numerals used in the drawings, 1 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Core material, 495 иии Skin
covering material is there. и Fig. 3 ? '64 J /'-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of a
vibrator used in a speaker or the like. In general, in the case of a speaker, in order to support the
imaging plate on the frame, the peripheral edge portion of the diaphragm is added so as to be
supported via an edge. As such an edge, there are conventionally known free edges in which a
moving plate and an edge are separately provided and fixed edges in which a diaphragm and an
edge are integrally formed. The material of the edge in the free edge is, for example, a resin foam,
cloth ten damping agent and wax, (1) l-? f 2, a plastic film, etc. -The one having is selected. On
the other hand, as a material of the diaphragm, a company, paper, metal, resin, composite charge
etc. B / ? (non-elastic side 10 large material is selected. The vibration plate-ot sound
characteristics and the audibility are determined by the shape and the material of the diaphragm,
but since the material with low density and high rigidity is selected as the material KII for q #, it
is rapid at the time of split resonance Peaks and dips may occur, and sharp peaks may occur at
high resonance frequency fIL numbers, resulting in peculiar inherent juice (coloration) 1generated paper, and the roughness in the decomposition layer is noticeable, which is unpleasant
on hearing. Become. Conventionally, in order to solve these problems, the diaphragm is given an
appropriate internal loss, or secondarily, a damping material is given, or various methods are
taken. 1 + In this free edge, the effect of the adhesive that stretches the diaphragm and the edge
is also large. On the other hand, in the case of the flexible storage, the diaphragm material also
needs to function as an edge, so one with low compliance is selected. Be There is a problem such
as distortion (2) from the low sampling width, and a valley in the middle region being more likely
to occur, as the defined low frequency cast frequency rises. The present invention solves the
above-mentioned gap of the free-edge diaphragm and the fixed-edge lift-plate, and provides a
one-to-one integration. The front and back of the lifting surface portion of the diaphragm with
the fixed-edge is highly inelastic It is something which is covered with the material which
possesses strength. Hereinafter, an example of the present invention applied to a speaker will be
described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 shows a first embodiment in which the present
invention is applied to a cone-shaped speaker. 0 An imaging body according to the present
invention (11 is a vibration of a cone-shaped core (3) integrally provided with an edge + 21 ve)
Apply surface material + 41 + 51 to the surface of the surface, and make this Wl @ surface as a /
German bi-structure? It has a basic structure. In the figure, (6) is a voice coil and (7) is a coil
Core materials (for example, Ureta /, vinyl chloride, ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer, olefins /
system, rubber, etc. II! @ Foam, cotton, natural, synthetic fibers, etc., rubber-based, elastomers,
terraxcus (3), etc., damping agents such as 7Ju, and Niro 7, plasticized vinyl acetate acetate,
DAO% TAC, etc. 1) It is selected to have a suitable elasticity and flexibility ti- and a large internal
loss. As the surface material + 41 + 51, a light weight and elastic modulus dove metal such as
aluminum, beryllium, titano, magnesium and the like is selected. The following method is
mentioned as a bonding method of a core agent (3) and surface material +41 (5+). Direct thermal
compression bonding or self-fusion of il +, core material (3) and skin material + 41 + 51 и Since
this method does not use adhesive, weight of the vibrating body il + can be reduced. (2) When
using foam as core material (3), seal at edge 12), but this filler can be effectively used as an
adhesive 5 (3), core material 13) or A heat fusion type anchor coat tS is previously applied to the
surface of the skin material 14 ++ 51. Next, a concrete example of the dyeing method of the
object 1 (1) will be described. Yarn rate as core agent 13): 6 О 10 'N /, /, 300 F /, /. With a foam
urethane foam (4) ^ having an internal loss = Im? = 0.17, heat pressing is performed to a
thickness of 0.51 to 1 ffl under a heat treatment. As a surface material f41 f51, an aluminum foil
having a thickness of 50 sfll is used as a surface material, and in advance, Bori coats a heat-seal
adhesive having a thickness of 10 to 20 seconds. An am body (1) can be obtained by overlapping
on the front and back of the aluminum WMt core material 131 and heat pressing at 160 ░ C. to
180 ░ C. for about 1 minute. In foam urethane t press molding, aluminum foils may be stacked
on one sheet and simultaneously molded. According to the vibrating body (1) of the present
invention, the above-mentioned tl'It I problem which has been caused due to the low density and
high rigidity of the conventional free edge vibrating plate can be obtained by providing internal
loss from the core material (3). It dances with strange improvement. The advantages of the free
edge and the fixed edge are improved by reinforcing the both sides of the core material 13) with
the surface material 14 + 151 by reinforcing the above-mentioned period @ which is caused by
the low cop You can get a moving body that has the advantages of the edge and you can get it.
(5) $ 112 @ A% B shows the second embodiment.
In the diaphragm, the m-wave transmitted from the voice coil and the oscillating wave reflected
by the edge collide near the boundary between the edge and the vibration @IIm, and a node of
his face is generated in the vicinity, This causes valleys to occur in the midrange. This
embodiment solves @ during this time, but note that the surface material (4) or 15) in the vicinity
of the surface of Fuji's surface 121 (# 2), BK shown in Fig. 2 is longer than the other. Only a short
length, this length 10 part is a canapжpe structure. Thus, by making the vicinity of the edge (2)
into a canapжpe structure, the way of transmission of the imaging lens changes in this part, so
generation of imaging-wave nodes can be suppressed and the valley in the mid region can be
suppressed. . FIG. 3 shows an embodiment of @ 3. In order to obtain the same effect as the
second embodiment, in the present embodiment, a plurality of fan-shaped holes 181 'as shown in
the surface material (4). It is 4tIk. These holes (8) may be provided on the surface material 151K,
or may be provided on both of the surface material + 41151, and the shape of the hole (8) is not
limited to a fan shape, and may be circular, triangular or I49 square. It may be provided in the
form of a pattern of 16) FIG. 114 shows the forty-fifth embodiment, in which holes (9) of fanshaped (or other shape towns) are provided in core material +31 to reduce weight of core
material illC. . FIG. 5 shows a fifth example of the case where the present invention is suitable for
the dome-shaped vibrator (1), and the parts corresponding to FIG. 1 are given the same reference
numerals. Figure 6 is oblique ifllls II? The dome-shaped vibrating body (1) having K is an
example of @ 6 in the case where the present invention is applied. и As shown in Fig. 2 in the
image * body (1) of Figs. 5 and 6 described above. In addition, a hole (8) may be provided on the
surface material + 41 + 51 as shown in FIGS. 3 and 4 or a surface material + 41 + 51K hole (as
shown in FIGS. 3 and 4). T) may be provided, or holes (9) may be provided in the core material
(3). The present invention has a cone or dome shape, an edge portion integrally formed around
the periphery, and a core material made of a material having a predetermined inelastic strength
change and internal loss, and vibration of this core material. The invention relates to a vibrator
which is laminated on both the front and back sides of the surface and which is composed of a
low density and high rigidity metal layer. Therefore, according to the present invention, it is
possible to solve the above-mentioned problems in the conventional free edge and fixed edge,
and to be able to outperform shooting with a large amount of internal loss while being bird rigid.
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