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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a cross section σ of a cone of a
conventional broadband speaker, and FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of the present invention. 11 ...
cone, 2 ... corrugation, 3 ... edge, 4 ... voice coil, 5 ... central cone, 6 ... peripheral cone.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the construction
of a cone characterized by having a wide band speaker with low sound pressure characteristics
and withstanding adulthood. The cone of this conventional wide band loudspeaker has a uniform
thickness. Then, as shown in the f #-diagram of FIG. 1, the split ice mr is suppressed due to the
corrugation 72 formed on each part of the core 71, so that the peak dip of the sound pressure
lWf characteristic hardly occurs. ○ But this ri! It was effective only for a fixed frequency and
lacked sufficient broadband. Furthermore, the shape of the cone 1 is a paracurved coil of good
characteristics in the pigeon region −7 / −7 · ′ ′ −1 −1 − − (a morning sun shape), and
the cone peripheral portion is a flat portion because it is close to a plane, ) Bending strength is
weak. Therefore, since the distortion sound is easily generated at adulthood and the reverse
resonance of the edge 3 is easily received, the characteristics of the midrange are deteriorated.
The present invention is proposed to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks.
Therefore, in the present invention, a cone having a thin and large Young's modulus near the
center of the cone, and a thickness t increasing continuously as it goes to the periphery of the
cone is used. As a result, it is possible to provide a wide-range speaker km which can withstand a
large input with little noise in the sound pressure characteristic. Next, an embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. The t # I view τ of the cone
of the broadband loudspeaker according to the invention VC is shown in FIG. A loudspeaker
according to an embodiment of the present invention is connected to a voice coil 41 placed in a
magnetic field and a cone center 5. Coke / 1 increases its thickness continuously from its center
s5 and extends from the center s5 to the cone peripheral portion 6 continued to the same kind D
edge 3) 12). The voice coil 4 receives a force of electromagnetic induction by a magnetic field
when an electric power is applied, and drives the cone 1. And in the low to mid range, the whole
meat makes even-VC piston vibration in the low to mid range, and the cone peripheral part 6 has
a large thickness and the internal loss is appropriately large for the reverse coincidence point of
the edge 3 It is less receptive, so the characteristic 9 /) is smaller. Next, in the middle to high
range, the driving force from the voice coil 4 is hardly transmitted to # 1 because the internal
loss of the cone peripheral portion 6Vc is large, and the divided oscillation is suppressed.
Therefore, peak dip points on the voltage characteristics are less likely to occur. The change in
thickness D between the vicinity of the center s5 of the core / 1 and the peripheral part 6 is: I! !
The above-mentioned counting is performed over a wide range because it is continuous.
In history, the central part 5 of the cone is thin and strong in the area of the central part 5 of the
cone in the history, so that 11jj can be expanded on the noble zone more than in the
conventional case, and the directivity characteristic is also improved. In the present invention, as
described above, in the case of one wide band speaker, nine cones, the thickness +31 of the cone
near the setter is thinned so that the thickness of the cone can be thickened by going near the
periphery. If the structure of the loss is large, the sound pressure characteristic can be reduced to
less than in the conventional case, and the distortion τ can be reduced even if the power is
increased. In addition, the present invention can be adopted not only to a shifgul-cone type
broadband speaker but also to a squawker or tweeter. If one means for realizing a cone suitable
for the present invention is mentioned, it is preferable to use a periphery of VC when pressing a
cone [-non-press, a part of the center to be a press, and a semi-press to an intermediate if1 of
both]. In this way, it becomes a forging mouth ■ 籠 with one kind of corn material. The 11th M +
shows a cross-sectional view of the cone of the conventional J) wide #f range speaker, and the
second bad shows an embodiment of the present invention. 1 ... code 7.2 ..... Korukenshin, 3 .....
perilla /, 4 voice coil, 5 ... cone center, out utility model registered nurses Tsu 6 ... cone periphery
-People ψ F Japan vl L 株式会社 Ltd. l! 44 roles e back-part 14) 2 Figure 1 /. Fig. 2 Fig. 1 = 1-·
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(3) Application copy 1 copy 5 Other inventions , Utility model registration applicant (1) inventor
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