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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are partial sectional views of the
diaphragm of the present invention. 1 is a hollow carbon body, 2 is a high elastic modulus fiber,
and 3 is a heat-susceptible resin.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of an
imaging plate for speakers. Conventionally, as a material having a large internal loss and a high
Young's modulus of a cone-shaped imaging plate for a speaker, a fiber imaging plate made of
paper pulp is generally used, and a cavity is provided in the fiber layer to form a layer. Thicken,
reduce specific gravity to give a stiff vinegar, and heat or dry naturally without pressing the
vibrating part at the time of molding, bulk /-"h Kuni 2 over, suitable JiO) internal loss There was
a speaker diaphragm for obtaining. In addition, crows, incruss, etc .: Synthetic resin hollow bodies
such as mineral mid-graded body or epoquino decoction-hydrogenated vinyl ml fat and natural
pulp fibers are mixed in a special method, and they are heat-formed and impregnated into 1
synthetic lIW solution It is also known that O) to heat and cure to obtain a diaphragm for a
speaker. Although the passenger has a small exit and can obtain a thick diaphragm of fiber F-, the
contact between the natural pulp fibers is insufficient and the hydrogen bond between the
cocoons which is a feature of the natural pulp fiber is There is a defect that the light becomes a
non-light component and the Young's modulus decreases as compared with the heat-pressed
diaphragm. In the latter case, a hollow is provided in the diaphragm layer by means of a hollow
body or a synthetic resin body to thicken the layer and at the same time, a natural pulp fiber and
the above hollow body and a synthetic resin intervene between them. Although the structure is
sufficient, in general, in the process of dispersing natural pulp fibers and the above-mentioned
hollow bodies in water and making a paper by netting, the hollow bodies stop stirring at a group
having an apparent specific gravity smaller than water). At the stage of transition to the paper
making process, the hollow body floats up in the upper layer of the paper making tank, and the
natural pulp is deposited in the lower layer, so that the paper can not be made with 3 layers of
natural pulp fiber and hollow body. -) The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned
drawbacks (It is intended to explain the embodiment shown in the drawings.) The hollow carbon
body 1 is dipped in an electroless nickel or chrome plating solution in advance and appropriately
heated. The nickel or chrome plating solution is stirred, and the carbon hollow extracorporeal
subsurface is nickel or chrome plated to provide compressive strength. A carbon hollow body 1
made of nickel or chromium only on the outer peripheral surface or a carbon hollow body 1
made of nickel or chromium on the outer peripheral surface and a high elastic modulus fiber 2
such as carbon fiber, aromatic polyamide 1 fiber or glass fiber The mixture is mixed with one
epoxy resin / phenol resin / thermosetting resin 3 and injected into an injection molding die or
compression molded for bonding to obtain a diaphragm for a speaker. FIG. 1 is a partial analysis
surface of an imaging moving plate composed of a carbon hollow body 1 and a thermosetting
resin 3;
A is a carbon hollow body 1 and a high impact rate 2. FIG. 6 is a partial four-section crosssectional view of a diaphragm made of a thermosetting resin 3; Since the diaphragm of the
present invention has the above-mentioned structure, the thermosetting resin 3 and the carbon
hollow body 1 or the thermosetting resin 3, the carbon hollow body 1 and the high elastic
modulus fiber 2 are injected at the stage of injection into the mold. Is kneaded while heating and
melting-the outer peripheral surface of the hollow carbon body is reinforced with nickel plating
so that it is fully mixed and shaped without being broken. Therefore, a hollow book is secured in
the layer of the diaphragm, the thickness is increased, the rigidity is high, and high elasticity is
obtained in FIG. In the present invention (as described above d, by applying nickel plating to the
outer peripheral surface of the hollow carbon body, the pressing strength is constantly increased,
and only the hollow carbon body plated with nickel or chromium on the outer peripheral surface
or the carbon hollow body 1 and high elasticity The mixture of the ratio 4 and the fiber 2 is
combined with the thermosetting resin (3), and it is imparted with high rigidity, high elasticity,
and internal internal loss by the image moving plate for the speaker which makes one injection
molding or compression molding It is an effective device.
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