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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of the present invention, in which 9 is a main part of corn paper, 10 is an annular Vshaped groove, and 11 is an edge.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is to bond corn paper and its tip 4
of the edge by using grooves of corn paper by fixing it with a groove of corn paper, give rigidity
to the part and give distortion + due to corn paper and edge. It relates to the blocked sneakers.
The conventional slider is formed of a soft material such as cloth or rubber 9 foam collapsing or
the like in the outer paper of corn paper for the purpose of extending the low range by lowering
the minimum common area number. Although the thick part t structurally small rigid part is
fixedly joined and used, the cone paper and the edge are extremely weak against bending at this
fixed joint part, and this causes the cone paper and processing (1) Two ('5' FS resonance causes
resonance and anti-resonance, and deterioration of the Suura-fusa registerability in the midsurface range of the speaker is a cause of increased distortion. In order to ameliorate the abovementioned drawbacks, the contact surface and the edge portion of the corn paper and the edge
are treated with a damping agent such as hiss colloid to have a loss, but such a method makes it
possible to In addition, the efficiency was lowered, and the disturbance of the frequency
characteristic was newly found. According to the present invention, the junction between the
corn paper and the edge is stiffened in a lump, and this action prevents the lateral deflection by
bending the neck from the junction between the corn paper and the edge to the junction between
the edge and the frame. In the following, an example in which the above-mentioned drawbacks
are improved will be described. fl) the speaker's yoke, (the center hole integrated with this yoke,
(31t! Permanent magnet, (4) is a plate, (5) is a frame fixed to this plate, (6) is a voice coil, (7) is a
spider that supports this Heus coil and prevents lateral digging (8 J is a dust key ( 2) Canopy, (9)
is the main part of corn paper, Q [) is a rigid groove of the invention integrally formed with this
corn paper, and (ii) is an adhesive with the edge of the edge in this groove In the United States,
there is a role to prevent the lateral run-out t and to give the strength in a fixed and cyclic
manner. As described above, the proposed sneaker has no resonance caused by the bending aS
movement caused by the junction between the cone paper and the ENO /, and the frequency
characteristics are also reduced, the distortion is significantly reduced, and the work efficiency is
reduced. The practical effect is very large because the shape is easy and the bottom shape is not
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