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Details 1. Title of invention
Shooting board for speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a flame retardant
speaker diaphragm. Recently, with the increase of input power, it has become particularly
required to make the speaker diaphragm incombustible or incombustible. Although there are
speaker diaphragms using non-combustible materials or deflagration materials conventionally,
natural cellulose or regenerated cellulose is most preferable in that the diaphragms have various
characteristics required. However, since these are flammable, recently, 7 ′ ′ L et al., A 1h
moving plate for a speaker which has been treated to increase or absorb a gestational agent by a
moving plate main body mainly made of a cellulose system. The foundation is being proposed
(e.g., Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 50-84231). In such a diaphragm, cellulose fibers
are considered to be a specific inorganic gold compound in the flame retardant having a
decomposition temperature higher than the flame temperature, and the organic halogen
compound in the flame retardant is thermally treated. It decomposes to generate noncombustible
gas such as brom gas and chlorine gas, and continuously breaks air and cellulose fiber with
noncombustible gas to try to achieve flame retardancy. In these diaphragms, the purpose of
achieving flame retardancy will be achieved, but to obtain appropriate rigidity as a support plate,
to achieve @quantification, and further i. Future solutions exist in that it is equipped with other
properties as a plate. EndPage: It is an object of the present invention to further enhance the
flame retardancy and to provide an imaging plate for a speaker which is stiff and vaguely
obscured. Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be described based on the
drawings. In the figure, 1 is a corn paper main body, and 2 is a flame retardant layer formed on
one side or both sides of the corn paper main body 1. The flame retardant used here is a mixture
of an acrylic resin solution and a mixed solution of vinyl chloride / vinyl borate copolymer with
an antimony compound, and an inorganic hollow body such as pearlite or shirasu balloon mixed
therein. It is. Examples of the above-mentioned antimony compounds include antimony trioxide,
antimony trichloride, antimony pentachloride and the like. In order to improve the transparency
of the flame retardant no to opaqueness, titanium oxide may be mixed. An example of the
composition of the flame retardant is shown below. Acrylic system, known + i ¥ 1.55 parts vinyl
chloride / vinyl borate copolymer 1 part by weight antimony trioxide 0.1 part by weight perlite
0, 5 a 1 part 1 titanium 2 borides; The flame retardant in the present example was selected from
the following four types of a-1, a-'l, a-3 and a-4 shown below for the acrylic resin solution in the
above composition. A coating agent b-10it5; pMa4 conventionally and generally used was
prepared separately from this flame retardant.
a-1 paraloid A-11 (o-m & hearth t: j: 'N) a-2 paraloid B-99 (manufactured by Rohm & Haas Co.) a3 Joncryl 67 (Johnson Wax Company) a-4 paraloid B-66 (o-m4 "-y, company Jul: CAB 551-2
(made by Dow Chemical Co.) = 1 1 b-i nitrocellulose based lacquer (4309; made by Isamuratsuka
Co.) and vinyl vinyl chloride / vinyl acetate co-weight Denkalac 21M (manufactured by '1 Kagaku
Co., Ltd.) was used for combination, and Perlite FM (manufactured by Sanbetsu Metal Mining Co.,
Ltd.) was used for perlite. The above-mentioned flame retardant is applied to Genji using a
coating paper of a single-sided open-loop VC 5 of ordinary printing paper (A4 size), and samples
A-1, A-2, A-3, A- 4 and B-1 were created. The film thickness of each sample was as follows. The
experimental results for each of the above samples are as follows. (1) Touch-to-touch drying time
A-190 seconds A-290 seconds A-390 seconds A-4120 seconds 5 until application of the flame
retardant at normal temperature (30 ° C) until the sample is piled up -1 ′ ′ (-11 (15 seconds
(2) flame test test pieces obtained by cutting each sample into 12 crn, crystal 1.7 cln, flame
retardant agent layer down) I did. The temperature in the test room was 30 degrees. Although
each sample finally burns, it may be extinguished by releasing the flame even when the paper
portion is carbonized before the flame is ignited in the paper portion, and so-called selfextinguishing may be performed. confirmed. The differences in burning time (time from flame
contact to carbonization) with each sample were as follows. A-150 ± 3 sec A-241 ± 3 sec A-344
± 3 sec A-437 ± 3 sec B-431 ± 3 sec (3) Hardness test and density of the dried coating film By
the self-weight bending method of JIS, P8143 rc Test method of stiffness (R? Hardness). crl L
"stiffness (-) = lower 006-EndPage: 2 where L is extended to the bottom) storage (n = 3) density
of dry side 1 coat film density A-1116, 70, 73A-2106, 50, 57A -3107, 90, 57A-4129, 80, 74B188, 71, 35 uncoated paper 106.5-Next, among the above-mentioned flame retardants, a-1, a-2 =
r-n paper It coated, and obtained diaphragm A'-1 and A'-2. Base corn paper was coated with
either a-1 or a-2 4V. The specific gravity of the base corn paper is about 0.55 to 0.5, which is
significantly higher than that of the jJi4 moving plate B-'1 obtained by applying the above a-1
and a-2 to the corn paper. It turned out that it is improved and it is 4 excellent in other physical
properties, such as longitudinal wave propagation speed etc.
The opacity was also good. According to the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, it is a
matter of course that the self-extinguishing action can be achieved by blocking the transmission
plate main body and the outside air by the noncombustible gas generated from the flame
retardant by heat, shiras balloon The inorganic hollow body of the temple makes it possible to
achieve thermal insulation and extremely non-combustibility, and the presence of the inorganic
hollow body makes it possible to make the flame retardant layer sufficiently thick to obtain
desired rigidity and light weight. It is most suitable as a flammable ceramic diaphragm.
4 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the i% moving plate for a speaker
according to the present invention. ■ · · Diaphragm main body, 2 · · · · · flame retardant layer
patent applicant Trio Co., Ltd. Yodogawa Paper Co., Ltd., Ifr agent patent attorney attorney
Uchigo EndPage: 3
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