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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing a general
speaker, FIG. 2 is a half sectional view showing one embodiment of the speaker diaphragm of the
present invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a sound pressure frequency characteristic diagram of a
speaker using the speaker diaphragm of the prior art and the present invention. 13 ...... voice coil
coupling unit, 14 ...... metal foil, 15 ... ... synthetic resin layer, 16 ... ... metal diaphragm, 17 .....・
Paper-made diaphragm.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention has a metal diaphragm
provided with a synthetic resin layer on the surface at the central portion to which voice coils are
coupled, and a paper-made diaphragm made of pulp or the like is disposed at the extension of
this metal diaphragm. The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm configured as
described above. In general, as shown in FIG. 1, the speaker is connected to a magnetic slot 5
composed of a plate 2 having a center pole 1, a ring-shaped magnet 3 and a ring-shaped upper
plate 4 as shown in FIG. The peripheral portion of the diaphragm 8 is adhesively bonded to the
peripheral portion of the frame 6 together with the gasket 7, the voice coil 9 is connected to the
central portion of the diaphragm 8, and the intermediate portion of the voice coil 9 is held by the
damper 10. The lower portion of the voice coil 9 is not eccentric to the magnetic gap 11 of the
magnetic circuit 6 (inset, and a dust cap 12 is attached to the central upper surface of the
diaphragm 8). In such a speaker, the diaphragm 8 is often made of paper pulp, but such a
diaphragm 8 is in a non-uniform paper-making state due to the dispersion at the time of
papermaking, and the vibration surface thickness, The vibrational surface density becomes
uneven, and in particular, the dimensional variation of the connection portion with the voice coil
9 is large. Therefore, when the speaker is used, the characteristic has a large amount of
distortion. Moreover, since the pulp diaphragm 8 has a low specific elastic modulus, it is inferior
to the high frequency characteristic also as the sound pressure frequency characteristic as shown
by the broken line in FIG. The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks. An embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. 2
and 3 of the present invention. That is, as shown in FIGS. 2 and 3, the diaphragm portion 8 for a
speaker according to the present invention has a synthetic resin layer 15 formed on a metal foil
14 such as aluminum at the central portion having the coupling portion 13 with the voice coil 9.
A material-made diaphragm 17 is formed into a funnel shape, and a cone made by forming a
fiber such as pulp on the extension of the cone portion of the metal diaphragm 16 is disposed.
ing. That is, the speaker diaphragm 8 according to the present invention is formed of the metal
diaphragm 16 at the center and the paper-made diaphragm 17 at the peripheral portion. The
metal diaphragm 16 and the sheet-made diaphragm 17 melt and bond the synthetic resin layer
15 formed on the surface of the metal foil 14 at the time of heat pressing after the sheet-forming
of the sheet-made diaphragm 17. The metal vibrating plate 16 is formed by applying a synthetic
resin layer 16 of about 5 to 2 ° :: 5 to the surface direction of a metal foil 14 of 50 μm or less
such as aluminum or titanium; The slippage between the synthetic resin layer 15 or the molding
die and the metal foil 14 is made favorable during this molding to improve the moldability and to
prevent the occurrence of cracks or the like in the metal foil 14.
Therefore, deep drawing is also possible, and the dimensions of the connecting portion 13 with
the voice coil 9 can be made stable. The sound pressure frequency characteristic of the speaker
using the speaker diaphragm configured in this way can be excellent in high frequency as shown
by the solid line in FIG. As described above, since the speaker diaphragm of the present invention
is configured, the connecting portion with the voice coil is a metal diaphragm, so that the size is
stable. With the amount of adhesive intervened and constant (the characteristic as a speaker can
be stabilized and the specific elastic modulus is high, so it can be excellent in the high region, and
the heat generated by the voice coil can be made of this metal Since the heat can be dissipated by
the diaphragm, it has an advantage of being able to have excellent input resistance, etc., and is of
great practical value.
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