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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 are schematic views of a
diaphragm for a speaker according to the present invention. 1 is near the top, 2 is the dome
except for the top, 3 is a member, 4 is a stratum.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of a
diaphragm for a dome-like speaker. In the past, in order to reduce the steep resonance peak near
the high frequency range limit of the diaphragm for dome-like speaker, it has been made to stick
a viscous material such as butyl rubber on the top of the dome part or it becomes extremely
heavy. There is either a defect that diminishes, and one that has not been identified as a uniform
property has either a cocoon appearance or a copious defect. One-character aX The present
invention was devised to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks. Referring to the embodiment
shown in the drawings, FIGS. 1 and 2 show porosity near the top of the dome. 30% or more
plastic sintered porous body is formed in an enlarged shape, and the dome portion (2) excluding
the top vicinity (1) is formed into a thin plate shape from a plastic sintered porous body number
having a porosity of 10% or less The outer peripheral part of the dome part is formed into an
annular corrugation part, the outer peripheral part is formed into an annular deflection part,
carbon, aromatic polyamide fiber, metal on both sides or one side of the dome part (2) except the
entire dome part or top vicinity (1) It is a diaphragm for a dome-shaped speaker on which a
member such as a foil (3) is attached and formed. Since the present invention is structured as
described above, it absorbs the abnormal vibration mode near the top of the three domes and
reduces the sharp resonance peak near the high frequency band limit frequency. Moreover, since
the member (3) is made of a material such as a Young's modulus or a thick (selecting a material
having a density ratio, the plastic sintered porous body or the loss pressure cut is large and
lightweight, the high frequency range limit frequency is extended to It may be spread and cause
a drop in efficiency (a good frequency characteristic can be obtained.
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