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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are cross-sectional views of the main
part of a conventional speaker, and FIG. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Speaker frame, 1a ...
horizontal surface, 1C ... protrusion, 2 ... cone paper, 2a ... periphery of cone paper, 4 ... bis, 5 ...
1st resin Ring, 6 ... second resin ring.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, l = L for the speaker, and
a decorative ringer attached to the periphery of the speaker frame, which also serves as a gasket.
Conventionally, with one speaker, shown in Figure 1 // f? Place the periphery 2 & of the cone
paper 2 on the horizontal surface 1a of the sea urchin speaker frame 1, lay the gasket 3 made of
paper etc. on top of it, and tighten these with screws 4 I was trying to attach it. However, in this
case, since the paper gasket 3 appears as it is to the outside, the appearance is degraded and the
quality of the speaker is degraded. In order to solve this problem, as shown in FIG. 2, it is also
known to integrally form a projection 1b having a predetermined width on the outer periphery of
the speaker frame 1 and use it as the projection 1bi ornament . However, in this case also, since
the paper-made gas deficit node 3 still appears outside, the appearance does not change and the
quality is not greatly improved. Moreover, in this case, since the speaker frame as shown in FIG.
1 which has been conventionally used can not be used, it becomes a factor of cost increase such
as having to newly form a mold. In addition, a gap is generated between the outer periphery of
the gasket 3 and the inner periphery of the projection 1b-, and this gap is shifted. This also
degrades the appearance. The present invention provides a speaker which solves such
conventional problems. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to FIG. In FIG. 3, a speaker frame 1 has the same shape as that of FIG. A first resin ring
5 integrally molded with side oil such as polystyrene is placed on the horizontal direction 1a of
the speaker frame 1 with the periphery 2a of the cone paper 2 being held, and the groove 5a
provided on the back surface is a protrusion The throat is fitted in a state fitted to Article 1C. On
the other hand, reference numeral 6 is a second resin ring having a substantially r-shaped cross
section, more specifically, a blood clot formed in a substantially r shape. For example, extrusion
molding of aluminum foil on the surface h It is made up of 4 items, etc. The second resin ring 6
covers a part of the front surface of the first resin ring 6 and the outer peripheral surface in a
state where the protrusion 6 a is inserted into the − groove 6 b of the first four-side ring 5. Is
attached to 4 In this configuration, the first resin ring 5 functions as a gasket, and the entire
periphery of the speaker frame 1 is covered with a resin molded product, so that the
conventional paper gasket Th1i is used as compared with the case. Can make the appearance
remarkably beautiful.
In addition, the first one. As the second resin ring 6.6 is made to have different colors and
patterns from each other, it is possible to make it remarkably dipped in terms of decorativeness.
Of course, when aluminum foil is coated on the surface of the second resin ring 6 as in this
embodiment, it is also effective to form a fine parallel line pattern called a so-called hairline on
the surface of the aluminum foil. Further, as in this embodiment, if the groove 5a is formed on
the back surface of the first resin ring 5 and this groove 6a is fitted to the ridge 1C of the speaker
frame 1, the conventional speaker frame is used as it is Therefore, the cost is also advantageous,
and no gap is generated between the speaker frame 1 and the ridges 1C. As described above, the
present invention achieves both the function of the gasket and the function of the decorative
plate by throating two resin rings around the periphery of the speaker frame. The beauty of the
speaker can be enhanced.
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