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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic circuit diagram showing an
example in which a graphic equalizer with a noise generator according to the present invention is
applied to sound quality adjustment of a stereo device. 2.4 ... input terminal, 6, 8 ... input switch,
10 ░ 30 ... speaker, 12-1-12-2. ииииииииии 12-n, 32-1.32-2. ... 32-n... иииииииииииииии, 14-n, 34-1. 34-2 ░ и и и и и
и и-34-n ииииииии Band switch, 16-1. 16-2 ░ и и и и 16-n, 36-1. -36-52. ... 36-n. ииииииии 20-n, 40-1.
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии и
Electro-acoustic transducers, 42... Noise generators, 44.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a graph ink
equalizer with a noise generator. In general, use of audio equipment such as stereo equipment V?
C If you want to change the listening room or get desired acoustic characteristics, play music
using a suitable music source, and adjust the left and right balance adjustment volume adjuster
attached to the equalizer by hearing The circuit constants of the tone controller were all adjusted.
In this way, the method of adjusting by hearing is time consuming for adjustment, and it is
difficult to make suitable adjustment. In addition to inappropriate adjustment methods depending
on the sense of hearing, adjustment methods using a measuring device such as a noise generator
or a sound pressure level meter are conventionally known from (2)-<. However, there is a
disadvantage that the use of a measuring instrument is indispensable and the lack of
convenience. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the present invention is to provide a
graphic 7 equalizer with a noise generator which can make quick and easy tone adjustment while
eliminating the need for tone adjustment based on audibility using mu-nonxos. Further, the gist
of the invention is that the input side is connected to the input terminal of all the signals from
Music North and the band pass filter having a predetermined bandwidth 1 and the latter stage of
the filter are connected to the speaker and the speaker In an equalizer in which a predetermined
number of series circuits with variable resistors connected in parallel are connected in parallel, a
noise generator for generating all noise signals, a noise generator connected between the input
terminal and the filter And (3) an input switch for selectively applying a noise signal from the
noise generator or a signal from the input terminal to the filter, and a connection between the
input switch and the filter. A band switch for transmitting or blocking a signal from the input
switch to the filter, and a variable resistor following the filter An electro-acoustic transducer for
electro-acoustic conversion of the signal of the previous stage, and between each filter and each
variable resistor, the signal from the filter being the variable resistor or the electro-acoustic
transducer A noise generator equipped graph ink equalizer is characterized in that it comprises a
tuning switch for selectively applying to the converter. Hereinafter, the present invention will be
described based on examples with reference to the drawings. The attached drawing is a
schematic circuit diagram showing an apparatus according to the present invention. In the figure,
the signals from the record player or the FM player or the tape recorder are received, and each of
the R input terminals 2 and 4 is an L channel man-power switch 6 and an R switch (4) channel
input switch 8 It is connected to the.
Between the switch 6 and the L-channel speaker 10, first to n-th L-channel band pass filters 12-1
░ 12-2 connected in parallel. .., 12-n are provided, and each filter is connected to the band
switch 14-1.1.4-2. ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии 14-n and variable resistor 16-1 ░ 16-2. ----, 16-n are
provided. Each variable resistor 16-1. 16.-2, ... ?. The signal from 16-n is output from the output
terminal 100 and applied to the speaker 10 through the output amplifier 18. Further, the output
side of each filter is connected to the amplifier 22 through the adjustment switch 20-1.20-2 ░,
fist, + 2O-nk. The output terminal 24 receiving the output of the amplifier 22 is connected to the
electroacoustic transducer 26. Similarly, between the switch 8 and the R channel speaker 30,
first to nth (5) R channel band pass filters 32-1 to 32-2. ? и и и 32-n are connected in parallel.
And, on the switch 8 side of each filter, band switches 34-1. 34-2, @ ... 34-n are provided, and on
the speaker 30 side, the variable resistor 36-1. 36-2 ,... 36-n, the output of which is output from
the output terminal 101 and applied to the speaker 30 via the output amplifier 38. In addition,
filters 32-1 and 32-2. ... 32-n are adjustment switches 40-1.40-2. ????? 40-n are connected
to the amplifier 22. Furthermore, a noise generator 42 connected to the switch 6.8 is provided.
Next, the operation of the apparatus of this embodiment having the above configuration will be
described. In the conventional device, an input signal of an appropriate music form is applied to
the terminals 2 and 4 and the reproduction generated from the speaker 10.30 is listened to (6),
and the listener 44 receives the variable resistor 16-1. 16-2. .... 16-n and 36-1.36-2. ...-, 36-n was
operated to adjust the sound quality. In the device of this embodiment, when the listener 44
performs sound quality adjustment, first, the input switches 6 and 8 are switched to the noise
generator 42 side and the output is applied to each filter. In the present invention, a white noise
generator may be used as the noise generator 42 or a pink noise generator may be used.
However, in the former case, the bandwidths f and ~ fo of the first to n-th filters, respectively. f2fl + "" + fn-fn -1 between f,-f. It is desirable that the relationship of = f-f-=-░░ --fn-fnt holds, and
in the latter case f2-fl'3-f2fn-fn, + f, -for, -f And fn ? + ? fn?2 are preferably established. Next,
band switch 14-1.14-2. и и и и и и и и и и 14-n and 34-1.34-(7) 2 и и и и и и 34-n, closing the switch 14-1
and opening the remaining switches, the noise generator F of the output signal from 42. The
frequency components up to fl are added to the electroacoustic transducer 26 via the amplifier
22. At this time, the adjustment switch 20-1 is switched to the amplifier 22 side. In this
embodiment, the adjustment switches 20-1.20-2, .phi., .., 20-n and 40-1.40-2, ..., 40-n ' The
switch 46 is used. Then, the listener 44 listens to the output level or the sound pressure level as
the electroacoustic transducer 26 by, for example, a full circle of a headphone. The
electroacoustic transducer 26 preferably has a flat wave number characteristic. Next, the
interlock switch 46 is switched to the all variable resistor side. Then, through the speaker 10, the
electric signal of the noise generator 42 is generated at a sound pressure level which is
electroacoustically converted. Here, the listener 44 adjusts the variable resistor 16-1'i so that the
sound of the level corresponding to the sound pressure level (8) ', 11' by the Hend horn 26 is
emitted from the speaker 0 and is false. Hereinafter, the band switch 14-2.14-3 ..... 34-n are
sequentially closed, and adjustment is performed in each of the first to n-th bands of the L
channel and the R channel according to the above-described method, and each variable resistor
20-2.20-3 is adjusted. ░@11+111.20-n, 40-1. @ Eas. Set 40-n to the preferred value. After
completion of the adjustment, the input cask 6.8 is switched to the input terminals 2 and 4 side,
and the band switch 14-1.1.4-2. и Close all @ fist, 14-n, and 34-1.34-2, 5eas, 34-n, and further
adjust the switch 20-1.20-2. memo, 20-n, and 40-1.40-2. --- ---, all of 40-n are switched to the
variable resistor side, and it is good as normal circuit connection.
According to the one-character-one-invention, the sound quality adjustment can be performed
quickly and appropriately by a simple device configuration, which is extremely useful.
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