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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cutaway side view of the bass reflex type
speaker device of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view of the main part showing
another embodiment of the device of the present invention, and FIG. Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional
view of the field portion of the speaker device of the invention, Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view of
another embodiment of the device according to the present invention; ░ 1 is a speaker, 2 is a
field portion, 4 is a duct, 5 is a porous metal, 6 is a heat pipe, 9 is a heat conducting element, 12
is a voice coil, 15 is a long hole, 16 is a 0 ring, and 17 is a clamping screw. 3 to 4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker device
having a heat dissipating means. Ff ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ?turn into. For this reason, when the speaker is used for a long time with a
large input, the temperature of the voice coil rises considerably, and the voice coil V sliding
contact-[Due to wear] softens or the voice coil is thermally destroyed. There was a risk of Father,
the warm rise of the voice coil has a drawback that the linearity of the output sound pressure to
the force pressure is impaired because the resistance value is accompanied. Since heat generated
from the Heuss coil is mostly conducted to the body in the field 1if JAH through both magnetic
poles of the magnetic gap 1 formed in the field 1ff, if the field is cooled, , C will be to suppress
the temperature rise of the voice coil. As such, it is not necessary to provide a cooling effect that
is light enough to use 3 fists that have conventionally been used to install the speaker's field
section 6 (heat radiation), or when using adult power # 1. Met. The present invention is intended
to prevent the above-mentioned accident and to improve the sky and spare time as described
above. @ 1 Shown in the figure. In FIG. 1-, (1) is an electrodynamic speaker having a voice coil,
121 is a field city of the speaker II, + 3111 is the speaker (1)? The cabinet + 41 of the interior
path reflector is a cylindrical duct F provided with frJ faces of the cabinet (3), which resonates
and amplifies the low frequency range of the horn of the speaker. (5) is a porous metal disposed
in the cylindrical duct (4), and it may be provided so that the duct 41) + 41 V completely as
shown in Fig. 2C. The configuration may be such that it is provided only at the interrogation
portion of the duct (4) as in the case of the second embodiment. Gang, this porous metal is a
metal 1 such as nickel: a foaming treatment to set the porosity to about 98%, and the foaming
treatment ?C? is disclosed, for example, in JP-B-47-10524. It is a heat pie to connect the field
part (21 of the above-mentioned four speakers 1) and the evaporation of the liquid in the closed
bay 1. The condensation is repeated as follows: ?I: temperature from the high temperature side
to the low temperature (heat% -conductivity T to 1111). The lPE conductivity of this heat pipe (6)
is several hundred times -2 times that of a good thermal conductor copper or copper, and heat is
transmitted at a speed close to that of the acoustic velocity. As you said, A-yabinette (3 + volume
iid 2 corresponding compliance and clearance length t within +41), spring-mass vibration 1 co-Aline is meridian, and a run-off occurs Therefore, the flow of air in the duct (4 иии is very large 1).
History 6-1 upper 1 duct (4) inner ;; distributed porous wage k (51 is a ? ? or ? ? conductor,
there are holes of about 98%, so its surface area is Compared to Table 1 of the heat dissipating
fins embedded in the speaker device, it is 1 or 2 larger in size. Therefore, the heat conducted by
the porous metal (5) 4 in the speaker (from the field part (2) of the II) to the heat pipe-(6) 6causes multiple motions in this duct 14). The air is dissipated with high efficiency. The boundary
part of the sneaker where the heat vibes used for the speaker button of the 5th-2nd invention
was combined! Bottom heat rate with J1 pictorial chart rp c, +7 nt, center-bi-n-turbo N 181 q 6
shown in FIG. 3, + 9+ is cylindrical heat made of a material with high heat conductivity 1 h rate
such as copper material or aluminum material (1 "The X-ray element is embedded in the central
C-bicycle of the above-mentioned turbo-turbine -1v + 81. 0 W: W-shaped ferrite magnet placed
on top g pipotom plate (7) (old) is the ring plate mounted on the annular ferrite magne-a) OL jl 2;
And so on; 2 ? ?? ? ?? ?? ? ? ?. f] 3 is a 7-dog coil wound on a coil bobbin 03), and is
disposed in the above magnetic gap. 04) is a diaphragm coupled to the second-to-date pair of ?
cofpovin 03). ?? 11 denotes an outer side (two drilled long holes) of the heat conduction
element (9), and one end of a heat via (6) described in C in the long hole tJ51 is fitted into: 1:
accordingly, this heat pipe (6) The heat conduction element (9) is connected thermally.
Therefore, the heat generated by the voice coil 1121 is efficiently transmitted to the center ball
(8) and the heat conduction element (9) v through the pipe 6 (61). Actual i4 MJ in the next stage
(-connection of field unit and heat pipe :) stage of pond! a4 Q + 2 shown. 1 ? ? 2 o '(, 161 to
(91 and 09 are the same as 3 males and 1 is the heat-biple f semiconductor elongated hole, and
the difference with brown 3 is the 0 ring of a good thermal conductor It is in using (1e and
tightening n Q 7). That is, the tip t of one end of the Q + 7 surface 0? heating vibrator 161 of a
good thermal conductive material made of metal powder mixed rubber etc. t: e A long hole 11
drilled in the thermal conductivity element + 91! When ? is inserted into the bottom of 9 the
colliding screw, heat pipe (6) is written, c tightening screw Q7 i? It is screwed into the long hole
+151. The screw is screwed as described above (17; 0 ring 06) ? H: ?, so that the juice changed
? link (] 61 is-6 self-conduction element 19) And heat vibrator 16: and pressure fixed.
Therefore, the heat conducted through the heat conductive element 91 is conducted through the
O-ring Qijx, which is a good heat conductor, through the "C heat via" 161e as well as the thermal
loss. As shown in the following E, the effect of the '1' rise of the voice coil in the speaker
apparatus MC of the present invention according to the present invention is clearly measured
using the actual measurement value. When used continuously for 30 minutes with an input 4QW
I: When the heat radiating means of the present invention is incorporated in a conventional bass
reflex type speaker device in which the temperature of the voice coil is 160 ░ C., the
temperature of the voice coil is 105 ░ C, and the suppression effect of temperature rise is-. The
speaker device of the present invention is a bass reflex type cabine sator C: porous metal
regarded as a field part of the speaker and! Since it is connected by a heat pipe, the heat
generated by the voice coil is conducted via the heat pipe 1, conducted by the high heat
dissipation effect porous hole l11-conducted, and dissipated to the air finely moving at the
opening. Therefore, since it is possible to suppress the temperature rise of the voice coil, it is
possible to prevent an accident in which the voice coil is thermally destroyed or the adhesive
adhering to the voice coil is softened. Maintaining the linearity of the output sound pressure
characteristics is an umbrella. In addition, a thermal conductive particle is embedded in the
center ball forming the field city t / ll, and this thermal conduction element I: since it is connected
to one end of the heat pipe, the whole from the center 8 ball to the heat pipe reef 2 ? The
thermal conductivity of the same can be further haired ?, voice coil insertion temperature rise
vl! You can control your fist. In addition, the heat conduction element 1 has a long hole, and the
length of the heat pipe is arranged in the hole 6 2 using the tightening screw, and the end of the
heat buy 1 is fitted with two ends. Since the 0 ring made of a heat conductor is disposed, the rate
at which the fixing portion between the heat conduction element and the heat pipe is in close
contact via the above-mentioned 01J ring (2), the heat conductivity at this junction is P! If the
heat pipe and the heat conduction element can be attached and detached separately or if the long
heat pipe as in the present invention is used conveniently, the manufacturing process value of
this speaker device can be improved. Is the same as the one above, and the manufacturing cost
can be reduced.
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