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a, b and a partially cut away top view and sectional view of each embodiment of the present
invention. FIG. 7 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of an essential part of another embodiment
of the present invention, and FIG. 7 is a frequency characteristic diagram of a diaphragm not
according to the embodiment of the present invention and the present invention. 1a to 1f иииииии
Vibrating plate element, 2, 3 иииииииииииии Thin film. to ? ? ? ?-2tb> -FIG. 5 FIG.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a high-frequency
frequency characteristic or an excellent lightweight two-strong speaker diaphragm. In general,
the performance required for the speaker diaphragm) и и и In order to expand the piston
movement area, the specific elastic modulus E / q (where E: elasticity) of the diaphragm, J / 7, 7
'and 22 In order to make the rate, q: density) as large as possible, and to smooth the frequency
characteristic in the high range, it is possible to have an appropriate internal loss. In the past, in
order to increase the bulk, it has been practiced to mix carbon fibers in a diaphragm element
mainly made of paper pulp, but with this method, the bonding strength between carbon fibers is
weak. The increase in can not want much. Although a method of impregnating the diaphragm
with an organic paint has been carried out to increase the internal loss, however, this method has
the problem of decreasing the value of 5 even if the internal loss increases. . The present
invention is to provide a speaker diaphragm having a relatively high% and a moderate internal
loss. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described based on the illustrated embodiments.
Each of FIGS. 1 to 5 (?, (b) is a partially cutaway top view and a cross-sectional view of an
embodiment of the present invention, respectively. 1, 1a, 1b, Ic, Id in their drawings. 2 ░, 1e is a
diaphragm element made of metal or scale-like inorganic substance and resin formed by
arranging a large number of hollow (hollow) portions in the thickness direction 3: a shape of
each hollow portion 1 is a square, FIG. 2 is a circle, FIG. 3 is a triangle, FIG. 4 is a triangle 7
shape, square, pentagon, hexagonal ring, FIG. They are hexagonal, and these are realized by
bonding and bonding a large number of the above-mentioned shadow cylinders to each other.
Reference numerals 2 and 3 in FIGS. 1 to 5 denote thin films made of a scale-like inorganic
substance and a resin attached to both surfaces in the thickness direction of each diaphragm
element 1a to 1e with an adhesive or the like. In addition, as said diaphragm element 1a-1e, the
thing of the material as shown by the following table with samples 5 to 1S, 6 in the following
table is used-- and it is resin as shown in Table 1 also as said thin films 2 and 3 Or aluminum or
titanium can be used. (The following margins) 5. 2-J 4 4 bet ? oooo. ? ? ? ? OO ? Oo
"gooooo. -Ooo. ? ? 0 0-1 1 9WW? JXX \ \ ? ? \ 81 (to shame ? to HHI-1 ? water ice water
ice water ? ooooo. <1 oo ?all ? ?-# # ? ? \ ? X ? X ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? K ? ? 9 9 9
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? r.
That is, the table illustrates the materials used for the diaphragm elements 1a to 1e and the thin
film 2.3, and the inorganic substance is scaly graphite, scaly graphite, bony nitride nitride (BN ) +
Boron carbide cB 4 C), flaky aluminum boron (AlB 2), mica, glass flakes containing 80%, phenolic
resin (Bakelite ? trade name Sumilac PC-1), epoxy resin (shell petroleum ? trade name Shrimp
Co.) ) 828 / triethylenetetramine ... 100/11)! : Shows the 37 results of combined results and loss.
Other useful resins include unsaturated polyester resin, diallyl phthalate resin, xylene resin, urea
resin, various amine resins, alkyd resin, furan resin, polyimide resin, polyamide imide resin,
@curable acrylic resin, polyurethane Resin, 7 recon resin, thermosetting resin such as
polybutadiene resin, or polystyrene and poly:; ,,, vinyl chloride, polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl
alcohol, and so on. And-polyacrylic acid or methacrylic acid-Nistyl 6-,--homopolymer or
copolymer, polycarbonate. Various fiber-based plastics such as polysulfone, polyethersulfone,
polyphenylene oxide polyamide, cellulose acetate ester and the like can be mentioned. FIG. 6
shows another embodiment of the present invention, which has a large number of cylindrical
members of the required shape as the diaphragm elements 1a to 1e in the embodiments of FIGS.
1 to 5 above. A large number of holes (for example, hexagons) corresponding to the hollow
portions in the plate-like members 11a to 116 made of an inorganic substance and a resin
instead of connecting the bodies to each other. A diaphragm element is obtained by opening a
triangle, square 2 circular hole, etc. by chemical etching, laser beam machining, or electrical
discharge machining, and overlapping plate members 118 to 11e having holes in the same shape
and joining them. The thin films 2 and 3 are attached to both sides of the body 1f in one
example. The materials and qualities of the diaphragm element 1f and the thin films 2 and 3 are
the same as in the previous embodiment. FIG. 7 is a characteristic diagram showing the output
sound pressure characteristics of a high-pitched (.phi. 20 m) diaphragm made
according to the present invention. In the case of ????, the characteristic A is the
characteristic of the diaphragm not according to the present invention in which thin films made
of aluminum are mounted on both surfaces of the diaphragm element made of aluminum and
each hollow portion is cylindrical. In this case, the diameter of the cylindrical hollow portion is
0.6% 2 The thickness in the radial direction of the cylindrical body is 10 ?m 2 The length of the
cylindrical body is equal to the thickness of the diaphragm element 1).
The thickness of the thin film was 10 / jm. The characteristic B is basically the same as that
described above, but in the case of the embodiment of the present invention using the diaphragm
element and the thin film material to be mounted on both surfaces of the diaphragm element and
made of graphite and phenol resin. The diameter of the cylindrical hollow portion is 0.6 to 2 and
the thickness in the radial direction of the cylindrical body is 20 ?m 2 The length of the
cylindrical body = thickness of the diaphragm element) 1 to. The thickness of the thin film is 20
?m. The speaker diaphragm of the present invention having the above structure is strong and
can increase the specific elastic modulus by 9 ░,. It has an excellent effect of being able to
produce a smooth, smooth 8-fold frequency characteristic in the high range.
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