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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a Langevin-type
vibrator according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view, FIG. 2 is a top
view, and FIG. It is a longitudinal cross-sectional view shown. 1 ...... electrostrictive element, 2,3
...... pair of metal blocks, 2a, 3a ...... metal block taper, 4 ...... fastening bolt.
[Detailed description of the invention] J Lange-Pan type vibrator is clamped by clamping holt by
sandwiching an electrostrictive element consisting of an electrostrictive element and a terminal
plate in a pair of metal blocks consisting of a front panel and a back root It will be appreciated
that it was difficult to tighten the area around the bell bolt strongly and apply uniform pressure
to weld the electrostrictive element. The present invention has been made to solve the abovementioned drawbacks, and an embodiment of the drawings will be described below. In the
drawing, 1 is a pair of piezoelectric porcelains exclusively made of lead titanate nol titanate
which is polar-shaped and polarized, with pan-baked 1- ≧ 3 '& Or2 sticky note electrode
surfaces sa', 1a ', 1b' and 1b% respectively. Of the annular electrostrictive element 1a, lb. The
collectors 1a and 1b are mechanically connected in series and electrically in parallel, and in this
case, the inner opposite electrode surfaces 1a11b 'are connected as a positive electrode and
electrode surfaces 1b' and 1b 'at both outer ends as a negative electrode. An electrostrictive
element consisting of a terminal plate IC of a thin metal plate, 2 is a negative electrode surface of
any two of the electrostrictive elements 1a and 1b, and N is an upper negative electrode 111JI
'and 5 N is a negative electrode of the electrostrictive element. The front plate of the metal block
that transmits the front eyelid, 3 are the same (electrostrictive element 1 m. Backing plate of the
metal block that abuts on the other negative side of 1b, here lower side negative side lb 'to adjust
the resonance frequency, 4 is inserted through the center hole 1' of the electrostrictive element 1
through the insulation "" The front face l1i2, the backing plate 3 and the fastening bolt for
fastening the electrostrictive element 1 are not included. However, the negative pole of the 11
side of the straw 11 and the backing plate 3 is the negative electrode of the electrostrictive
element 1a, lb As shown in an enlarged manner in the 12th section 1 on the contact surface with
the side electrode surfaces 1a 'and 1b', the negative electrode side electrode surfaces laj and lbj
of the electrostrictive element and the bolt 2-side with the strap, ie, middle The tapers 2a and 3a
are formed so as to form a minute gap in the part and to abut on the opposite side, that is, in the
outer diameter part. Conventionally, the surface of the front panel of this kind of Langevin type
vibrator and the surface to be in contact with the electrostrictive element in the backing are flatly
formed, so if strongly tightened by the striped holt, the electrostrictive element C stress is
tightened. In the central portion around the attachment bolt, the ridge is large, and the outer
periphery is small so that perfect adhesion can not be obtained. Since a small upper clearance
due to a taper is provided on ff11ll ', electrostrictive yarn is applied with pressure sequentially
from the outer periphery to the inner periphery of 15 sets of striped bolts, and finally the
adhesion of 2 tags To improve turtle distortion U. EXAMPLES Example 1 Titanium dairy zircon
lead magnet 4 to 5 The outer electromechanical coupling coefficient Kp is 55 ff 140 m +, internal
diameter 20 cabinet, thickness 6.
Two pieces of 聰 C annular ring 冨 strain element are stacked in a machine 6 in 3-series
electrically parallel to each other through an annular copper plate of copper and the duralumin
alloy D) 40 す φ 63 in the 詠 laminate The front plate is formed by grinding a taper from the
outside diameter to the center so as to form a gap of 0.03 鵬 in the portion in contact with the
inner diameter surface of the electrostrictive element, and the back plate manufactured under the
same conditions as the front plate. A tab is placed on the contact surface between the run-no-yopano type of the present invention obtained by applying a plate and brazing at 100100 Ocs with
a clamp bolt of 16 ボ ル ト φ that inserts the center hole of the laminate in an insulating
manner, The table below shows the results obtained by adding 11 cups of a conventional lanode-han-type vibrator manufactured at an interval of -l for a cup l-sieve at 100 cm / sec. Main
climb product family family product am wave number KHz2 (LaI 320.039 Aminotanos Ill? +
40133 electric input W6573 equivalent internal resistance dyTvJ 31 @ 5X 10 '56 x 130 minutes
5460 st * electric j side-plate side 5760 ° C backing plate side 5661 backing plate 55604-upper
surface revealed by-surface, Langevin type vibration of the present invention Compared with the
conventional Langevin type vibrator, the child has various axial values much larger than gLt'I,
and it is small in the outer peripheral part of the tightening bolt on the contact surface with the
electrostrictive element of the front plate and backing plate. The effect of the taper from the
diameter of the external tooth to the center to make the gap is also confirmed. In the above
embodiment, is the taper formed on the contact surface of both the front plate and the back plate
with the electrostrictive element? L is tapered on the electrostrictive element side and the front
plate and the back plate are flat portions It may be In addition, tapers were formed on the front
plate and the back plate side at 10,000 C for the other side, and the other was smooth enough as
a flat plate as in the case of Ume. Furthermore, although the inner-clamping type has been
described above, the electrostrictive element and the y-spindle are in the form of an annular ring
こ so as to form an inner plate, and the contact surface side with the electrostrictive elements of
both the backing plate and the front plate. The same effect can be obtained in the case of an
external concealment method in which a large-diameter gutter is provided and tightened at the
girth of the above-mentioned diameter by I [number of tightening holts. The contact surface of
the backing plate before clamping is in contact with the contact point at the center of the axis
and receives concentrated load, so the S face plate, backing plate and electrostrictive element It is
desirable to make the vicinity of the center of the contacting axis flat.
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