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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the main part showing a
conventional capacitor cartridge, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the main part showing one
embodiment of a capacitor cartridge according to the present invention, FIG. b is a record needle
tip for demonstrating the effect | action of the Example, the state figure between both electrodes,
FIG. 4 is sectional drawing of the movable pole part based on another Example. 21
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии иии Fixed pole, 261, 262 .....-Lead wire.
The present invention relates to a capacitor cartridge, and more particularly to an improvement
of its pickup section. As is well known, a condenser cartridge provided as a glance for disc record
reproduction. As a pick-up part, a movable bridge interlocked with a cantilever and a fixed pole
and a mo-C0 tip (? + J1 ? 1 m-paired with a movable pole and a class excitable pole) are traced.
The reproduced output is obtained by taking into account the change in the appearance of ? 1
that occurs between ? 1. FIG. 4151 shows a complementary type stereo pickup unit
conventionally known as such a capacitor cartridge. That is, at the base end of the cantilever 11,
a pair of blade-shaped movable bridges 1: 11.122 has a flat surface in a direction orthogonal to
the axial direction of the cantilever and is supported in a fitting manner at its common portion.
Feather shape movable JJJ, Z! The electrodes 131, 132, 13: 1, and 134 of one nini pair on the
rear surface side of each of 'j's are provided in pairs. However, in this case, in order to pivotally
support the cantilever 11, a damper (not shown) is interposed at the rear of the seventy base
portion, and in particular, a pair of wing-shaped movable bridges 121.12:! As a result of limiting
the size of each fixed plate 13 and 134 of the pair side of each plate surface of the plate, the pair
10j plane width of both Ia right and dark will be limited as a whole. This (2 according to the
conventional 5, ?--1 ? и) Yo, de y? ???? Dodge, ? can not outweigh the way out (=, could
not increase the needle pressure stability. In addition, since the mixing direction of the R channel
and the change direction of the electrostatic spread do not match in the sound groove of the
recording board, the separation characteristics between the circular channels have a drawback of
being confused. Then, +1. ! + If the cantilever and four movable rods are electrically conductive
to obtain a reference potential such as grounding (-then, it will be left as it is, it will derive the left
and right outputs), but in a complementary form In order to be essential, four fixed axes are
required, which is disadvantageous in terms of manufacturing, cost and reliability, and above all,
each fixed & !! There was a pain of having to be done in consideration of the occurrence of
variability in 5. In particular, such a problem has been close up as a very familiar person when
using electrets as fixed poles. So, let's look at the point of this idea above: l. It is an object of the
present invention to provide a bridged good capacitor cartridge comprising a complementary
type stereo pick-up portion which is improved so as to simplify and reliably remove the abovementioned conventional defects and intermittent points. There is.
That is, according to this invention N: The capacitor cartridge according to this invention has a
pair of blade-like movable bridges via insulators at the base part of the punch lever with a flat
surface between the direction parallel to the axial direction) On the upper and lower sides of the
pair of movable rods, respectively, and a pair of forward facing substantially V-shaped fixed poles
having two planes equatable to each other in common are provided respectively, and the outputs
are separately provided from the pair of 6J moving poles 1lII2 to derive! By providing a
complementary type stereo pickup section with 2 as described above, it is possible to obtain a
large output by broadening the structure of the pair of four poles l'1 ij without being influenced
by the damper. In addition to teaching the characteristics of the Separet i7N, increase the
commonality of the fixed pole with the channel L and make it more advantageous in terms of
manufacturing cost, 1 g laterality and superiority with each fixed pole. `-` knee; point which can
be considered without taking into consideration the term` L`: It is a special case. An embodiment
of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings. That is,
as shown in FIG. 2, a thin tapered tube made of a light metal or the like (two cantilevers 21 have
right-handed records eBzz in their small-diameter tip and an insulator 23 in their large-diameter
proximal end A pair of blade-like town poles 241 ░ 242, which are made to have a
predetermined obtuse angle, are supported in a flat state with a plane at a force ig "parallel to the
axial direction of the cantilever 21 respectively. Here, the proximal end portion of the force-inprogress bar 21 is openably supported by a predetermined portion of the cartridge housing via a
tension member and a damper (not shown). And IJ I Ced a pair of wing-like "j11 pole 241 242
242 river, its upper and lower FIIt Il! l Two common flat plates 5tabs of mutually opposing
thickness and facing in a straight direction substantially square (for example, a double-layer 8 is
formed with an electret of positive and negative electrode 4 and the like, a pair of front V ?
shapes (5) v = zsz. 7252 are provided in pairs. Further, lead wires 261. 26; t for connecting the
pair of blade-like movable 1] j J 4 J and 242 are not shown, and lead out the output of one
channel. Note that the pair of common fixed poles J5J and 251 are connected to the reference
position via grounding means (not shown). Now, assuming that the tip of the record 1 rf 22 is
swung by the arrow ^) as it traces the sound groove of the record board 20 as shown in 543 in
FIG. As shown in FIG. 1bl, the pair of movable bridges 241 and 242, which are transmitted as a
pair, move from the position of the internal symbol to the position of the broken symbol by the
pair of common fixed members 251 and 25211 I + 1 disposed opposite each other. It is potential.
In other words, this does not bring about a change in the valley volume simply by parallel
movement in the right half fixed electrode 261b, 15Ib cabinet, but the gap is changed and
complementary in the left hand lllI2 foot electrode 251a, 252a darkness. The capacity change, +
,. &)-Performs a complementary type of operation that results in conversion. In addition, when
the tip swings in the direction of the arrow ?1, on the contrary to the above, it is possible that
the change in complementary ? -capacitance is brought about only at the fixed poles J5Jb and
25Jbl / at the right hand. Absent. The tearing output of this 4-channel mother of each channel
mother is connected to the movable rods 241 and 242 of one river, and does not show 7
consisting of a source follower etc. It is supplied to the f ? circuit to obtain the desired soil
power which has been converted to the air + i. That is, in the capacitor cartridge as described
above, the complementary type pickup portion makes the blade base 111 + 8 & 11 of the
cantilever via the insulator as described above move the blade shape of -x 1 half in a direction
parallel to the ring direction of the cantilever. Form a square 4 J-shaped constant i of the jose j
having two flats capable of common two-pair 10j each with 1gl + 8 of the pair of 6J6 -Because
the output is derived separately from the mowed movable bridge, each pair of the extremes of
flesh and darkness III [I side is not affected by the damper, and it is Therefore, there is an
advantage that the large output can easily be superior and the correction can be increased. In
addition, since the ti11 direction matches the change direction of the quiet volume, it has an
advantage that the separation characteristics between the LR and the L channel can be tampered
with. In addition, they are standardized and shared by the Ri channel. Then, without obsessive 1two pairs (four) fixing- as in the past, one pair (two) solid 1! There is a 41) point that it can be
done with a pole, is advantageous in terms of manufacturing, cost and graininess, and does not
have to consider variations in both channels. This ori point is particularly effective when using an
electret as a constant weir (two are particularly effective. In addition, there are also 4 points that
it is easy to take vertical angles because the 4 poles are shaped like a ?. Note that this
consideration is not limited to only the example company described above and illustrated, and it
is needless to say that various modifications can be made without departing from the scope of
the invention.
For example, as shown in the fourth brow, the base end of the cantilever 21 has a flat surface in a
direction parallel to the ring direction of the cantilever to support the pair of thermal insulators
231 ░ 232 in a front side substantially in the shape of A pair of #! Upper and lower surfaces of
the edge plate body 231, 232, s'4 K 241a. 242a may be wave nailed to form a pair of v-shaped
town buttons 1 ? 241 ░ 242. Therefore, as described above in detail, according to the present
invention, it is possible to provide a complementary type stereo pickup unit which is improved so
as to be able to remove the conventional defects and points easily and reliably. It will be possible
to provide.
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