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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are cross sectional views showing a prior
art example of the present invention. 3 to 5 are views showing one embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 3 is a cross sectional view, FIG. 4 is a perspective view of a diaphragm, and FIG. 5
is a partial cross section showing a fixing portion of the diaphragm. FIG. -1 · · · Outer shell, 12 · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · tongue element
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the buzzer; sm: iZ is intended to provide an easy C1 inexpensive buzzer. A buzzer using a 17pressure four-pole is conventionally known (although it is known as 18 but FIGS. 1 to 42 show a
conventional example. A l-feel, an outer shell made of Q synthetic resin, provided with a line-out
hole 2 and a gullet 2 o fixed in a pair like a pair 1 u] t / 1 g (2)> # Pg 1 The peripheral edge of
the diaphragm is bonded to the end 4 of the projection 3 with an elastic adhesive 52 or a
piezoelectric element 6 is fixed as shown in FIG. There is known a structure in which a holding
pressure is held through. In the case of the conventional example shown in FIG. il1, since it is
fixed by elastic adhesion to uniformness 6, there is a case that the front to -side attachment I
agent is peeled off during transportation or facing. Further, in the conventional example which is
not shown in FIG. 2, in order to hold the peripheral edge a of the diaphragm across the entire
circumference, it is structurally complex, so that it becomes 11 + li and the assembly becomes
complicated. (1) The buzzer according to the water name proposal aims to ameliorate the abovementioned drawbacks, and fixes the Ith electric element; Sound generating means comprising: a
vibrating plate and an electronic component forming an electronic circuit for distorting the
pressure Ijji element at a high period; and 1 the sound generating means which is generated by
the vibration of the vibrating plate. In the buzzer consisting of a resonance e with an outlet hole
and a leaked outer shell. At least two tongues are provided on the moving plate, and at least one
pair of convex portions provided on the outer shell is a combination of the freedom @ of the
tongue provided on the diaphragm. . (2) In the following, an embodiment of the buzzer according
to the present invention will be described in detail in the drawings. 3 In FIG. 3, 9 is an outer shell
4 made of plastic, and it has an empty room at the center, a sound emitting hole 5u, u on the
ceiling and a convex extending into the room 10 from the ceiling. It has a portion 12, 126 and a
mounting hole 13.13. A diaphragm 14 is a diaphragm that fixes the pressure-stacking element in
the center with one-fourth agent and forms at least a pair of tongues 16 and 16. The free end 17
of the tongue 16 is provided with a hole 3 on the moving side. The reference numeral 19 denotes
a printed circuit board, and 11 parts of electronic components which constitute an eleventh
circuit for applying a single frequency pulse to the piezoelectric element 16 are soldered to 12 o.
At 21, a pulse is applied to the piezoelectric element 13. The printed board 1g is fixed to the step
11 of the shell with screws 4 and 22. 箕 is an insulation temporary, 2 is a lead 1, a wire.
The identification of the reed 6 and the I plate 14 fixedly attached the piezoelectric element 15 to
the hole 4 of the free end の of the tongue piece 16 of the 7-inch T-diaphragm 14 and was
provided on the base 4 of the convex portion 4 of the outer shell 118 The small projections d are
fitted and the heat fitting 1 and the fixing portion are performed. When a voltage is applied to
the lead wire 25.25 by 2 o, a high frequency pulse is generated by the electronic circuit polarized
by the electron (3) 1-product addition and field, and the piezoelectric element 16 is generated by
the lead wire 21.・ L, 1il-1jIi1 This voltage is applied to generate distortion, and this distortion
causes the 4 diaphragm k to vibrate and generate sound. · As described above (according to the
present invention, the sound generating means comprising the diaphragm to which the
piezoelectric element is fixed and the electronic component forming the electronic circuit for
distorting the piezoelectric element at a high cycle, and 2 covering the sound generating means
In the buzzer, which consists of an outer ring with an e-speaking room, which amplifies the
sound produced by the vibration of the moving plate and produces an external sounding hole, at
least one of the + lj'lmQ diaphragm The vibration of the diaphragm 1.14 is made by securing the
free end of the tongue which has been shaken, l to a pair of tongues provided with at least one
pair of tongues and at least one pair of tongues. Since it is not fixed to the entire peripheral edge,
the degree to which the variation in the radial direction of the diaphragm and the position are
suppressed is small (it is easily vibrated because it is supported only by the four active parts of
the tongue piece 16). Moreover, since the tongue is fixed to the tip of the convex part, there is a
fear that it may be dislodged during transportation or = m, and the 44 construction is also
simple-, as compared with a pilgrim fixed with rice's% '61iii agent Because it is cheap to offer C
き. (4)
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