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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing an embodiment of a speaker
vibrator according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2A and 2B show the state of the vibrator of
FIG. FIG. 3 is a partially enlarged view, and FIG. 3 is a view showing sound pressure frequency
characteristics of a speaker incorporating the vibrator shown in FIG. 1 иииии Flat vibration body for
woofer, 1a иииииии Sound emitting surface, 2 ииииии Foam acrylic resin diaphragm body, 3 иии Resin film
Body, 4 и и и и и и Resin film, 5 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и melt-solidified layer.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
vibrator, and in particular, a heat melting adhesive coated resin film is adhered to an acoustic
radiation surface which is a flat cut exposed surface of a foam material diaphragm body. It is an
object of the present invention to provide a speaker vibrator which is excellent in light resistance
and moisture resistance and can improve sound quality. In general, a speaker vibrator is required
to be light and not to change with time. In addition, in order to improve the sound quality, it is
desirable that the rigidity of the sound emitting surface be high. (1)-In order to reduce the
weight, it is conceivable to configure a vibrating body having an acoustic radiation surface as a
flat surface with a foamed material of foamed polyurethane resin or foamed acrylic resin. If this
flat vibrator is a molded product of a mold, a layer with high density is produced on the narrow
surface, and the weight of the vibrator is so heavy, and the radiated sound pressure of the
speaker is disadvantageously lowered. The daytime surface layer is not formed uniformly and is
unstable. Further, it is difficult to mold a small vibrator used for a tweeter or the like with a mold.
For this reason, it is conceivable to cut off the surface layer of the molded article and cut a large
foam plate as a raw material 1 to form a vibrator having a flat surface. However, the flat vibrator
made of this foam material has a state where air bubbles are exposed on the surface, and the
surface is easily damaged, and furthermore, the light emission and moisture resistance are
insufficient. In particular, when it comes to light resistance and moisture resistance, it changes
color in 1 to 2 years, weathered, the surface elasticity decreases, and the surface layer scatters
due to vibration. For this reason, although heavy buildup is unavoidable, it is necessary to adhere
a thin film (film) to the acoustic emission surface exposed on the surface of the flat (2) -cabin in a
plane oscillator and to hold the surface . Also, because the rigidity of the exposed cutting surface
is low, if the sound emitting surface is the exposed cutting surface, the sound pressure frequency
characteristics show an abnormal sound pressure level in a certain frequency range as shown by
graph 1 in FIG. It becomes low with so-called moderate sagging, which is not preferable for
hearing. The following two can be considered as a structure formed by sticking a film on a flat
cut exposed surface of a foam material vibrator. First, an adhesive is directly applied to the cut
exposed surface, and a film is attached. In this structure, the adhesive is unnecessarily absorbed
in the recesses and bubbles in the cut exposed surface, and the vibrator becomes considerably
heavy. Another structure is a structure in which an adhesive is applied to the film surface and
this is adhered to the flat cut exposed surface of the vibrator. In this structure, when the amount
of adhesive is small, the film adheres to a single bubble of the convex portion of the cut exposed
surface, and the adhesive strength is weak and it is easy to peel off. The adhesion will be
stronger, or the weight of the vibrator (3) will increase accordingly.
The present invention is intended to protect the surface of the foam material motor and to
improve the surface rigidity without causing the above-mentioned disadvantages, and one
embodiment will be described below with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 shows a flat vibrator
for a woofer which is an embodiment of the flat vibrator according to the present invention, and
FIG. 2 (C and B show enlarged bonding portions of the vibrator of FIG. In the figure, the planar
vibrator 1 for U-Hoe has a structure in which the resin film body 3 is fixed to the flat cutting
exposed surface of the foam acrylic resin diaphragm body 2 and the blue tatami radiation surface
2a. It is. The diaphragm main body 2 is a surface obtained by cutting in a frusto-conical shape of
the foamed acrylic resin material in an all-round shape, and the entire surface is cut. The resin
film body 3 has a structure in which the heat melting adhesive 5 is very thinly applied to one
surface of the resin film 4. In this example, a resin film 3 manufactured by TOPFL Engineering
TEMODELE 1 was used. The thickness of this whole (4) is 0.15 mxn. Here, the film 4 is made of
an epoxy resin which melts when heated. The woofer surface vibration body 1 is an iron plate
heated to 130 ░ to 160 ░ C. with the resin film body 3 temporarily attached to the acoustic
emission surface 2 a of the diaphragm main body 2 with the film 4 @ down. Put on six. In this
case, the adhesive 5 and the acoustic radiation surface 2all11 of the diaphragm main body 2
melt, and both are fused. By removing and cooling away from the heating iron plate 6, the
diaphragm main body 2 and the resin film 4 are firmly fixed. The fixed portion between the
diaphragm main body 2 and the resin film 4 is shown enlarged in FIG. In the figure, reference
numeral 7 denotes a melt-solidified layer, and the surface of the diaphragm 020 is shallow and
uniform at the time of the above heating (uniformly fused with the bath-melted, melted adhesive
5 and cooled by bubbles). It is a thin layer obtained by solidification. However, flat swing 1 и body
1 flat flat off F! '+ JK Out face and ?? r sound emitting face 1allll is covered with film 4 to form
a structure, and the double electric power is increased to some extent Z и exhibits sufficient
moisture resistance. Further, the plane (5),..., The acoustic emission surface 1a of the vibrator 1 is
improved in rigidity by the presence of the film 4 and the melt solidified layer T. For this reason,
the sound pressure frequency characteristic of the speaker incorporating the upper plane swing
body 1 is as shown by the third crater dose. That is, although the radiation sound pressure
slightly decreases due to the increase in weight, so-called sagging or tampering is caused due to
the increase in the rigidity of the acoustic radiation surface 1a, and the audibility is improved. As
described above, the slider / moving body according to the present invention is formed by
applying a heat-melting adhesive to the sound emission surface of the diaphragm main body
made of a ill material having a flat surface with no cut and no emission surface. Since the resin
film is constructed by melting and fixing the sound box in the open area, the increase in weight is
suppressed to a small extent and the sound release lIg surface is maintained to improve the light
resistance and the temperature resistance. In addition, the sound quality is improved by the
improvement of the rigidity of the sound radiation surface, and the characteristics such as ? are
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