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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the flat panel speaker of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the flat panel speaker of FIG. 1 is a diaphragm,
2 is a voice coil, 3 is a central portion, 4 is a projecting portion, 5 is a cylindrical portion, 6 is an
outer peripheral portion, 7 is an annular portion, 8 is a bridge portion, 9 is a lead wire, 10 is a
groove 11 is a center pole, 12 is a plate, 13 is a magnet, and 14.15 is a clamper.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a wire lead
structure of a flat type speaker. Conventionally, in a flat diaphragm speaker having a conductive
foil printed in a spiral shape, a lead wire connected from the inner peripheral end of the voice
coil forming the conductive foil to the external insulator plate is printed on the back surface of
the diaphragm or the back surface is pulled out I had a second line. In the back side (this
structure for printing, the production of the diaphragm is troublesome, and in the structure
where the lead is attached to the back of the sub-A'5 / A2), the assembly takes time. As shown in
FIGS. 1 and 2, a magnetic circuit is constituted by the center pole 11, the plate 12 and the
magnet 13 as shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. A magnetic gap is formed, and the center part 3 top and
bottom of the diaphragm 1 provided with a voice coil 2 formed with a spiral conductive foil
positioned on the magnetic gap on the upper surface is crimped by a clamper 14 and the
clamper 14 is recessed at the center The center pole 4 and the cylindrical portion 5 having the
projecting portion 4 at the center are gathered, the outer peripheral portion 6 of the diaphragm
1 is vertically moved up and down by the ramper 15, the clamper 15 is formed by the plate 5
and the annular portion 7 '. , The pillar portion, and the annular portion, and. Between, Yu
multiple. The groove 10 is to be connected by a bridge 42 character correction and to receive the
lead wire 9 between the inner peripheral end of the ring 2 and the outer terminal plate on the
lower surface of the annular portion 7 and the bridge 8. By further forming through the annular
portion 7 and the bridge portion 8 up to the cylindrical portion 5 (the groove 10 for storing the
lead-out wire 93 between the outer peripheral end of the voice coil 2 and the external terminal
plate is outside More specifically, it is a flat type speaker in which the inner periphery of the
voice coil 2 and the end of the lead wire 9 are press-contacted and conductively cut to the inner
side of the annular portion 7. Since the present invention is structured as described above, the
inner and outer peripheral ends of the voice coil 2 are on the -L surface of the diaphragm 1, and
the diaphragm 1 is only crimped when attaching the cylindrical portion 5 and the annular
portion 7. Can be connected to the external terminal board, the lead wire 9 is simple in structure,
stable in quality and good in productivity. Since the lead wire 9 is on the lower surface of the
cylindrical portion 5 and the bridge portion 8S portion 71-, the lead wire can not be seen from
the outside, so that the flat type speaker is excellent in design.
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