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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a plan view, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 is a longitudinal crosssectional view to which a voice coil bobbin is fixed. is there. In the figure, 1 is a diaphragm of a
speaker, 2 is a voice coil, 3 is a core, 4 is a protrusion, 5 is an edge, and e 'and' 7 are skins. In the
figures, the same reference numerals denote the same parts. Figure 2 3
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the improvement of the
diaphragm of a speaker. The characteristics required for the diaphragm of the speaker include a
large specific elastic modulus E / ρ (E: elastic modulus, ρ: density) and an appropriate internal
loss. In order to satisfy all these requirements, a honeycomb diaphragm has recently been used.
Aluminum sheet as core material of this honeycomb. A skin material made of 0 FRP (carbon fiber
reinforced plastic) or the like is bonded to both sides of this, and the cross section is made to
have a three-layer structure, compared with a diaphragm made by forming wood cellulose fiber.
It is possible to obtain a diaphragm excellent in that the specific elastic modulus E / 5∼ is 5 to
10 times and the internal loss is y-equivalent. However, the core material of this honeycomb
diaphragm must be cut from a large-sized no-honeycomb plate by punching to form the fjlll plate
shape of the speaker in the manufacturing process to make the fjlll plate shape of the speaker.
The direction is the direction of the honeycomb sheet. Here, a voice coil is wound and a bobbin to
which a voice coil is attached is fixed with a layering agent to form a diaphragm of a speaker.
However, the bonding area is a face and a line, so bonding failure is apt to occur. There is a
drawback that the vibration is not sufficiently transmitted to the cone and the sound pressure
frequency characteristic is disturbed. The present invention is intended to provide a speaker
diaphragm in which such drawbacks are improved. An embodiment of the present invention will
be described below with reference to all drawings. In FIGS. 1 to 8, (in FIG. 1 indicates the whole
of the speaker diaphragm, 2 is formed in a generally circular shape, and has a cone shape that
protrudes toward the external force by 1 t lvc. (2) is a voice coil which is solidified on the inner
peripheral edge of the diaphragm by a layering agent or the like. Further, an edge (not shown) is
fixed to the outer peripheral end of the JfcIIll plate. (31 is formed to have a uniform height t
whose plane shape is circular by a drawing process such as aluminum thin plate material whole
pressing or vacuum forming, etc.) It is a core material of a speaker drive plate in which an edge
portion (5) formed at the same height as the height t of the protrusion is formed on the
protrusion (4) and the inner peripheral end. (6) and (7) skins that are bonded with a layering
agent on the front and back sides of this core material, such as 0 FRP (carbon fiber reinforced
plastic) or GF about P (glass fiber reinforced glass) It is formed of a sheet. The tip of the
projection is formed to be flat as shown in the drawings.
In this way, the speaker's diaphragm (indicator is skin material (6), core material 3), skin material
(7) and three-layer structure are configured δ, but skin material + 61 + 7) t "contact with core
material (3) When pasting with a layering agent, the skin material (61 (7) is abutted and joined
with the flat part of the projection (4) of the core material (3), and the contact area is 1 compared
with the conventional core end face contact The contact between the surface and the surface
becomes extremely large, and the sublayer strength of the core material (3) and the skin material
(al (7)) is the same as above. By means of the misen projections, it is possible to obtain a specific
elastic modulus E / ρ and an internal loss equivalent to those of the conventional honeycomb
core. Furthermore, the core material (31 & C, edge (5) is formed (4), and the contact of the voice
coil [2] with the bobbin is also surface contact as shown in FIG. 8). Improved. In the above
embodiment, the projecting portion of the core member has a circular flat shape and may have a
polygonal shape such as a triangle or a quadrangle, and the diaphragm shape may be a flat plate
or a flat plate. Of course it is good. As described above, the speaker diaphragm according to the
present invention has a plurality of projections having a flat portion at the tip end as a core
material, and the diaphragm is constructed by fixing both 1 fn niskins of this core material in a
contact layer. Therefore, both the specific elastic modulus E / お よ び and internal loss are as
good as those of the honeycomb structure diaphragm, and the adhesion failure between the core
and the skin and between the core and the voice coil bobbin, which is a drawback of the
conventional honeycomb structure diaphragm . The contact between the surface and the meat
can increase the contact area, and in practical strength, no adhesion failure will occur. It becomes
a diaphragm of a good speaker without generation | occurrence | production of an abnormal
sound, etc. by this. ”’(M)ピ
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