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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view before the folding of the vibrating
membrane constituting the electroacoustic transducer of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a
perspective view of the vibrating membrane formed by folding in the same way. FIG. 3 is a
perspective view of another embodiment of the vibrating membrane formed by folding in the
same way. 1 ... conductor pattern, 1a ... parallel conductor portion, 2a. 2b: first fold, 3: second
fold, 4: bellows-like diaphragm, 4a, 4b: edge, a: intersection, φ: Magnetic flux, P: sound pressure
direction. ″
[Detailed description of the invention] + 1 + Zurige Z 'This note @ relates to the improvement of
the electric sound 4 converter, that is, the ribo 7 ° speaker for timbre (1A, ribbon type tweeter).
In order to increase the electroacoustic transmission efficiency by lengthening the conductive
part which can be inserted, and to make the electric impedance as a dog more than the
conventional one, it is easy to make the electric impedance matching with the amplifier to which
it is connected. And so on. For example, as shown in Japanese Utility Model Publication No. RE
54175, a conventional ll and g n type electroacoustic transducer 1A inserts a ribbon type
imaging plate made of conductive 1 foil along a pole gap in a retractable manner, A signal
current is supplied to the conductive foil so that the ribbon type imaging plate is pivoted
"perpendicular to the direction of the bundle. Since this ribbon type moving plate uses a single
conductive foil, its electrical impedance is extremely small, and it may be necessary to input the
1d current through the transformer. Because it is cheap, a large magnet is required, which makes
it expensive, and it is also easy to match the sound 4 impedance matching with air, and (2)
shooting power (thick and distorted or easy to become large, etc. There was a drawback. In
addition, as an acoustic acoustic transducer having an accordion-curtain depression & effect, a
vagueness, as shown in Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 50-118936, a
conductive foil in the form of ridges along a fold is dimensioned. When the peristaltic membrane
of the accordion curtain is one band width in the pole gap and signal current is applied to the
meandering conductive foil, the folding fold of the image is moved or lost. Because it is designed
to generate sound waves by performing a dredging, or the structure of its magnetic pole is
complicated, and its magnetic pole is arranged on the radial direction stone of the sound wave,
its There was a drawback to disturb. In addition, as an electric sound unit and a power unit that is
configured to install a flat vibration and vague having a spiral large conductive foil in a leaked
cell, there is a real head 53- 131989 No. 1 and the one shown in the figure, which is small in
efficiency because it can not make 1 ′ nTifi bundle large, and is flat because it is flat, b * 莫 is
peripheral support. Sound 13) There are 2 large distortions, and it is easy to take acoustic
impedance matching with air, and it is arranged on the radiation direction of magnetic and
secondary acoustic waves, so 7 outs of 6 sound 4 There were drawbacks such as disturbing the
characteristics. This consideration is to provide the electric # 4 f eliminator I which eliminates
such a conventional defect, and will be described in detail in accordance with U shown in FIG.
Fig. 1 · · · A plan view of the vibration area before folding, where l is a conductor pattern in which
the parallel conductor portion 1a of 1 · 孜 is stored in a serpentine manner, 2a and 2b are each
parallel. In the guiding direction #, the first fold 1.3 supported in a direction parallel to that of
the part la 4 is a direction in which the upper three parallel conductive parts 1a are grooved
substantially in the longitudinal direction, the fold of the IXt This is a second fold provided so
that the direction changes in a zigzag at each intersection point a with 2a and 2b. FIG. 2 is a
perspective view of the castellar vulgaris 4 formed by folding the above-mentioned folds with
folds into folds. First, the folds will be described. The second folding 3 folds the vibration m-M as
shown in FIG. 1 into two, and at the intersection a with the second (4) second folding 3, the first
fold 2a, The first fold adjacent in parallel forms a valley (fold 2a) and a valley (fold 2a) so that the
left and right sides of 2b, ie, the fold 2a is a valley and the fold 2b is a mountain, Like folding
snakes, revenge → jealousy! Take four jhlji4. FIG. 3 shows that both the flanges 4a and 4b, which
are folded in two from the second fold 3 so as to easily support the imaging film 4 folded in a
bellows shape as described above. It is a slant / spell that shows a bowed example of a real
power. However, illustration of the lead / one-piece pattern is omitted. The electric reverberation
conversion is inserted in such a bellows-like weekly movement rod 4 so that it can be picked up
and moved into a NS double magnetic pole gap (++ a air gear knob) (not shown) by flowing a
signal current through its parallel groove 1 city 1a. Configure the Therefore, as shown in FIG.
Insert i @ 4 into the gap between the NS poles 1 acting as the magnetic flux φ in the direction of
the arrow, and pass the signal current in the direction of the arrow to this parallel conductor 1a.
5) When the signal current flows in the direction opposite to the arrow, and the signal current
flows in the direction opposite to the arrow, the bellows part of the vibrating membrane 4 moves
in the direction opposite to the arrow. It will be done. In view of this, as described above, in the
vibrating film having the conductor pattern 1 in which the plurality of parallel conductor
portions 1a are connected in a meandering manner, a direction parallel to the above-mentioned
parallel conductor portions la The first folds 2a and 2b are provided, and further, the longitudinal
direction of each parallel conductor portion 1a crosses the middle between the first and second
folds 2a and 2b. A second fold 3 changing in a zigzag manner is provided, and the i * film is dried
in two by the second fold 3 and the above ml of the above-mentioned ml is bordered at the
intersection a with the second fold 3 A and B so that the right and left of the fold will be a
mountain (fold 2b) and a valley (fold 2a)!
And fold the vibrating belly 4 of the bellows dog so that the first fold above becomes a mountain
and a valley sequentially, and the vibration of this llt weir: the beauty, the signal current to its
parallel conductor portion To provide an electroacoustic transducer that can be inserted into the
gap of the magnetic pole (6) in a retractable manner by flowing a current, so that the conductor
section inserted in the magnetic / return gap is lengthened to enhance the electroacoustic
conversion efficiency. As well as being a dog, the Qi impedance can be made more like a dog than
in conventional ones, making it easier to take an electrical impedance matching between it and
the booster. In addition, since the magnetic pole is in the direction of sound emission, it is
possible to make a special order without disturbing the sound and the four characteristics. As for
the direction of vibration of this bellows-like '& film, the direction of the snake is the extension of
the snake, the direction of accommodation is the main, and the direction of sound radiation
(direction of arrow P in Figure 2) Can be reduced, so that there are advantages such as less split
vibration and smaller distortion.
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