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似 音 音 童 童 童 童 1− 1− 1− 1-F 7 size 178) 肴 1/1-/ 1-1 シ 6 Shishibe t-= 1 @ 1 尊 尊 p p 翳
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7.1 ft t '1 tkq Table 73 d and b + 9 A, 5. r7 y. −i / ta 1 car 4 II 1: tff 21 fll 4 t / ¥ / Fj − Lr = flri
− ”−4 h h v − 4 h − v and i ck: t: no, ぷ ぷ 'γ z 7 Mu j: 'I! tifflqっr、#?
iTl:9fhlj/<41>EndPage:1’fl’Tl”、J、”1q? 3ff) Y'lJ <', //
"" 5; <t4F'-'jf 1 1 l phantom wide / I-' '7 "47. C. V77 No. I Kash C ′ ′ (,) EndPage: 2 Procedure
Amendment Showa Vf t month ■ ■ President of the Patent Office (Patent Examiner) 1,
Showcase of the Case Showa Patent Application No. 147087 2. Name of the invention (invention)
Category of goods specified goods and goods classified according to TV sound multiple audience
adapter design Category 3 related to the case of person making correction Patent applicant 4
date of correction instruction Showa 55 (15 May 15 , Request for correction of the moon,
specification and drawings 6, Content of correction attached as specified in the statement 1,
Description of invention
TV sound multiplex audience adapter
3. Detailed Description of the Invention By attaching the adapter of the present invention, audio
multiplex broadcasting can be heard even on a general television. Minutes up to voice multiplex
broadcasting? For listening, it was not possible to enjoy audio multiplex broadcasting only at a
receiver for audio multiplex broadcasting. According to the invention, the above-mentioned
drawbacks are eliminated (1) with the purpose of gold. The adapter of the present invention will
be described based on all the drawings. First of all, as shown in the diagram 2 system diagram,
like the air horn terminal of a general television) 1) Partially complete takeout of audio audio,
through the volume and balance circuit, increase the voice at the left and right amplifiers.
Connect it separately to the left and right of the headphone. It may also be connected to two air
horns. In the external view of Fig. 1, the circuit body as shown in Fig. 2 is attached to the main
body of the circuit and the power is used by the battery, and the cord is voiced. Give you some
functionality. There are two knobs on the main unit to adjust the balance between left and right
as an adjustment part, and two knobs to adjust the volume. In addition, the plug is a plug for
taking out part of the audio from the air horn terminal of the television. By this invention, when
listening to audio multiplex broadcasting, a receiver for a large audio multiplex broadcasting is
not required (2), and it is possible to easily listen to and enjoy audio multiplex broadcasting
without requiring a large place. .
4, Brief description of the drawing Figure 1 is an external view, ■ ■ is the main body and fit in
the seat horn, but any part may be used (2) with the balance knob and (, the volume knob of
excellent You ■ is a plug for taking out an audio from the air horn terminal which is tele. ■(!
2) is the receiver built into the headphone. Also, two air horns may be used instead of the head
horn. Figure 2 is a system diagram. (ASC) is a circuit that separates the audio taken out from the
air horn terminal of ('[' V) television into multiplexed audio into left and right. (AF'L) is the left
low frequency amplifier, and (AAR) is the right low frequency amplifier. (VR) is a volume
assistant and (BL) is a balance adjuster. (BT) is the battery of the power supply. Patent Assignee
Toshiyoshi Kuwashima (3) EndPage: 3
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