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Letters 1 and 6 6 of the invention 77> 1 □ or 7l-n run to a l / l head with a car stereo (with-radio
閉 left closed and ζ ε / M ・ · speaker device. 3. The detailed description of the invention The
second invention of the automatic self-assembly of 81 dori L ク リ 1; speaker left-handed] 、 i,
car and also of the three-dimensional hill of the car and also the beaker @ scratch There is a 閏 亨
5t difference. ー)% or 7 °, “Kneeden” is automatically added to the seat of P + J, and 0) k of め
た ん 勾 勾 勾 平均) h) item of goods 〃-テ 立 立 5 本 本 カ ー − カ ー カ ー カ ー カ ー カ ー マ
ニ ア ((ズ ズ ズ 7 7 ω ω ( In the present invention (g = = 方 イ 満;; た た た □ □ □ St St St St St
St St St St St St St St St St St. (1) (In car (-car (5 five-arm (6) 6 ') + crystal □ miro 9 (Lico)) Li 2 °-)
Stiffened in the main body (5) One tl press (10) 8 riffs (seven. (L \) Bird's-eye wound creation
(Too) and '' "7 (76. (2) λ fixed ヒ (11) fixed cold di (11) when fixed θ O 7- to 7- (6) (2 and 97
(puk. (Thursday) also f) (3) L: 侑) river (1) tor ・ シ ョ ン カ (2) 8 I I) (a, speaker coat (11) left and
I) ((s 311)臥 f 若 若 ヴ ら ら 比 比 x の) 1 x 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 り 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷
辷 辷 辷 辷 ビ ー 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 ス ス ス ス スNinety one off. The speaker coat
('3 car or tee's e-grad-i: t + = may 5 car and -g) / In-speaker and purpose-listed (Don't give it a メ
イ ((ら ス リ ー リ ー リ ー リ ー リ ー リ ー リ ー リ ー リ ー y C 中 y, 中 中 、 発 明 発 明 ス ピ
ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー て て て ガ ガ て て て 7 By the way, in the automatic lefthand car car's stereo relay device-0-device (unheard <こ 〈こ こ ((2) EndPage: 18 alone with the
present peel-device of the present invention When I saw it, there was little irritability in my ears.
I would like to hear among the car's carers 8 met with a massive car-car device
Hand 1 Brief description of the drawings Figure 1 is the front view of the X invention, 笛 2 figure
(背面 back 6 figure is the top of the vomit 縣 第 ■ 第 '暑 暑 r 臘 # 1 face country' m8 N (S-R
plane aspect, 1 is a s-h- 糎 1 cover 21 beam ソ to soji シ −3-3 is a speaker, + zone volume vA 艷
5 (the body, 6 (Yo arm, 9 is Coat, 8 pillars 9 fixed legs, 10 +, 1 fixed eyebrows, 111 mounds-11
points-(3) 媚 11 chicken EndPage:2
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