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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a ring speaker, and FIG. 2 is
a plan view of a diaphragm according to the present invention. The numeral 1.7 is a diaphragm,
2 is a reinforcing rib, 3 is a voice coil, 4 is a center pole, 5 is a magnet, 6 is a plate, 8 and 10 are
clampers, 9 is an equalizer, 11 is a horn and 12 is a screw.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to diaphragm
reinforcement for ring-type speakers. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, an annular magnet 5
and an annular flat 6 are attached to the center hole 4 with an adhesive to form a magnetic
circuit, and a magnetic cap is formed between the center hole 4 and the annular flat 6, as shown
in FIG. Do. The Heuses coil 3 bobbin is attached to the projecting ridge of the annular diaphragm
7 having a V-shaped cross section, and the Heuss coil 3 is positioned in the magnetic canove.
Clamp the center flat plate of diaphragm 7 with clamper 8 from the top and bottom, and equalize
clamper 8 with center ball 4 with 1Z B 2 server 9, and it is axial direction (through the center
hole 4 訃-surface) The screw hole is formed, the diaphragm 7 and the center of the disk-like
clamper 8 (the screw hole is formed, the lower surface of the equalizer 9 is formed, the center
portion of the diaphragm 7 and the clamper 8 are formed. Tighten the center pole 4 and the
equalizer 9 with a screw 12. Clamp the periphery of diaphragm 7 from above and below with
clamper 10, clamp clamper 10 with plate ring and annular horn 11, form screw holes in annular
horn outer peripheral part and clamper 10, A hole was formed, the periphery of the diaphragm 7
and the clamper 10 were screwed in, and the annular plate 6 and the outer peripheral portion of
the annular horn 11 were tightened with a screw 12i. At this time, the strength of the diaphragm
7 is low, the vibration part is easily bent, divided vibration occurs from a low frequency, there is
no elongation of high range, and distortion sound is relatively large. The present invention was
devised to eliminate the L defects, and the embodiment shown in the drawings (for the second
embodiment, as shown in FIG. It is a ring-shaped sneaker in which a plurality of reinforcing ribs
are radially formed on the acoustic radiation surface of the vibrating plate 1 by sticking the Heus
coil 3 bohind to the protruding ridge portion and forming a plurality of reinforcing ribs on the
acoustic radiation surface of the vibrating plate 1. The present invention is structured as
described above. Therefore, by attenuating the strength of the diaphragm, the treble range is
extended, the distortion sound is relatively small, and the divided vibration is prevented, which is
an excellent invention having a simple structure and an effect.
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