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Description 1, title of the invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker using a flat
diaphragm such as a glass plate. In addition to conventional cone-shaped loudspeakers, there are
also piezoelectric loudspeakers, and ceramics such as barium titanate or the like are used as the
piezoelectric element to vibrate the diaphragm and those to be made directly by combining the
piezoelectric element. The However, except for the simple structure, small size and light weight,
and frequency characteristics, it is hardly used at present because of its poor sensitivity and
instability. The present invention is basically intended to obtain a speaker which is similar to this
piezoelectric speaker in principle, but has higher sensitivity and better frequency characteristics.
The diaphragm is a simple shape such as a square, and is a flat diaphragm having flatness such
as a glass plate. In general, the same applies to a cone-shaped speaker, but it is desirable to use a
diaphragm with high rigidity and small density to reduce the influence of customer-side vibration
and increase the reproducible frequency. In addition, if a simple shape such as a plane
diaphragm is used, a method of eliminating divided vibration by driving the node portion of
divided vibration at multiple points can be used. As the mote of divided vibration, there are cases
of vibration modes where the nodes pass through the center as shown in Fig. 1 (A), and where
the nodes intersect at multiple points without passing through the center as in (B). . The vibration
mode as shown in (a) can be extinguished by driving with a driving force of a symmetrical
distribution with respect to the center of the diaphragm, and it is not possible to extinguish it
with single point driving in the vibration mode like (b). It is possible to apply a driving force 'to a
position corresponding to the node intersection point, that is, EndPage: can be erased by
multipoint driving with a plurality of driving forces. From the above, as shown in FIG. 2, the
piezoelectric elements 4 are disposed at the points of intersection of the streaks of the vibration
mode of the plane diaphragm 1 and point symmetric with respect to the center 2 Dividing
vibration can be eliminated by driving at multiple points. The higher frequency split vibration
mode can be eliminated by providing a large number of drive points that satisfy the above
conditions. Fig. 3 (a) (b) shows the structure, and a glass plate is used as the plane diaphragm 1,
and the piezoelectric element 4 is attached to each driving position shown in Fig. 2 by bonding.
Attach the rubber 5 that performs suspension and Q dumping, and mount the reservoir to the
cabinet on the back side of the cabinet. Further, as shown by the (opening), the piezoelectric
element 4 may be molded with the resin 7 as needed.
8 is a lead wire of the piezoelectric element 4, and the connection method of the four
piezoelectric elements 4 may be any of series, parallel, or series-parallel connection as long as
they are driven in the same phase, considering efficiency, impedance, etc. It can be chosen
arbitrarily. In such a structure, the glass plate is driven to generate sound pressure when a
reproduction signal is applied to the piezoelectric element from η // system, but since it is
multipoint drive, there are also few resonances due to split vibration, distortion characteristics,
The frequency characteristic is improved, and a plurality of piezoelectric elements are used
efficiently, and a high sound pressure level can be obtained. The plane diaphragm is not limited
to a square, but a rectangle, a circle, etc. can be considered, but a square capable of taking up a
large diaphragm area is suitable, and design and manufacture are easy by using ordinary sheet
glass as in the embodiment. So, the entire shape is flat and compact, so it can be easily
incorporated into a speaker cabinet. In the embodiment, the case of driving at multiple points
using four piezoelectric elements has been described, but the number and the installation
position may be determined according to the shape of the flat diaphragm, various vibration
modes, sound quality, directivity, etc. .
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing a vibration mode, and
FIGS. 2 and 3 are structural views showing an embodiment of the present invention. In the figure,
1 ... flat diaphragm, 4 ... piezoelectric element, 5 ... rubber 6 ... hard board, 7 molds. Patent
Applicant Trio Co., Ltd. (I) (R) EndPage: 2
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