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Description 1, title of the invention
Piezoelectric sound generator
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a piezoelectric sound
generator used for an alarm watch of a watch, various alarms and the like. The most typical
configuration button of the conventional piezoelectric sound generator will be described 2. The
outer peripheral part of the piezoelectric diaphragm is fixedly held by two plate-like cases, and
the sound emission hole of appropriate diameter is provided at the center part of one case. The
vibration sound of the piezoelectric diaphragm is resonantly expanded in the resonance chamber
in front of the piezoelectric diaphragm, and this sound is emitted from the perforated sound hole.
As a disadvantage of the piezoelectric sound generator with such a structure, it is difficult to
provide a low frequency range, hard sound quality (a piezoelectric vibration, a harmonic
component of plate vibration, dust noise is added to the output sound, and it is unpleasant There
was a drawback. The present invention is intended to eliminate the above-mentioned
disadvantages of the prior art, and an embodiment thereof will be described below. In the
drawing, the case 1 is integrally formed of plastic, an air chamber 2 is formed at the center, and
stepped portions 6, 4 are provided in two steps on the inner peripheral portion of the side wall.
The outer peripheral portion of the sound-producing film 5 formed of a plastic thin film on the
step portion 2 on the opening side of the case 1 is tightly sealed airtight so as not to cause air
leakage. Further, the outer peripheral portion of the piezoelectric vibrating plate 6 is fixed to the
stepped portion 4, and the air chamber 2 is divided into two air chambers 7 and 8 in the front
and back by the piezoelectric vibrating plate 6. Pressure EndPage: The outer peripheral portion
of the electric vibration plate 6 is hermetically sealed so as to prevent air leakage of the air
chamber 7.8 + J1, similarly to the sound generation # 5. It has a known structure comprising a
piezoelectric diaphragm 6 and a thin plate spring material 9 such as phosphor bronze and a
piezoelectric element 1o bonded thereto. The signal lead wire 11.12 connected to the
piezoelectric diaphragm 6 is drawn out from the notch 13 at the bottom of the case 1 and the
notch 13 is sealed with the adhesive 14 There is. When a signal is supplied to the lead wire
11.12, the piezoelectric diaphragm 6 vibrates. Due to this vibration, the internal pressure of the
air chambers 7 and 8 periodically changes its height, and this change in pressure of the air
chamber 7 is transmitted to the sound-producing film 5. As a result, the sounding film 5 is
vibrated to generate a desired output sound. In the above embodiment, the air chamber 8 formed
between the bottom of the case 1 and the piezoelectric diaphragm 6 is not necessarily sealed.
According to the above-described piezoelectric sound repellent and energizing device, the
vibration of the piezoelectric diaphragm 6 is transmitted to the sound generation M 5 through
the air of the air chamber 7 and the sound generation film 5 emits a sound. However, the sound
quality is very soft, and the vibration of the harmonic part of the piezoelectric vibration l # 6 is
hardly transmitted to the sound generation l1lI5, so that the piezoelectric-specific harsh noise is
4. Brief description of the drawings The drawing is a piezoelectric sound generator according to
the present invention! 1 is a cross-sectional view of one embodiment. 1 · · · Case 5 · · · Sounding
film 6 · · · · · Piezoelectric diaphragm 7 · · · · · · · · The air chamber between the sounding film and
the piezoelectric diaphragm More than the applicant stock Company Seikosha f'2, agent patent
attorney best manager, (+-EndPage: 2
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