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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker structure
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a fixing structure of a
diaphragm and a frame in a speaker. Loudspeakers have high sound pressure, good frequency
characteristics over a wide band, low power consumption, low processing cost, good
assemblability, and in the case of watches and small electronic devices, It is required to be small
and thin. In particular, in the case of a wristwatch, it is necessary to reduce the size and
thickness, and at the same time, to improve the sound pressure and frequency characteristics
with low power consumption, and the environment resistance such as heat resistance, cold
resistance, moisture resistance etc. Although various efforts have been made to improve the
waterproofness of the sweat, etc., even if a product with good performance can be produced on a
trial basis, it is expensive or expensive and there are many problems. A watch with a built-in
speaker has not been commercialized yet, but has been prototyped at the laboratory level. FIG. 1
is a partial cross-sectional view showing an example of the structure of a conventional speaker
for in-arms. A magnet 2, an upper yoke 3 and a lower yoke 4 are incorporated in the frame 1. A
voice coil 6 is bonded to the diaphragm 5, and its terminal is connected to a terminal electrode I
and soldered. An adhesive 8 is fixed to the frame 1 and the diaphragm 5. However, it is difficult
to supply the adhesive 8 uniformly by hand or automatically to the coating operation of the
adhesive 8, so that the adhesive surface between the frame 1 and the diaphragm 5 is not
uniform. In some cases, the frequency characteristic is broken, and sometimes the adhesive
surface is broken to cause a defect in waterproofness. In addition, use of the adhesive 8 causes a
problem in cost because the assemblability is deteriorated. Incidentally, this speaker is
considered to be provided immediately inside the back cover with a hole in the watch, and the
diaphragm 5il-1t is exposed to the atmosphere. Further, since a strong pressure such as water
pressure is applied, the frame 1 is disposed immediately inside the diaphragm 5 to prevent a
large deflection of the diaphragm 5. Although not illustrated in the structure for waterproofing to
the inside of the watch body, it is provided at the peripheral portion of the speaker, and
waterproofed in a known structure so that water and the like do not enter the speaker interior
and the watch from the outside. . An object of the present invention is to reduce the influence of
such conventional problems, obtain frequency characteristics with less variation, and massproduce speakers having a structure that is advantageous in cost. FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of
a loudspeaker according to the present invention, and is a partial sectional view showing the
structure. A cage-like upper yoke of magnetically permeable material in which the magnet 2 is
press-bonded to the center of the cylindrical magnet 2 and the center hole of the frame 1 on the
lower surface (upper surface in the figure). 3 A press-fit adhesive, and a lower yoke 4 of a
magnetically permeable material in which the lower surface of the magnet 2 is press-bonded
(upper surface in the drawing) is incorporated.
The voice coil 6 in the annular gap between the upper yoke 3 and the lower yoke 4 is bonded to
the diaphragm 5, and the terminal of seven is bonded to the upper surface (lower surface in the
figure) of the upper yoke 3 It is connected to the sheet 7 and soldered. It is being fixed to the
flame | frame 1 and the diaphragm 5 by the ultrasonic welding method in the periphery. The
material of the frame 1 needs to have good ultrasonic weldability with the diaphragm 5, but in
the embodiment, since the sort sound of U polymer is used as the material of the diaphragm 5,
H1U polymer as the material of the frame 1 and Polycarbonate ? was selected and used. A type
of engineering glasstic developed by Koichika with U polymer, introduced in the market in 1959,
and is a thermoplastic plastic with an allyl ester skeleton as its basic structure and has the
following basic structural units . Generally, non-productive thermoplastic resin or ultrasonic
weldability is good. In this ultrasonic welding, the contact surface between the diaphragm 5 and
the frame 1 is melted and bonded by the frictional heat due to the ultrasonic vibration, and the
bonding force is extremely strong. When ultrasonic welding is performed, a ring-shaped welding
tool is used at the tip of the horn to apply a constant pressure to transmit ultrasonic vibration.
Use a welding tool with high accuracy such as width and height of the welding tool ring, By
accurately adjusting the pressure applied to the object to be welded, the width of the ultrasonic
welding portion 9 became uniform. As described above, compared to the time of bonding using
an adhesive, the frequency characteristics became stable, and it became possible to make a
product having no problem in waterproofness. In addition, the number of assembling steps at the
time of manufacture can be remarkably reduced to one third to one compared to the bonding
method, which is extremely advantageous in cost.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial cross-sectional view showing a
structural example of a conventional watch speaker. FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of a
loudspeaker according to the present invention, which is a partial cross-sectional view showing a
structure, 1-frame, 2 и magnet, 3 upper yokes, 4 lower yokes, 5 diaphragms, 6 voice coils, 1
Terminal electrode sort, 8 и и Adhesive. 9 иии Ultrasonic weld. Patent Applicant Nichizun Watch Co.,
Ltd. Attorney Attorney Toshihiko Kanayama EndPage: ?
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