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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional flat
plate speaker, and FIG. 2 is a partially enlarged cross-sectional view of the flat plate speaker of
the present invention. 1 is an edge, 2 is a diaphragm, 3 is a frame, 4 is a flat part, 5 is a sticking
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a flat speaker with both
ends +1. '1 relates to the shape of the attachment part. Conventionally, the edge of the flat panel
speaker is shown in FIG. 1, and a center pole 7, a magnet 8 and a plate 9 form a magnetic circuit,
and the frame 8 of the plate 9 is mounted on the F surface. The pole 7 and the plate 9 form a
grinding gap, and the winding of the voice coil 10 is disposed at the center of the magnetic gap,
and the upper end of the voice coil 10 at the center of the lower surface of the flat folding plate
2. The edge 6 is pasted, and the edge 6 has an arc-shaped cross section which protrudes outward
or inward between the peripheral portion of the diaphragm 2 and the (3) correction 7; 3/2 flat
portion 4 of the frame 3 outer shell. Both end faces were stuck and inserted in the vibration
direction. In this case, due to the vibration in the vibration direction of the diaphragm 2, there is
a defect that the arc-shaped part of the edge 6 strikes against the lower surface of the diaphragm
2. The (1) The present invention was devised to eliminate the defect of ton, and the embodiment
shown in the drawings will be described with reference to FIG. Between the flat part 4 of the
frame 3 outer line and the peripheral part of the flat h-shaped correction diaphragm 2 shown in
green, the both end faces of the edge l having an arc-shaped cross section protruding outward or
inward are respectively stepped. It is an age of a flat-plate speaker which can be attached and
attached in the vibration direction by forming an attaching part 5. Since the present invention
has a shape as described in the above, the affixing parts at both end faces of the edge l are fixed
to a certain width, and since the step is stuck, may the elastic member of the edge l or the
diaphragm 2 be hit? The shape is simple and easy to manufacture, and the effect is remarkable.
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